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Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Policy Approach

Intervention Materials

Policy Advocacy (Passing the bill):

Examples of Coordinated Promotional Materials

This document provides detailed tips and a step-by-step process on how to testify before legislators.

 Template for building regional community profiles for farm to school advocacy:  This document provides a framework for constructing profiles for specific electoral regions within your state, city, or county.

 Developing your farm to school policy advocacy plan:  This document helps to identify and develop an advocacy plan around farm to school.

 HB 3601a:  This is the bill that Oregon legislators passed that created the Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Program in the Oregon Department of Education.

 HB 2800:  This is the most recent bill passed that provides 15 cents per lunch to purchase Oregon produced and processed foods and up to $20,000 to support food and garden-based education activities.

 Health Impact Assessment on the Farm to School and School Garden Legislation, HB 2800:  This report summarizes a study conducted to assess the health impacts of a 2011 proposed policy around Farm to School and school gardens in Oregon (HB 2800).

Kane, D., Kruse, S., Ratcliffe, M.M., Sobell, S., and Tessman, N. (2011). The Impact of Seven Cents; Examining the Effects of a $.07 per Meal Investment on Local Economic Development, Lunch Participation Rates, and Student Preferences for Fruits and Vegetables in Two Oregon School Districts. Available online at http://www.ecotrust.org/farmtoschool/downloads/Kaiser-Report_FINAL_110630.pdf.