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Kaiser Permanente Cafeteria Menu Labeling


Since 2006 Kaiser Permanente (KP) has operated a healthy food options marketing program, Healthy Picks, which uses a logo to identify vending and cafeteria menu items that meet established nutrition standards. From August to November of 2008, KP tested "Kaiser Permanente Cafeteria Menu Labeling," an intervention that enhanced Healthy Picks by providing detailed calorie and nutrient content information at the point-of-decision in hospital cafeterias. This intervention complements Healthy Picks by not only providing the logo designating/marketing healthier food/beverage items, but also providing the specific calorie and nutrient information, including fat and sodium to help consumers make more informed decisions about food/beverage purchases.  

Intended Population: This intervention was developed to help inform food/beverage purchasing decisions in Kaiser Permanente hospital sites for those visiting the cafeteria, including employees, health plan members, and visitors.  

Setting:   Worksites, Community  

Length of time in the field: The pilot intervention was implemented August to November 2008 and was disseminated to additional sites inCalifornia,Oregon andHawai'i beginning July 2009.   A total of 35 hospitals adopted the intervention by March 2012.