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Kaiser Permanente Cafeteria Menu Labeling

Before You Download...

The materials supporting this intervention have been carefully developed by Kaiser Permanente. They are meant to serve as example documents, not exact guidelines for successful intervention replication. Before you download materials, please take a moment to read through the usage agreement.

Agreement for Users

Our intent is to use these materials for educational and/or research purposes. We will provide credit to Kaiser Permanente and participating organizations, when reproducing materials in the original, or adapted, form.

Intervention Materials  

 Evaluation Report
This evaluation report is of the pilot menu labeling intervention in KP cafeterias in summer 2008.   The report was completed in summer 2009 by the Center for Weight & Health at theUniversityofCalifornia,Berkeley.   The evaluation report summarizes the methods, the results, recommendations, and includes appendices such as the following:  

  • Patron Survey
  • Menu Board Examples
  • Findings from Formative Assessment

 Implementation Presentation
During roll-out of the program, KP provided the Food and Nutrition Services Directors at each facility with sample materials and then did a presentation of the KP Menu Labeling Pilot Study Overview that describes implementation and the results of the pilot study.

  • Pilot Study Overview

Sample Menu Board
KP uses menu boards to provide item name, calorie content, and price for cafeteria offerings at the point of purchase.

 Sample Poster Board
KP uses large posters to list all menu items along with their respective nutrient content including calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate and protein. Posters are placed in a central location in the cafeteria away from the point-of-decision.

  • Sample Large Poster Board

Healthy Picks Program (criteria and brochure)
The Healthy Picks program aims to improve the health of KP's members and employees by offering more nutritious options, educating people about healthy eating, and empowering individuals to make better food choices. The Healthy Picks logo indicates that a specific food item meets KP criteria for calories, fat, sugar, fiber, and portion size.   Healthy Picks logos are placed on cafeteria foods as well as in vending machines outside of the cafeteria.