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Kindergarten Initiative

Evidence Summary

Underlying Logic:  The Kindergarten Initiative is guided by a detailed logic model that specifies intended audience, program components, activities, and objectives.

Strategy Used1The Kindergarten Initiative applies the following evidence-based strategy for healthy eating:

Evaluation Outcomes:  The Kindergarten Initiative was developed and evaluated in the field as a practice-based intervention.  In a 2005-2006 evaluation of the program, six schools were randomized so that three schools received the intervention and three did not. The majority of kindergarten students (241 out of 360) at the six schools participated in data collection, and return rates of surveys were reasonable. The 2005-2006 data showed improvements in a) children’s knowledge of a healthy diet (recommended number of daily servings of fruits and vegetables, portion sizes of foods to eat), b) children’s awareness of where food is grown, and c) number of fruits consumed by children per day (according to parent report).

1 A full description of the intervention strategies used can be found on here with references to the sources of evidence to support the strategies.