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A bit misleading from Crazy bulk, D-Bal Isn't A Bad Work Out Supplement, But It Is NOT A Testosterone Booster

The first thing that jumps out for D Bal is the fact that a lot of the ingredients are under dosed, this is largely because it's expected that you'll mix it with other Crazy Bulk products. One example being ashwaganda being dosed at 200mg, when it should be around 600mg for the best results (and it is in most of the best testosterone boosters). And whilst combining  it may not seem bad, the problem is that makes it very expensive to stack and relatively ineffective by itself. If we compare it to other test boosters in it's price range, we expect a complete product. That's not to say D Bal is entirely useless. It would make a reasonable work out aid, at least with the addition of MSM (which is really good for joint protection), but there's not really enough of any ingredients in here for it to be particularly effective at helping build lean muscle mass, let alone the rapid muscle gains that they promise.

Whilst there are a fair amount of decent testimonials the vast majority of "professional reviews" seem to be incredibly biased and a lot of the before and D Bal before and after photos are faked with the owner of inside body building claiming they've used his before and after photos that aren't related to D-Bal. Customer reviews of D Bal are generally better, but the pros look to have been paid off. 

The fact is however, that by itself D Bal isn't really a very good product, if you stack it up with other crazy bulk products it could be OK, but by itself it's under dosed in pretty much every area. Most of the happy customers were combining the supplements. Realistically to get something productive, you'd need to get their complete bulking stack. 

However, we don't recommend it as a stand alone product as it doesn't hold a candle to the likes of TestoFuel (which contains the correct doses of the ingredients in Dbal and more) 

It also comes in at 2/3s of the price of the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack and the same price as D Bal by itself. In short, we don't like D Bal as a stand alone product, either get the complete stack if you've got the cash spare, but TestoFuel is probably a better alternative either way.

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What Is D-Bal?

D Bal is a muscle mass supplement, claiming to be a test booster and trying to brand itself as an alternative to dianobol (an illegal steroid). This is quite common for Crazy Bulk, as their branding tends to be making natural supplements that are supposed to be alternatives to various anabolic steroids used regularly on the body building scene. This always get's Crazy Bulk reviews and thus the D Bal Review off to a bad start with us, because it's misleading at best. And downright predatory at worst. 

Customers D Bal Reviews

The customer reviews of D Bal are largely positive, we're not talking about the ones on the Crazy Bulk website as these are obviously curated. Scouring social media does show an awful lot of positive reviews, although these are mostly talking about using D Bal as part of the complete stack suggested on their website. By itself we didn't find many that seemed legitimate, there's several claiming to have achieved improvements that you'd be unlikely to see from more illicit compounds. As such it's hard to gauge customer reviews of D Bal fairly. It's likely that it does a little to aid muscle recovery, but isn't going to do all too much else without combining it with other supplements for building muscle mass.


Does D Bal Work?

That depends on what you mean by work. It certainly doesn't live up to it's marketing claims, and it's definitely not an ideal product if you're looking for raise you testosterone levels. If you just want a minor boost in the gym with slight reductions in muscle soreness then it should be fine.

Is D Bal Safe?

D Bal should be safe, there isn't really anything in here that should cause any issues, you don't need to go on any sort of D Bal cycle as it's not actually anabolic. Some people do experience mild nausea when taking ashwaganda supplements, but that should be the worst of any d bal side effects. 

Our Experience With D-Bal

We had Mike and Jean (from the Center TRT team that take test boosters daily) test D Bal and it didn't yield good results, they reported a notable drop from their usual supplements, although they do both take larger doses of Ashwaganda and Vitamin d as well Tribulus Terrestris. Not to mention the DAA's from their normal test booster supplements, so it wasn't really a surprise. For context they usually take TestoFuel and Prime Male respectively. This does lead us to believe that a lot of the positive D Bal reviews are from people who haven't taken other test boosters. As for the suspect lack of negative D Bal reviews online, this does suggest that there's a lot of marketing spend here which drowns out the people who didn't see any substantial improvement to muscle growth. 

DBal Ingredients

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 7.5 mcg - Vitamin D is a pretty good inclusion in almost any test booster. Around half the US population is deficient and supplementing said deficiency has been shown to raise testosterone production by up to 46%. [1] It's also been shown to increase athletic performance if supplemented past the RDI's without much immediate drop off in terms of how much you get back from it, although it's recommended you don't supplement too much more than 100 mg .That said, 7,5mg is nowhere near the max if you're aiming to increase muscle mass by improving your gym performance.

Magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide) 60 mg - magnesium is a decent inclusion in a test booster. It helps sleep quality, is essential for building muscle and can raise testosterone if you're deficient, and 48% of americans have a mild deficiency [2]. And whilst this isn't at a clinical level, it does have a notable impact on hormone health. As a result it's a decent inclusion for d bal.

L - Isoleucine 300 mg - Iso-Leucine is an essential amino acid, that as you'd expect by the name is related to Leucine. It's better known for providing energy, cleansing nitrogenous waste and managing glucose levels. All of these things can in theory aid with work out recovery, at least they would if the ideal dosage wasn't around 50mg per kilo of body weight. [3] Sadly, Leucine (not iso leucine) is actually the better of the two for protein synthesis. Not a great choice here for our D-Bal review.

MSM 800 mg - MSM can actually have a benefit on muscle recovery and is quite a potent anti oxidant. It's main benefit however is to joint health. However, the main issue with MSM is that the dose is usually over 1000mg up to 2000mg for this purpose when it comes to joint pain management. However, if you don't currently have issues a lower amount should still help. As such it's not a bad inclusion for a workout supplement. It doesn't do anything to boost testosterone though. Perhaps a higher dose would've been better for d bal, but seasoned lifters will know all about the joint issues that can hold back muscle growth, so once again, not a bad idea.

Suma Root Concentrated Extract 2:1 (Pfaffia paniculata) 200 mg - This one works in mice for raising testosterone levels, but there aren't any studies which show it can do this in humans. So not a great inclusion, this is a small negative in our d bal review.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) 200 mg - This really needs to be in a higher dose, at least 400mg, this is one of the areas in which d bal falls down as a solo supplement. Ashwagandha does improve sleep quality, reduce cortisol build up (stress and poor sleep are both bad for testosterone levels and protein synthesis). So it's good, when it's in the correct dose. It does also seem to raise serum testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris (Fruit) 75 mg - Again a little underdosed, usually this is best over 100mg, this is the same issue that we have with Ashwagandha in d bal.

Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) 30 mg - hyaluronic acid is another joint health supplement, doesn't really do anything for test or for increasing protein synthesis. 

D Bal Review Conclusion

D Bal is fine as part of a stack, it's really not great by itself and won't do much to help you lose excess fat or for muscle gains. It could have some positive impact on muscle recovery, but compared to other testosterone production supplements it simply doesn't stack up. It's functionally an incomplete product that requires other supplements to be taken alongside it. Realistically you need to take it with Testo Max to get the best out of it, the problem is, at that point it only brings it even with other supplements which cost the same as D Bal on it's own.

And that's the issue we have, the price point of said stack then brings into question its overall value. If you get the complete muscle building stack when it's on offer, D Bal can be OK, but it's definitely not a go to supplement. As a testosterone supplement, it's quite low tier.

So, if you want to boost your testosterone levels for the benefits beyond muscle recovery then you're better off with something else. And based on the target market of D Bal we'd suggest TestoFuel which we ranked as our best T booster for muscle gain. If you're looking for a test supplement for the other benefits, then we'd suggest you check out our list of the best testosterone boosters.

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