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Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child-Care (NAP SACC)

Core Elements

This section outlines the aspects of an intervention that are central to its theory and logic and that are thought to be responsible for the intervention's effectiveness. Core elements are critical features of the intervention's intent and design and should be kept intact when the intervention is implemented or adapted.  

  1. Organizational Self-assessment:   Child care directors or other lead staff assess the strengths and weaknesses of healthy eating practices and regular physical activity in the child care facility using a structured tool.

  2. Goal Setting and Action Planning:   Each participating facility sets goals for organizational change and develops a plan for improving areas in greatest need and/or in areas where staff are most ready and willing to make such changes.    

  3. Continuing Education for Child Care Providers:   A series of five workshops aimed at increasing child care providers' knowledge of the relationship between nutrition, physical activity and the development of healthy weight in children, and guidelines and strategies for overcoming barriers to organizational change.

  4. Skill Building Activities:   The intervention imbeds skill-building activities in each continuing education workshop to allow staff to increase their confidence (self-efficacy) to make both personal lifestyle changes and organizational changes.

  5. Technical Assistance and Consultation:   NAP SACC Consultants promote problem solving, link child care facilities to community resources, assist staff as needed, and support organizational change.

  6. Follow-up and Reinforcement:   Consultants follow-up with child care facilities by phone, email, or in-person to assess progress and document/reinforce positive changes and develop plans for continuous quality improvement.