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Healthy Vending Iowa

Core Elements

This section outlines the aspects of an intervention that are central to its theory and logic and that are thought to be responsible for the intervention’s effectiveness.  Core elements are critical features of the intervention’s intent and design and should be kept intact when the intervention is implemented or adapted. 

  1. Training: Train the individual(s) conducting the vending machine assessment(s) using an online training video located on the website to ensure accurate and reliable evaluation of the vending environment.
  1. Vending Machine Assessment: For each vending machine located in the worksite, assess the percentages of green-, yellow-, or red-coded foods and beverages.  The color-coding approach is based on well-accepted nutrition standards.
  2. Vending Report: Develop a summary report for each vending machine that indicates how many food or beverage items need to be changed to green or yellow in order to earn a recognition level.  This report may also include suggested actions to take to improve the vending environment. 
  3. Worksite Goal-Setting: Review the vending report and determine a goal for the percentage of healthy foods and beverages (i.e., green- and yellow-coded foods) for the worksite vending machine. This goal-setting may be done by a worksite wellness team, CEO, government official, public health worker, or individual/group working to promote a healthier vending environment.
  4. Employer Involvement: Gain support from worksite management for an easier transition to healthier vending as a part of a healthier lifestyle culture for their employees. 
  5. Vendor Communications: Meet with vendors to discuss healthier vending goals and work toward having at least 30% of yellow or green food and beverages items in each vending machine.
  6. Employee Involvement: Engage employees in the worksite efforts toward healthier vending through product tastings, employee incentives for healthier snacking, or other opportunities.
  7. Social Marketing Campaign: Promote healthy snacking in the worksite through marketing efforts designed to motivate employees to choose healthier options.