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Kaiser Permanente Cafeteria Menu Labeling

Evidence Summary

Strategy Used1:

KP Menu Labeling intervention includes the following evidence-based strategy for healthy eating:

Evaluation Outcomes

The intervention was evaluated in five cafeterias by comparing pre/post-intervention changes in purchasing. All five cafeterias implemented the Healthy Picks logo, one also had calorie labeling on a poster, and two had calorie labeling on a poster and at point of purchase.    Purchasing was measured using cash register sales data in in two cafeterias and via observation in three cafeterias. Cash register sales showed that patrons significantly increased their purchase of low calorie side dishes and snacks in a cafeteria with both poster and point of purchase calorie labeling as compared to cafeteria with no calorie labeling.   No differences were found for entree purchases. For hospitals without cash register data, observers monitored sales and no differences in purchasing were noted across hospitals.

A survey was done to assess patrons' attitude, awareness, and use of posted calorie information. More than 500 patrons completed cafeteria exit surveys, with significantly more noticing information at the sites that posted calories on both posters and at point of purchase than the poster only sites. Nearly a third who noticed the information reported that they altered their purchase as a result of the information. Nearly all respondents were positive about changes.

1  A full description of the intervention strategies used can be found here  with references to the sources of evidence to support the strategies.