Atlas Total Support Review

Is Atlas Total Support Any Good?

Atavist’s Atlas testosterone booster is getting a lot of attention right now, which is likely due to the sheer amount of advertising that they have going on. The testosterone supplement gets a few things right, and quite a lot wrong considering its price point. 

The ingredients in it are all good, the main issue is that we’d expect to see the inclusion of DAA at anything priced over $60. Otherwise everything here is pretty good, the dosages of Ashwagandha, vitamins and boron are good, although Shilajit is still relatively unproven[1] so it’s not typically something we like to see in the best testosterone boosters (which you can find here).

The company is relatively new to the market and it’s not a bad effort for a first blend, we’d just like to see something a little bit better and hope they update the formula in the near future. One thing they have definitely got right is that their branding looks great. Unfortunately that’s going to lull a lot of people in.

Customers Atlas Total Support Reviews

It’s easier said than done to find any customer reviews of Atlas Total Support other than on their website, which clearly has some bias in terms of editing, as such we can’t really say if it’s justified. However, we can say that there doesn’t seem to be any complaints about them honoring their money back guarantee, and those do normally pop up quite quickly. We’re currently testing Atlas Total Support ourselves, and whilst our initial response is fine, we’d say it’s a little bit of a drop in performance vs our go to testosterone boosters.   

Atlas Total Support Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Atlas Testosterone Support.

Does Atlas Total Support Work?

Yes, but it’s far from the best testosterone booster on the market, the boron and ashwagandha are well studied and evidenced to support testosterone and they cover the essential vitamins which have common deficiencies that cause low test such as zinc[2] and vitamin d3.

Is Atlas Total Support Safe?

Yes Atlas Total Support is safe, excluding potential allergies all of the ingredients are well studied and typically well tolerated.

Do We Recommend Atlas Total Support?

No, we’d recommend that you spend the extra $5 and get Testofuel or Prime Male instead.

How To Take Atlas Test Boosters?

Atlas recommends taking 2 pills twice a day, which makes sense to us, the ingredients could cause mild stomach upset if taken all at once on an empty stomach.

Atlas Total Support Ingredients

We like all of the ingredients in the Atlas testosterone booster with the exception of Shilajit, which isn’t very well backed.

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is one of the most common ingredients in the best testosterone boosters, having been studied at length[3] Ashwagandha is a good pick, and it’s quite well dosed in Atlas. 

Boron – Whilst we’d have liked to have seen a slightly higher dose with 10mg[4] being the ideal when studied, but 7.5mg is still pretty good and better than a lot of test boosters on the market. 

Shilajit – As we’ve already mentioned there are relatively few studies that back Shilajit, a few test boosters have started to include it recently, although this is likely to be just a way to differentiate themselves rather than it actually being effective. 

Vitamin D3 – Vit D3 has been shown repeatedly to raise test levels in men who are deficient, and even boost athletic performance in those that aren’t. With almost half the adult population of the US being low it makes sense to have in T boosters. 

Vitamin K – Vitamin K has been shown to help regulate healthy test levels in men[5]. Magnesium – Magnesium has been shown to boost free test levels in both sedentary men and athletes[6] 

Zinc – Zinc deficiency is directly related to low test levels with deficient men seeing dramatic testosterone increases when taking the vitamin as a supplement[7] it did however very little for men who weren’t deficient.  

Atlas Total Support Review: Honest Conclusion

Atlas isn’t a bad test booster, it’s just not good enough to make it onto the list of our best testosterone boosters, but if you’ve already bought it then it’s OK. If you haven’t though, look to get something containing DAA and you’ll be far better off. 

That said, they are a relatively new brand and this isn’t bad for a first formula, we expect there’s a good chance we’ll be updating this review in the near future with positive changes. We can’t quite recommend them yet, but we’re hoping to see good things.  

In the meantime pick something from our best list instead.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Muscle Growth 4/10
Mood 7/10
Libidio 6/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 6/10

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