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What are the ​Best Keto Pills, and should you take them?

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Before we start, it's worth mentioning that keto diet pills will do not do anything at all to help you lose weight if you're not practicing a keto diet. We should also mention that they won't actually help you lose weight unless you're in a caloric deficit. What they will do is help your body burn fat for fuel and reduce the negative effects that can happen when you switch to a keto diet such as the well known "keto flu". 

With over 25.3 million internet searches on Google in 2020, it is without a doubt that the keto diet is one of the most popular diets in the world.

While many struggle to get into ketosis (the process induced during the diet), some supplements can help you supercharge the start of your keto journey. Unfortunately, an awful lot of products brand themselves as Keto Diet Pills, without actually having anything to do with ketosis at all making it somewhat difficult for consumers to find something that actually works. This article will inspect some of the best keto weight loss pills on the market, as well as the top ingredients found in many keto pills. 

How Do We Rank The Best Keto Diet Pills?

We rate the best ketogenic diet pills based on their ingredients quality, reduction of keto flu symptoms, increased ketosis speed, amplification of ketogenic benefits, customer reviews and value for money.


Keto Charge
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Nutrivized - Best Budget Keto Pills

Keto Pills FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about keto diet pills.

Are keto pills safe?

Keto diet pills are generally considered safe. They are not directly regulated by the FDA. Keto diet pills are usually unregulated dietary supplements meaning that they should only contain ingredients already approved for human consumption. They should also follow CGMP requirements which are minimal regulations for the facilities in which they are made to ensure safety for sale in the USA.

Do keto diet pills help keto flu symptoms?

That depends on the keto diet pill in question, however in general this is the main benefit that one can expect from keto weight loss pills. Keto diet pills will only work to speed up the process of getting into ketosis and reduce the keto flu symptoms that you can expect for the period of transitioning the bodies fuel burning state.

KetoCharge: Best Keto Pills

A keto diet pill that promises to “supercharge your keto journey”, KetoCharge is viewed as the safest and most effective keto dietary supplement on the market and comes from the hearts and minds of Bauer Formulas. Featuring a host of crucial ingredients, including Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, and Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, the carefully blended formula aids weight loss and is packed with ketone salts. What’s more, the pills are specially designed to alleviate mental and physical fatigue caused by carbohydrate drops.

While many keto supplements and pills focus on weight loss (which the supplement does very well), KetoCharge supercharges ketosis induction so you can get the results you’re searching for ahead of time by utilizing three beta hydroxybutyrates. Those who have enjoyed the keto diet will know that there is a distinct “keto flu”, as the body’s fat reserves begin to deplete. KetoCharge, however, counteracts this keto flu with the addition of essential electrolytes.

A 30-day supply of KetoCharge will set you back around $59.99, which works out at just under $1 per serving. Like many supplements, if you order in bulk, you are rewarded with big savings. By buying two bottles, you can get a third for free (costing $0.66 per serving), and by purchasing three bottles, you will get two more for free (breaking things down to $0.60 per serving). 

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Best way to use KetoCharge

Best used in conjunction with a keto diet (of course), the effects of KetoCharge are fast, with some users reporting that they felt its effects within a few hours. With a carefully monitored keto diet, you should enter ketosis much quicker with KetoCharge, which usually takes around four days unaided by supplements.

What do customers think?

As you can imagine, customer reviews are plentiful and incredibly positive. Many customers praise the supplement’s ability to get them into ketosis quicker to lose unnecessary pounds. What’s more, many are report a substantial increase in energy vs not having any supplement for support.


Keto Charge is by far the best offering on the market right now, it focuses purely in the ensential BHB's that help reduce the impact of keto flu and amplify the effects of ketosis. 

Whilst we generally don't like proprietary blends as the formula doesn't contain anything other than the core BHB's that we'd look for in a keto diet pill. Due to this pretty much any reasonable blend of these ingredients would be effective and as there isn't a huge discrepancy in the costs of these ingredients we do expect that the formula is relatively balanced. They're by far better than anything else on this list, making them the best keto pills for women and men alike. 

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Criteria Rating
Ingredients Quality 9/10
Ketosis Speed 9/10
Keto Flu 9/10
Keto Amplification 9/10
Customer Satisfaction 10/10
Value 9/10
Recommended 9/10

Best individual ingredients for keto pills

Let’s look at three of the most common ingredients for keto diet supplements currently on the market.


Magnesium plays an essential role in maintaining the body’s health and helps control normal muscle functions, regulate heart rate, regulate blood glucose, and support the functions of the immune system. 

A crucial electrolyte, the keto diet may cause a drastic decrease in magnesium due to low insulin levels. You can, however, find foods allowed on the keto diet, including pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds, and hemp leads.


While on the keto diet, it is advised that you strive to enjoy roughly 4,700mg of potassium every single day, which is why many supplements contain vital the electrolyte. Necessary for the functioning of bodily cells, as well as ensuring the proper function of nerves and muscles, potassium can be a tricky food to locate while on keto.

Outside of supplements, however, you can enjoy rich doses of the electrolyte in mushrooms, squash, leafy greens, avocados, and Brussels sprouts.


Integral for the maintenance of bones, teeth, and blood vessels, many people lose too much calcium in their urine while on keto. Keto-friendly foods include spinach, turnip greens, sardines, and salmon.

With essential ingredients in mind, here are some of the best and most popular keto supplements in 2022.