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Healthy Vending Iowa

Health Equity Considerations

Healthy Vending Iowa is an environmental change intervention intending to affect as many people as possible, creating a population-level impact. At the time of the Center TRT review, the intervention had been implemented in an estimated 100 non-governmental worksites, 13 State Capitol Complex buildings, and 19 county-owned buildings located throughout Iowa.  Employees and visitors to these worksites vary widely with respect to demographic characteristics, such as race/ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic status.  Additionally, the worksites differ by urban/rural status, public/private sector, and number of employees.

More targeted evaluation was conducted in 13 Iowa worksites through a mini-grant program supported by the Iowa Comprehensive Cancer Consortium.  Seventy-seven percent of these worksites had over 100 employees.  In addition, worksites in one rural county and one urban county have been evaluated as part of Iowa’s Community Transformation Grant.  Evaluation of the vending environment at worksites will permit the exploration of another demographic cohort, as well as the impacts on low-income workers and rural workers when compared to their urban and higher-income counterparts.