Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn Reviews

Is Collagen Burn Any Good?

Collagen Burn Sounds Too Good To Be True Because It Is

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn is a female fat burner that makes some bold claims when it states it specifically targets cellulite, to help remove the fat cells many women suffer from and repair the damage they cause.

Unfortunately vitauthority collagen burn fails spectacularly as a fat burner, and as for it's supposedly miracle cellulite cure, we won't be saying too much positive about that either.

There are many ingredients included that have no proof to support their use though. And even the few that could have some effect are hidden in proprietary blends so it's quite likely that they aren't in large enough doses. Not that there's really much of anything in multi collagen burn that leaves us with much positive to say for it.

The reality is that collagen burn misses out on pretty much every ingredient that we'd want to see in a fat burner and what it includes is largely ineffective Grains of paradise don't work and are long since debunked, Ashwagandha is a stress reliever and sleep aid (which could have some tangential benefits to weight loss through reducing stress cravings, but again it isn't a fat burner), there's no evidence for olive leaf extract works or that it's even been looked at as a weight loss aid. There's maybe something in the cellulite formula, but you'd be better off just taking a much cheaper collagen supplement, as collagen burn is nothing special here either.

In short, get a better fat burner that will actually help with weight loss like hourglass fit or leanbean and a collagen supplement, you'll be much better off. These sort of split focus supplements always seem to be poor imitations of dedicated ones and our collagen burn review shows this is no exception.

What does multi collagen burn claim to do?

Its multi collagen blend and cellulite control matrix claims to tackle the problem directly, while a metabolism support blend promote whole body weight loss. It also includes a range of amino acids, plus chromium, protein, sodium, and vitamin c. 

But, none of this really does what it claims, then there's the fact that Multi Collagen Burn powder costs $59.99 for a 30 serving tub, while the Multi Collagen Burn capsules cost $49.99 for a 30 serving tub. This is almost identical to the products that actually work.

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn Pros And Cons

Collagen Burn Pros

  • Pleasant taste
  • Includes ingredients proven to aid with weight loss and cellulite reduction
  • Available as both a collagen powder and collagen capsules

Collagen Burn Cons

  • All of the ingredient dosages are hidden in proprietary blends
  • Includes numerous ingredients that aren't proven to be effective
  • Many reviews claim that it doesn't reduce cellulite
  • Side effects like stomach pain have been noted
  • Priced the same a more proven competitors

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn Ingredients

Multi Collagen Blend

The multi collagen blend in Multi Collagen Burn is the primary tool for achieving the dietary supplement's goal of helping to reduce cellulite. It uses collagen from multiple sources, which includes beef, fish, chicken bone, and eggshell, which can all offer slightly different effects.

Studies show 2.5 grams of certain collagens daily can improve cellulite, so the 7.8 grams in each serving should achieve the desired results. The use of a proprietary blend hides the true dose of each collagen though, so it is impossible to know if enough of the correct ones are present.

Hydrolyzed Grass Fed Bovine Collagen Peptides

Bovine collagen peptides are a source of Type I and III collagen that is obtained from beef. It can offer benefits including improving wound healing, skin health, intestine functions, blood clotting, and muscle maintenance.

This type of collagen is the one that has been proven to help reduce visible cellulite [1]. Unfortunately, with no information on how much beef collagen is present in the proprietary blend, it is impossible to know if there is enough for it to be beneficial.

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen

Fish collagen is a Type III collagen that offers many of the same benefits as beef collagen but is gentler on the system. This means it can help people who have sensitive systems achieve better blood, muscle, and intestinal health.

Unfortunately, it isn't as effective as beef collagen and doesn't offer as many benefits. With its main benefit being that it can be used as an alternative to beef collagen for those who can't use the latter, it serves little purpose in a dietary supplement that features both.

Chicken Bone Broth Collagen Concentrate

Chicken bone broth collagen is a source of Type I, II, III, and X, meaning it can offer a whole host of different benefits. However, this also means its effects will be much more diluted, which is only furthered by it being included as part of a proprietary blend.

It is also not a collagen source that is known specifically for its effects on cellulite reduction. This means, even IF it can be useful, the benefits are likely to be minimal.

Water-Soluble Eggshell Membrane Collagen

Eggshell membrane is a source of Type V and X collagen that is beneficial for eye, joint, and bone health, as well as for natural collagen production in the placenta.

There are, however, no studies to suggest it can reduce cellulite, so it is unlikely to offer any benefit to the primary goal of Multi Collagen Burn.

Metabolism Support Blend

The metabolism support blend used in the Multi Collagen Burn powder accounts for 177 mg of every 8.12 gram scoop. The purpose of it and its ingredients is to enhance your metabolic rate, to promote a more efficient burning of fat cells and use of nutrients.

