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Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child-Care (NAP SACC)

Resources Required

Staff:  At the community level, a health professional (can be drawn from fields such as health education, nutrition, and nursing) familiar with child care serves as a NAP SACC Consultant.   Based on the NC experience, approximately .0375 FTE of healthcare professional time over a 6-month period (1.5 hours/week) is required to address (or accommodate) each participating child care facility.

Training: The health professional who is to serve as the NAP SACC Consultant should receive training prior to enrolling child care facilities into the intervention.   Training on implementation of NAP SACC is available in a web-based format free of charge.   It takes approximately four hours to complete training.  

Materials:  The cost of materials depends on the number of consultants and facilities that participate in the intervention:

  • One tool kit is needed for every consultant implementing the intervention.   In NC, tool kits were packaged in 3-inch lightweight plastic boxes ($3.00 each).   The technical assistance manual that is part of the tool kit can be inserted in a one-inch soft-covered binder ($ 5.00).  

  • Copy costs for duplication of tool kit contents (described in the materials section of this template) are estimated at approximately $30 per toolkit.  

  • Cost of printing handouts for continuing education workshops.

  • Cost of printing brochures and materials for parents.

Other Costs:

  • Laptop computer and LCD projector (optional) for workshop presentations; could use overheads and overhead projector to decrease one-time costs

  • Incentives for child care facilities such as gift cards for classroom supplies, books for classrooms, balls, hula hoops or other low-cost items that promote activity (optional, but recommended)

  • Mileage reimbursement for travel to child care facilities