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Motivating Adolescents with Technology to CHOOSE Health (MATCH)


Motivating Adolescents with Technology to CHOOSE Health (MATCH) is a teacher-developed interdisciplinary approach to student wellness that integrates physical activity, nutrition, and technology education. The MATCH intervention is embedded within national curriculum standards and delivered to 7th grade students using a combined educational-behavioral approach. Lessons (e.g., “Nutrients: The Goof Stuff in Food,” “Exercise Prescription,” and “Diabetes”) are taught by subject-matter teachers across multiple academic disciplines and provide a conceptual understanding of positive dietary and physical activity habits and the potential effects on health status. The behavior modification component includes individual application, self-monitoring, goal setting, and skill building to begin internalizing positive health behaviors.

 MATCH follows an intentional progression of goals, lessons, and activities informed by Social Cognitive Theory, Self Determination Theory, and the Socio-Ecologic Model. Designed to maximize acceptance and feasibility in schools, MATCH includes a web-based, secure resource system that provides teachers with all necessary resources and training, tracks participant results with functionality to generate reports, and allows school administrators and project staff to monitor fidelity and manage data.

Intended Population: 7th grade students

Setting: Middle schools

Length of time in the field:  Initial implementation of MATCH began in 2006 in one school. MATCH has subsequently been implemented in 19 schools and is in 15 schools in the 2014-15 school year (as of May 2015).