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Website Tutorial: How to Find an Interveniton

Website Tutorial: What's in an Intervention?

The Center TRT provides practitioners with the best available evidence on preventing and controlling obesity and other chronic diseases through the translation of interventions focusing on nutrition, physical activity and breastfeeding practices.    Center TRT disseminates practice-relevant information along with intervention materials and resources to assist practitioners with developing and implementing successful interventions at various levels of the socio-ecologic model.  

When searching, select attributes from four categories to get a list of relevant programs, policies and interventions. The four categories are:

Intervention Type

This category is the levels of the socio-ecologic model.   Center TRT has grouped them as follows:

  • Individual/interpersonal
  • Organizational
  • Environmental/policy


  • Childcare
  • School
  • Worksite
  • Health care
  • Community


  • Breastfeeding
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Eating

Dissemination category

  • Research-tested
  • Practice-tested
  • Emerging

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