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Motivating Adolescents with Technology to CHOOSE Health (MATCH)

Resources Required

Staff:  A MATCH School Coordinator is needed to manage MATCH implementation within the middle school. The Coordinator can be a teacher or staff member and is responsible for ensuring Core Lesson planning and delivery by teachers, collecting and managing survey data, and generating reports to evaluate and document progress. The School Coordinator position is estimated to require 16 hours per year (average 30 minutes each week), including training and pre-post data entry. Additionally, subject-matter teachers must be willing to deliver the 4-6 lessons and activities over the course of the year in their disciplines. Optimally 2-3 are taught during the “kick-off,” leaving very few to be completed in disciplines other than Health/Science. The lessons are integrated into the Core curriculum and resource materials are provided, so very little additional staff time or materials are needed.

 Training: Just prior to the school year of the first year serving as the MATCH School Coordinator, the MATCH Coordinator must attend a one-day training delivered by the MATCH Administrative Staff.  This training outlines the program, coordinator responsibilities, and use of the online Curriculum Management System. Team training occurs upon arrival of teachers back to school or during the first week that students return. The MATCH School Coordinator meets with the subject-matter 7th grade teachers during a planning period at the school to show an introductory video about MATCH and define roles in lesson delivery. Subject-matter teachers have access to brief web-tutorials that provide details for specific skills. Brief (2-5 minute) on-Screen Training and Wizards teach basic use of the web-management system as needed by the user. The School Coordinator and school administrators can monitor lesson delivery and activities via the online Curriculum Management System through their dashboard of Key Performance Indicators. The Dashboard provides a color-coded graphical interface with alerts and reminders of areas needing attention.


  • The Curriculum Management System is a web-based system for accessing, recording, tracking and evaluating major components of the MATCH program. Thus, participating schools must have access to a computer and internet access, but no new specific hardware or software is needed. For participating schools, the system provides online access to the curriculum, including lesson plans, quizzes, and supplemental material. The system also provides a portal for completion of the online surveys used to assess nutrition and PA behaviors by students, entry of student height and weight measures, and recording of completed lessons.
  • The Student Dashboard allows students to monitor progress and recognition for PA achievements, log and track PA, and see their individualized survey results.
  • The Student Workbook is a pre-printed notebook used by students for lessons and activities during MATCH implementation. Through lessons in the Workbook, students provide details for main ideas from each lesson, journal what they learned and how it applies to them, set goals, and develop action plans around healthful living.

 Other Costs:

  • PowerPoint software is needed for the delivery of lessons.
  • Although not required for implementation, as part of using external motivation consistent with the Self Determination Theory, at times the program has provided specific items to accompany lessons (e.g., pedometer, water bottles) or small incentive items for distribution as goals are achieved (e.g., stickers, wristbands, lanyards, pens, calculators, drawstring bags, T-shirts). Use of these incentives depends on resources available in each setting. The “My Trophy Case” and recognition boards included in the Student Dashboard serve as cost-free incentives.