Animal Omega Reviews

Is Animal Omega Any Good?

A hefty dose of Omega, but there's better options than Animal Omega

Animal Omega is a fish oil omega supplement by Animal Nutrition which is designed to reduce inflammation and provide various nutrients to optimise the health and functions of the human body.

Unfortunately, while the formula listed on the supplement pack looks good at first, it quickly falls apart upon closer review.

The Animal Omega formula consists of an Omega 3 Fatty Acid Complex, Omega 6 Fatty Acid Complex, and Omega Absorption Complex, plus cholesterol and vitamins a and d. And whilst there's nothing wrong here, and it's pretty comprehensive on these fronts, most people using Animal Omega are looking for joint support and there's better options out there. 

Then there's the proprietary blends are never good in supplements, as they hide exact doses of each ingredient. However, in this case, even their use couldn't hide the fact that all the ingredients are present in doses far from optimal, leading to both side effects and no effects at all.

A large list of filler ingredients is another negative, as it both takes up lots of space in each supplement pack and increases the chance that there's something you're intolerant to present. This is all without mentioning its premium price tag.

You'd therefore be much better off spending your money on a proven joint supplement instead, like FlexAgain. Made with optimal doses from a variety of proven ingredients, it's a quality product that reviews show produces all the positive effects on your body you're seeking.

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Customers Animal Omega Reviews

Animal Omega reviews by previous customers give it a decent ranking of 4 out of 5 stars. However, when you look a little closer, almost every positive review focuses on the ingredients it contains, rather the the dosages or effects it offers. The negative reviews clear things up a bit more though. These are more descriptive and state negatives like experiencing side effects or no effects at all, finding it expensive, not liking how many pills you have to take per serving, or having issues with the dosages or additives. These reviews confirm what we have already concluded, which is that the product looks good on the surface but falls apart under even the slightest scrutiny.

Animal Omega Pros & Cons


Contains a diverse range of essential fatty acids


The exact dose of each essential fatty acid used is not listed

Some of the doses are too strong and likely to cause side effecs

Other ingredients are present in doses so small they will have no effect
Features a large number of additives

Animal Omega Reviews Conclusion

Animal Omega contains everything you would expect to find in a regular essential fatty acid supplement and then some. Unfortunately, when you start to look at the dosages it includes, it becomes clear that every ingredient is present in a quantity that is far from optimal.

This means it a product that at best may be ineffective and at worst could lead to some very unpleasant side effects. This makes Animal Omega a supplement you will want to avoid, especially when there are quality essential fatty acid supplements out there, like FlexAgain.

A high quality omega supplement that uses optimal doses of its ingredients and offers all the health benefits you would expect from an essential fatty acid, it is a product that is far more worthwhile spending your money on.

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