Sensoril Ashwagandha Root Extract

Ashwagandha root extract is taken from the roots of an evergreen shrub called the winter cherry, which is native to east Africa and west Asia. It has been used in ayurvedic medicine for centuries, due to the incredible number of benefits that have been linked to it.

Its widely said to boost testosterone levels and fertility in men and sexual function in women, relieve anxiety and stress, lower blood sugar levels, enhance muscle size and strength, aid with athletic performance, improve focus, memory, and sleep, and promote heart and brain health.

There are some studies that suggest it can help to both minimise body fat storage and promote fat burning too, which is largely why it is included in multi collagen burn.

However, this benefit has not been proven and, even if it had been, the dosage being hidden in a proprietary blend would make it impossible to determine if there is enough present to be beneficial.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is taken directly from the leaves of the olive plant and is rich in a substance known as phenolics. It is widely accepted to be beneficial for preventing "bad" LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, which helps to optimise your cholesterol levels and health overall.

There are also studies that demonstrate olive leaf extract can be beneficial for regulating blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood lipids. That said, the depth and number of these studies is limited, so the results are far from conclusive.

Some even hypothesise that olive leaf extract may be able to help you lose weight, due to a combination of its other effects. Unfortunately, no studies have been able to find evidence of this, so its inclusion in Multi Collagen Burn appears to be based on hyperbole, rather than fact.

Fucoxanthan Herb Extract

Fucoxanthin is an extract found in brown seaweed that is stored in body fat cells when consumed. Its noted benefits include managing blood glucose levels, as well as potentially aiding cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and liver health.

While one study has suggested it can enhance fat loss, this can take up to 16 weeks, and there are no corroborating studies to show it has any effect on weight loss at all [2].

Grains Of Paradise Extract

Grains of paradise is a herb in the ginger family which contains a number of essential oils and ketones. It is said to increase your body's energy expenditure, which would mean you burn calories faster and see enhanced weight loss [3].

There are also claims that grains of paradise can activate brown fat tissue, which will burn visceral fat, and provide benefits such as reducing inflammation, fighting bacteria and the symptoms of diabetes, helping ease diarrhoea, and boosting testosterone and heart health [4].

Unfortunately, most studies on grains of paradise are still in the preliminary stages and there is no solid evidence to support their use.

In fact, the only studies that do have conclusive results suggest that the effects of grains of paradise on burning fat cells are unremarkable, so it is highly unlikely to serve the function for which it was included [5].

Cellulite Control Matrix

The Multi Collagen Burn Cellulite Control Matrix is included exclusively to promote skin health after the cellulite has been reduced. It aims to promote skin hardening and reduce sagging skin, while accounting for 90 mg of each serving.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a compound known to offer various skin benefits and is often added to creams and moisturisers. It can improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and skin aging, encourage the healing of wounds and scars, and promote eye and joint health. The problem is, that whilst hyaluronic acid is effective topically, recent evidence shows it doesn't actually work orally. 

SOD-B Dimpless

Sod-b dimpless is the short name of melon extract superoxide dismutase. Some suggest it can offer benefits like improved skin health and joint health, reduced inflammation and blood sugar levels, and a greater ability to fight diseases [6].

However, it is still in the very early stages of testing, and there is no conclusive proof it can accomplish these things.

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Multi Collagen Burn are quite positive, with people citing benefits like appetite suppression, less bloating, slightly more weight loss, reduced aching of joints, healthy hair and nails, and a pleasant taste and texture as its biggest selling points.

However, notably absent is any mention of a reduction in or improvement on cellulite. When you jump to the negative reviews, a lack of effect on cellulite is the most common complaint, showing it clearly doesn't do what it states. Side effects like stomach pain are noted too.

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn Review Conclusion

Vitauthority Collagen Burn claims to reduce cellulite and improve skin health, but it's impossible to tell with all the proprietary blends and unproven ingredients. When combining the facts with the customer reviews, it appears it offers very little, if any benefit in this area.

Priced identically to more proven competitors, there's no reason to take the gamble. Our list of the best women's fat burners features a great choice of supplements that do the same job and are proven to work, making them a much better use of your time and money.

And as for our opinion we recommend you get hourglass fit (our number one rated women’s fat burner). It contains glucomannan, 5htp (the two best hunger and craving suppressants) and a host of other ingredients to boost your metabolism that actually work and a collagen supplement instead.

Best Fat Burners
Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 4/10
Thermogenic Boost 2/10
Energy Boost 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Ingredients Quality 5/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 3/10


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