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Health Bucks Evaluation:

Evaluation is a critical component of public health practice. A sound evaluation can guide program improvements and innovations, boost sustainability by demonstrating effectiveness to program funders, and inform the broader policy and research community. The Health Bucks Evaluation Tool kit was created to assist farmers’ market incentive programs in designing and implementing evaluations. The provided tools can be adapted for incentive programs of various sizes, and can be scaled to guide both small and large evaluations depending on available resources. This tool kit uses the New York City Health Bucks program as an example, providing evaluation tools, sample evaluation questions, and recommendations/lessons learned. This toolkit was developed by Abt Associates Inc., with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity (CDC DNPAO) and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Physical Activity and Nutrition (PAN) Program.

How to Use the Health Bucks Evaluation Tool kit:

This tool kit provides a step-by-step guide to conducting a sound evaluation, with a particular focus on evaluation of farmers’ market incentive programs. The first section, “Checklist of Basic Evaluation Steps,” serves as an introduction to evaluation and presents a framework for evaluating incentive programs. Section two provides a “Summary of the Health Bucks Program Evaluation,” and focuses specifically on the Health Bucks program and details process and outcome evaluation measures. The third section, “Program Evaluation: Techniques and Tools,” outlines best practices for data collection, and includes a library of tools used in the Health Bucks evaluation such as sample surveys, interview guides, and consent protocols. The fourth and final section, “Dissemination of Findings: How to Share Results,” describes general dissemination guidelines and details lessons learned for program evaluation implementation.

Preferred Citation:

All materials in this tool kit are available for public use with appropriate citation:

L Olsho, Baronberg S, Y Abel, C Austin, C Booker, J Greece, J Levin, L Staub-DeLong, DK Walker, Abrami A, Holloway K, Jernigan J, Payne G . “Health Bucks Evaluation Tool Kit,” CDC, 2012.

Health Bucks Evaluation materials are in PDF format and may be downloaded and saved from this site for your use:

 Full Toolkit

Evalaution Materials By Section: 

 About the Health Bucks Toolkit

 Checklist of Basic Evaluation Steps

 Summary of the Health bucks Evaluation

 Program Evaluation: Techniques and Tools

 Dissemination of Findings: How to Share Results