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Healthy Vending Iowa

Resources Required

Staff: A project coordinator or worksite wellness champion (can be from the worksite or from the state or local public health department) is required to conduct the NEMS-V assessment, communicate with the vendor(s), and coordinate employee involvement and the social marketing campaign.  Based on the Iowa Healthy Vending experience, up to .1 FTE of professional time over a 6-month period (4 hours/week) is ideal at each worksite for a successful outcome. 

Materials: All materials needed to conduct a NEMS-V assessment and the Mix-it-Up campaign materials are available online free of charge.  Printing costs associated with the NEMS-V assessment are minimal ($0.50 per machine), while printing costs associated with the Mix-it-Up campaign will vary depending on which components are used (range $10-25 per machine). 

Other Costs: Other anticipated costs include funding for employee product testings ($50-100) and incentives to employees who purchase healthy options ($100-150).