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Healthy, Active and Vibrant Communities Webinar

Complete Streets ordinances, a farmers' market, bike and pedestrian paths — all this and more!

The Center TRT hosted Phil Valko, with Trailnet on March 8th to share Trailnet's Healthy, Active & Vibrant Communities Initiative (HAVC) which has detailed information posted  here  on the Center TRT website. This initiative has demonstrated significant early successes at creating environments, policies, and social networks that support and promote healthy eating and active lifestyles in three diverse community settings in the St. Louis region. Trailnet HAVC uses community engagement and community development principles to build community's capacity to implement evidence-based and promising strategies. Activities are tailored to complement the unique assets, needs, and interests of each community. The Trailnet approach to strategic selection of community partners, community development, and leveraging resources provides a model for states, non-profit organizations and communities that are engaged in obesity prevention efforts.

This hour-long webinar provided:

  • an overview of the Center TRT intervention review, including main components, evidence-base, and potential public health impact (10 mins)

  • a presentation by intervention developers on the implementation of HAVC, including lessons learned, community progress, and expansion of the model to additional communities (40 mins)

  • a Q & A session (10 mins)


Phil Valko
Active Living Program Manager


 Trailnet Healthy, Active & Vibrant Communities (HAVC) Webinar Slides