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PedNet Safe Routes to School

The Center TRT hosted a webinar on an intervention supporting active transportation to and from school on September 25, 2012  PedNet's Safe Routes to School program  is a comprehensive model that promotes and supports walking and biking to school as well as providing a safe environment for children to do so.  PedNet's program includes Walk to School Days, a Walking School Bus program, Bike Brigades, and Youth Bicycle Safety Education.   PedNet began their program in 2003 with a Walk to School Day and has been expanding their program since then. You can learn more about the PedNet Safe Routes to School program here.  

Webinar Content Included:

  •  a Center TRT overview of the intervention review, including main components of the intervention, evidence-base, and public health impact (10mins)
  • a presentation by PedNet on the implementation of the program, including lessons learned and resources (40mins)
  •  a Q & A session (10 mins)


Ian Thomas
Executive Director, PedNet Coalition  


 PedNet Safe Routes to School Webinar Slides