Exipure Reviews 2022

Debunking Exipure Right Off The BAT

Exipure focuses on stimulating BAT (brown adipose tissues). The idea being that this will increase metabolism, help you break down fat and thus contribute to weight loss. However, outside of a couple of specific conditions stimulating BAT production isn't going to do much. It's also bunk to suggest that it is the new "root cause of weight gain" as their marketing does. To take a quote from one of the more recent and thoroughly researched meta analysis "To date, few human trials exist that tested the effect of cold exposure on BAT. Those studies show that BAT contributes a small amount to overall energy metabolism which is unlikely to cause weight loss." [1]

We're really not fans of these sorts of weight loss supplements, if something is promising to help you magically lose weight then it's a lie. What fat burners that work typically do is unfortunately a lot less exciting. The ones that work function to suppress appetite, boost energy levels, reduce cravings or support harder workouts. There are some which can slightly raise calorie burn during work out, but this is typically the least effective element of these supplements. And unfortunately Exipure focuses on a concept which is simply not functional

The most effective over the counter ingredient at the moment as far as we're concerned is glucomannan (which expands 50X in the stomach, turning a 2000mg into the size of a bagel). As a result it makes you feel less hungry and eat less if you have it 30 mins before making food. Generally speaking if you can't understand how the ingredients work, then they probably don't. Things like caffeine that help you move more when dieting (people naturally start to move less when on less calories) help you burn more calories. 

These ingredients work. Most things that talk about brown adipose tissue are simply trying to sell you on the promise of losing weight. And when reading "customers" exipure reviews we should remember that the placebo effect helps and if people have a pill they're more likely to stick to their diet because they're investing money. Plus you can't trust everything you read on the internet (we're aware of the irony in us saying that). We'd recommend going for a glucomannan based alternative like hourglass fit (without caffeine) or instant knockout (with caffeine) instead.

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Customers Exipure Reviews

These are pretty bad, even by supplement standards, with people claiming they've actually managed to gain weight whilst on Exipure and Trust Pilot having flagged the product as buying reviews to raise their score (something which a lot of companies get away with, so this must have been in significant mass). There are also several complaints about them not honoring their money back guarantee. 

Weight loss supplements aren't always going to help everyone, but we're highly sceptical of any fat burning pills which promote BAT as the solution and make overhyped promises that they'll help you lose weight. One positive we will say is that not many people complained of Exipure side effects, which is one positive thing we can say about the exipure diet pills. 

Exipure Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions in Exipure reviews

Does exipure really work?

In short no, exipure doesn't work, we won't go as far as to say Exipure is a scam, but we will go as far to say as the science that suggest BAT is the answer to weight loss is shaky at best and doesn't look to be accurate. The customers on Trust Pilot however, will say much worse things. 

Is exipure fda approved?

Expiure is not FDA approved, natural weight loss supplements do not have to register for FDA approval, they are however required to adhere to certain manufacturing guidelines.

Exipure Ingredients

Even though we've made it pretty clear that we don't rate exipure, we're going to take a look at the individual ingredients anyway. Although we should note, that with a total of 300mg it is unlikely that any of these ingredients would be in high enough dosages to even have the tangential benefits that they could potentially give someone using Exipure.

Keep in mind the total dose of exipure is 300mg this is going to be important.

There are also a few variations of exipure ingredients lists floating around at the moment, older versions of the product etc. As far as we're aware we have the latest version here, although most variations are minor and still not actually designed to weight loss.

White Korean Ginseng - So technically if you were to take 800mg plus of Ginseng you could possibly lose some weight. It's been shown to raise testosterone levels in doses of over 10mg/kg of body weight. And an increase in test levels, could increase muscle mass and lower fat, but of course that is more than 3 times what could realistically be in Exipure even if it was the main ingredient. [2]

Perilla - There are some rat studies which show it could help with cholesterol levels [3], and stimulate BAT, although as we've mentioned the later is pointless and the former doesn't help you lose weight.

Holy Basil - Rabbit studies [4], cholesterol in humans, same as Perilla.

Amur Cork Bark - This is an anti inflammatory, with some potential use in terms of radiotherapy side effect mitigation. [5] Nothing to do with weight loss. Also dosed at 500mg to be effective....

Propolis - An antioxidant, although it does have some laxative effects when studied [6] so this could sort of help weight loss temporarily we suppose. There may also be some minor links to lowered fat absorption, as a result of the laxative effects. But, it would have to be a lot higher dosed than is possible in Exipure. Once again nothing in exipure diet pills to help you lose weight in any substantial manner.

Quercetin - We finally get to something that could help you with losing weight. Although as it stands the only research has been in rats [7] it in this case worked by reducing food absorption, so something in the exipure weight loss supplement that has potential. The downside however, is that there have been a lot of ingredients that had such potential over the years, but did not translate into humans, once again not to do with brown adipose tissue as is suggested in the marketing.

Oleuropein - This olive leaf extract also showed some promise in rats. And there is actually one study that showed it was beneficial in a small trial of obese women vs a placebo control group [8]. This is the one and only ingredient with proper backing as far as we could find. However, there is a caveat, participants were also in a 500 calorie a day deficit. Meaning they would have lost weight anyway, they did outperform the group not taking a supplement, but this is one singular study and it looks like exipure weight loss pills don't likely dose this high enough to have the effects claimed anyway.

We're not surprised at the customers exipure reviews being so poor. If the brown adipose tissue theory posited by exipure turns out to be correct in future, against the current consensus, then we'll be the first to eat our words, but it doesn't seem all too likely. 

Exipure Review Conclusion

Exipure weight loss pills probably shouldn't be considered a weight loss supplement at all. Brown adipose tissue is not a magic bullet and it is not going to do all the work for you. Weight loss is not easy, and the supplements that you do get to help you should be designed to support weight loss by helping you stick to your diet, boosting energy levels or making sure you get the right nutrients that people commonly end up deficient in whilst dieting. 

Exipure does none of these things. We recommend that you go for instant knockout or hourglass fit instead, and whilst most weight loss supplements aren't perfect, these do have ingredients in that will actually help. 

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