Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved Review

Is Burn Evolved Any Good?

Burn Evolved: Not Off To A Good Start

Sculpt nation burn evolved is one of those mid tier weight loss supplements that promises the world on a stick and cuts on the most effective ingredients to save cash. 

Missing glucomannan, 5htp, or any ingredients beyond caffeine that actually suppress appetite effectively, it doesn't live up to it's appetite suppressant claims. At least no more so than a caffeine pill. 

Instead Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved focuses on the cheaper to produce thermogenic elements of weight loss supplements. And unfortunately thermogenic boosters are the least effectve element to focus on for weight loss aids. 

Burn Evolved like many other popular amazon brands, has a dated formula from back when there was more hype than science around fat burning supplements and this shows in the fact that it still prices itself comparibly to fat burners that have updated their formulas in line with the research like instant knockout .

We do not recommend that you buy burn evolved and instead spend the extra $10 and get one of the products from our best fat burners list that actually has an up to date formula.

What does sculpt nation burn evolved claim to do?

Burn evolved claims that it can "skyrocket your metabolism" for the long term, which isn't a great start, as that's not really how far burning supplements work. It can raise your BMR (baseline metabolic rate) slightly, whilst you're taking them. And as it's quite heavily caffeinated it will likely raise your NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, ie everything you do that burns calories that isn't deliberate, small movements, walking up stairs etc) as stimulants tend to have that effect. But, that effect will also stop as soon as you stop taking it, unless you replace it with another caffeine source. Then it claims to mobilise your fat cells specifically, well only a calorie deficit does that. Increased energy levels is an entirely fair claim, but any caffeine pill will do that, claiming it won't result in any jitters however, is less so. If you're sensitive to caffeine, you can of course have jitters. As to how much it suppresses your appetite, it's not as effective as glucomannan. As for their money back guarantee that's fair enough. They also claim to improve your waist to hip ratio, which loosing weight can do, but that's what will make the difference. Overall our burn evolved review isn't shaping up to well...

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Burn Evolved Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved.

Does Burn Evolved Work?

Yes sculpt nation burn evolved does work, just not particularly well. It's short not very good at what it does, but it would be better than no fat burner at all, if for some reason you're absolutely set on it after you've finished reading our review.

Is Burn Evolved Safe?

Excluding any allergies you may have then yes burn evolved is safe. 

What is Thermogenic Fat Burner?

Thermogenesis is the process of your body turning calories into heat. A thermogenic fat burner is designed to increase the rate at which the body does this.

What about the burn evolved ingredients?

For the next part of our sculpt nation burn evolved review we'll take a deep dive into the ingredients. And as we stated before, the ingredients in burn evolved aren't bad, they're just outdated or belong in a much cheaper alternative. 

Green tea extract - This is fine, but it's a bit of a padding ingredient. Studies have generally shown it has a mildly positive effect in lowering the bodies ability to process fatty foods that you've eaten. Green tea is an ok start to the burn evolved fat burner ingredients list.

Apple cider vinegar powder - This is actually a little interesting, a lot of people will have heard the old wives tales about apple cider vinegar reducing appetite. The question is how much truth is in this? Well some it seems[1], but the studies are relatively limited. And there have been some rodent studies that show it breaks down fat cells and can lower insulin levels (which could favour fat burning[2], but the jury is mostly out). That said, taking apple cider vinegar powder in a weight loss pill is a lot more pleasant than on a tablespoon.

Grains of Paradise Seed - The claim is that paradise seed extract activates brown adipose tissue[3] (which is responsible for your body feeling cold) and if your body thinks it's cold it will try to heat itself up. Which in turn should use calories. And the studies show that it does do what it claims, what sculpt nation burn evolved don't mention in the marketing however, is that this effect is negligible in terms of caloric burn. 

Caffeine - Caffeine is caffeine, it works, it does suppress appetite and does help you lose weight, but caffeine pills are a lot cheaper than burn evolved. So, we can't give too much credit for this. 

Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract - We're ok with cayenne pepper extract, it's a relatively common ingredient in fat burning supplements, it's quite well studied and does a positive effect[4]. It' improves fat oxidisation rates and helps people keep weight off, however, the supplementation volume needs to be around 10mg/2lbs of body weight. Meaning that the average man needs 900mg a day, and there isn't enough in most fat burners for the greatest effect. 

Yohimbine Hydrochloride - This is another stimulant, so if you're working out, trying to keep energy levels high whilst cutting or looking to simply raise your NEAT it will help a bit. However, Vitamins B6 and B12 do the job better, so Burn Evolved misses a trick here. It also doesn't really contain any ingredients that are going to help with food cravings. 

Burn Evolved Review Conclusion

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved has the ingredients of a budget fat burner, but a premium price. We can't recommend burn evolved at it's current price point. If it were $20 cheaper it would be great as nothing in that price range contains glucomannan, but at it's current point our burn evolved review comes out as a no. 

With an ingredients list that would've looked good 10 years ago and a price that puts it up against the up to date products, it's nowhere near the best for fat loss. 

Get something from our best fat burners list instead to help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 4/10
Thermogenic Boost 7/10
Energy Boost 7/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Ingredients Quality 5/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10

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