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Arkansas Healthy Employee Lifestyle Program (AHELP)

Potential Public Health Impact

The AHELP program was adopted and implemented by 200 county-based offices and two central offices during the pilot phase, with the potential to reach 10,000 state health and human services employees. A full evaluation report of the program pilot is currently being finalized. The findings from the evaluation will be key to assessing the extent to which the program was implemented across worksites. As of November 2012, AHELP has expanded to 30 state agencies and over 500 worksite locations. Once the resources are invested to create the centralized website, it is very feasible to track employee behavior change and the numbers of points earned. Making employees aware of the program and motivating their participation are more difficult and require sustained effort from site level program champions.

Reach: The policy that supports the AHELP intervention REACHED 2,531 of 10,000 state employees during the pilot phase. About fifty percent of participating employees were obese.

Effectiveness: The evidence of effectiveness is emerging for interventions in this category.

Adoption and Implementation: The policy supporting the AHELP intervention has been ADOPTED by 30 state agencies and over 500 worksite locations.  Significant infrastructure (web-based tracking system and site coordinators) was developed to support IMPLEMENTATION and monitoring during the pilot phase and the tracking system is available for dissemination. 

Maintenance:The policy supporting AHELP has been in place for seven years and much was learned from the pilot implementation phase. It is likely that this public policy will be MAINTAINED.