Extenze Review

Extenze pills contain good ingredients, just in microscopic doses that won't work

If you just looked at the ingredients list in extenze pills we'd see a good start, they contain a lot of proven ingredients found in some of the best testosterone boosters and enhancement products, the problem is, that almost all of these ingredients need to be dosed in higher volumes than each extenze capsule could possibly contain. If we just take Panax Ginseng (listed as Asian Ginseng in extenze pills) as one example, it is a well studied and backed testosterone boosting ingredient [1] and has been shown to improve sexual health [2], but needs to be dosed at 300mg to 400mg to be effective. Whereas extenze sexual response blend contains 19 ingredients which combine to a total of 223mg. So you, can see where we're having some issues. And as you'd expect this same issue is repeated amongst all of the other effective ingredients within Extenze. Then there's the fact that extenze uses a proprietary blend, without listing the exact mg of each ingredient which means that we can't even simply recommend taking more of the supplement, because it may overdo some ingredients and you could still be left with not enough of the ones that actually work. This is generally why we don't recommend proprietary blends. Our testers also noted that like most customers extenze reviews the products results were underwhelming or none existent. The reality is that any benefit from extenze pills are likely to be simply the placebo effect, or as a result of a confidence boost, rather than them actually working.

That's not to say that it's impossible to get a supplement that can help male sexual performance, but they're just not available from walgreens for $15. The reality is that the supplements that actually work in this space are about 4 times the price with about 6 times the ingredients dosage. If you're looking for something that could help around that price point then a mens multivitamin would be a better place to start as some deficiencies, like zinc (even a mild to moderate deficiency) can cause tanking testosterone levels and thus associated issues like ed.

Typically speaking we recommend Prime Male Enhancement Supplements as a much more effective alternative to Extenze which is not a good product. They've cut costs and this really is a case of you get what you pay for. Or take a look at our best male supplements list to get a more tailored choice.

Customers Extenze Reviews

Customer reviews of extenze are as lacklustre as the product itself, as you'd expect when the science doesn't back it up most reviews are 3* and below. It isn't going to be capable of improving sexual stamina or treating ED, which it's advertising claims. 

Although with a large part of ED symptoms being psychological there will be many men who have benefited from the belief it has given them rather than the product itself. Certainly enough to believe that some of the positive reviews are legitimate, albeit misguided.

Extenze Review FAQ

The common questions that came up whilst researching our extenze reviews

Can Extenze Pills Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Extenze pills are not good male enhancement supplements, they're far to low dosage to improve any issues with erectile dysfunction. The ingredients in them if they were in better dosages as we've mentioned can enhance sexual performance, and potentially improve ED symptoms. But, the doses are too low to have any effect.

Is Extenze A Good Testosterone Booster?

No, categorically no it is not. None of the ingredients could possibly be contained in a high enough volume to be effective, with the exception of Niacin (otherwise known as vitamin B3), which only applies if you're deficient and that is exceedingly rare [3]. Unlike zinc or vitamin D3 deficiencies which are relatively common and lower testosterone. [4]

How Long Does It Take For Extenze To Start Working?

Seeing as Extenze doesn't actually contain enough of the active ingredients to work, you would be waiting a very long time. However, if we frame this question in the realms of how long do natural male enhancement supplements take to work, then it's usually a couple of days for the ingredients to build up in your system, and for any deficiencies to be addressed etc. This should also answer the question of, how long does one extenze pill last? Again it doesn't, however, if we're talking about natural male supplements again, seeing as they're not like it's clinical counterparts, they don't have set time limit. If you stop taking them it would take a while for a deficiency to cause an immediate issue again if it's been addressed for some time.

Can You Take Two Extenze At Once?

Everything is dosed so low that we don't expect it would be an issue, however we still would not advise that you do so.

Is Extenze FDA Approved?

Natural supplements aren't actually directly regulated by the FDA in the same way that a clinical alternative would be, so no. That said, they aren't disapproved either. What this means is that every individual ingredient in Extenze has been cleared as safe for human consumption.

Extenze Pills Ingredients

This is perhaps the best and the worst part of our extenze review. As we've mentioned they actually get a lot of the ingredients right, they've just managed to under dose everything so much that they're all completely and utterly ineffective.

Yohimbe - Not a great ingredient, Yohimbe has only really been shown to work in animal studies, this isn't replicated in humans and it has a number of side effects, including high blood pressure, rapid heard beat, and stomach problems [5] meaning this could be the cause of any extenze side effects. 

DHEA - A lot of debunking studies for it's use in men, does actually seem to help post menopausal women though. But, that's not really helpful here. [6].

GABA - GABA is fine, but under dosed [7].Niacin - Vitamin B3 is fine, nothing to see here.

Velvet Bean - A totally fine inclusion, but again it's not possible that this supplement could contain an appropriate dose. [8] It's also not something that we'd put into an ideal enhancement pill. But, not a fail either.

Tonkat Ali - So there's a lot of good here, the problem once again is the dosage, it needs to be at least 200mg [9] But, it can help reduce stress (the leading cause of ED) as well as raising testosterone levels. 

Tribulus Extract - Tribulus is good for libido in both men and women, and seems to have some benefits to treat ED symptoms and sexual dysfunction specifically [10]. It's a good ingredient, but all the studies show it as needing doses of 400mg. More than the entire Extenze supplement. 

Damiania - Fine, but also under dosed (not the best studied, but not a terrible inclusion). 

Panax Ginseng - Great ingredient as we've already mentioned the problem is that extenze pills can't possibly contain enough for it to function. 

Folic Acid - Another B vitamin, deficiency can cause problems, but it's incredibly rare, it will have some benefit, and it's likely to actually be in the correct dosage as that's relatively small, but a vitamin b pill or most energy drinks and pre workouts contain these B vitamins. 

L- Arginine - Some evidence it can boost testosterone levels, and help raise libido, fine inclusion too low dosages again...

Muira Puama - Shown to heighten sexual stimuli, which will of course increase satisfaction and reduce the risk of you dropping off half way through. But, and we're getting sick of typing this the dosage is only a fraction of what is needed to be effective. [11]

Chrysin - A decent amount of research to show it helps improve blood flow to the penis. Whilst blood flow isn't usually the main issue that we're looking for in sexual function supplements, it is still an important one. But, you guessed it, there isn't enough of it in extenze. [12]

It also misses out on Maca and a few of the better ingredients for improving sexual function, but seeing as nothing on here is in a high enough dosage it seems pointless to pick Extenze apart much further.

Extenze Review Conclusion

We don't recommend that you purchase extenze. It's possibly that you may improve sexual performance, but if so it's more than likely just the placebo effect, extenze pills themselves don't contain any active ingredient in a high enough dose to be effective at either improving testosterone levels or sexual performance. In fact pretty much all the ingredients in Extenze Pills would need to be the size of the entire pill each to have the promised effect.

This is highly disappointing because whoever designed Extenze clearly knew what was supposed to go into a sex life focused supplement, they just chose to create a cheap product that doesn't work.We do not recommend this product and highly recommend that you check out the best male enhancement supplements here, to find something suitable for your specific issue, or just go with Prime Male Enhance if you're looking for a good all round option.

Best Male Pills
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 7/10
Erection Quality 1/10
Staying Power 1/10
Libidio 1/10
Relaxation 1/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 1.5/10

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