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TRT reviewed interventions

Center TRT provides practitioners with health equity information about the populations reached by the policies and environmental change interventions posted on this website. The "Health Equity Considerations" section of each intervention template details who was reached by policies and programs at the time the intervention was reviewed and disseminated by Center TRT.  This demographic information includes age, gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and urban/rural residency.   The type and specificity of health equity information provided varies according to the intent of the intervention/policy.   For example, a statewide policy may seek to have a population-level impact while another program may be tailored to impact a specific group, such as inner city residents of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.  

Although the policy and environmental interventions posted here were originally implemented with certain populations, they can be adapted and tailored to serve other populations or to be delivered in different settings. The group adopting an intervention—whether a state, community, or organization—should adapt and tailor programs and policies to fit the needs of their intended target audiences and settings. To help with this process, Center TRT plans to provide more information about intervention selection, adaptation, and evaluation to address health equity issues.  

Please continue to visit the Health Equity portion of the Center TRT website.   Future plans include the posting of a toolkit, training and other resources to help address obesity through a health equity lens.