PureHealth Research Exuberant For Men Reviews

Does Exuberant for Men Work?

Good Ingredients, Just Not Enough of Them To Work

Exuberant is a male enhancement product by PureHealth Research. Made with a broad range of 9 different ingredients, they say taking Exuberant will increase testosterone production, muscle growth, brain health and functions, energy, sexual stamina and performance, and the strength of bones, joints, and muscle cells.

In fact, they are so confident in the effectiveness of their dietary supplement that PureHealth Research offers a money back guarantee on every purchase. Unfortunately, a closer review of the product reveals that it is simply not capable of delivering the kind benefits that the company are claiming it will.

The PureHealth Research Exuberant male enhancement formula contains the active ingredients vitamin d, zinc, d-aspartic acid, tongkat ali root extract, l-arginine hcl, ashwagandha root extract, and a proprietary blend of fenugreek seed extract, tribulus terrestris fruit extract, and epimedium aerial parts extract.

On the surface this formula looks very good, as it contains a number of ingredients that are proven to be of great use in a supplement such as this. However, it does not take long for the cracks to begin appearing.

All of the proven ingredients are present in dosages that are simply too low to do the jobs they are usually capable of, and they are then surrounded by others with no conclusive evidence they are of any use at all.

They have even thrown in a proprietary blend to try and hide some of the ingredient dosages, but even this fails to do the job it was intended for, as we can still clearly see that the dosages used are insufficient.

This is all before we even get to the complaints from past customers that the product either does not work or caused them to experience side effects.

Being produced in a GMP certified facility with a natural formula and having a money back guarantee may still convince some people to give it a try, but this does not change the fact that it is simply a poor dietary supplement lacking in any real effectiveness.

That is why we highly recommend you do not buy Exuberant and instead stick to using a supplement that is actually proven to improve sexual function in men, such as Prime Male, it bosts a lot of the same ingredients, but in their doses that actually worked in clinical trials, and it's at about the same price point.

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Customers ​Exuberant For Men Reviews

Exuberant holds a fairly middling average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars with past customers on Amazon.

When looking at the positive Exuberant reviews, most people mentioned it giving them more energy and helping them stick to a healthy diet. However, what was notable by its absence was any real mention of it having an effect on their sexual functions or performance.

When looking at the negative reviews of Exuberant though, we started to see a very different picture.

While most users simply stated that they did not see any benefits while taking Exuberant, others mentioned experiencing side effects, with some people even saying these still occurred if they dropped the dosage down to two capsules per day, from the recommended serving size of three.

These side effects included brain fog, diarrhoea, fatigue, nausea, and physical weakness.

This all supports the conclusions that we came to in our initial review, which were that Exuberant is highly unlikely to do you any good and that there is a real chance you will experience adverse reactions from taking it.

Exuberant For Men Ingredients

Vitamin D (As Cholecalciferol) - 15 MCG

Vitamin d is a fat soluble vitamin that can improve digestion, energy levels, and protein synthesis, keep the bones, muscles, skin, teeth, and immune system healthy and functioning, prevent fat storage, and encourage cell division and normal blood calcium levels, to help lift the overall health of your body.

Taking vitamin d will not boost testosterone levels directly, but vitamin d deficient people will see their natural testosterone production slow down, so preventing a deficiency from developing will stop this issue from occurring (1).

However, for vitamin d to have any effect on your testosterone levels, you must take at least 100 mcg per day. As the PureHealth Research Exuberant male enhancement pills contain just a fraction of this at 15 mcg per serving, it simply will not be able to do the job that it has been included to perform.

Zinc (As Zinc Oxide) - 11 MG

Zinc is a brittle metal element and mineral that stimulates the pituitary gland, which will accelerate the production of luteinizing hormone and increase testosterone levels in the process.

It can then even provide a number of additional health benefits, such as improving your eyesight, DNA synthesis, immune health and functions, metabolic rate, and recovery time, and reducing inflammation and the signs of aging (2).

Unfortunately, the only people who will get to enjoy these benefits are those who consume at least 25 mg of zinc per day. As PureHealth Research Exuberant male enhancement pills feature less than half of this at 11 mg per serving, it is another ingredient that simply will not be able to deliver on its potential.

D-Aspartic Acid - 1,000 MG

D-aspartic acid is a natural amino acid that is required for the human body to produce testosterone. It can be very useful in male fertility drugs, as it may improve sperm motility in infertile men, while elite athletes sometimes use it to boost their testosterone levels without the risk of using banned substances.

The issue is, clinical trials show d-aspartic acid is only capable of helping men improve their testosterone levels if they take at least 1,600 mg per day (3). As PureHealth Research Exuberant male enhancement pills only contain 1,000 mg per serving, it again will not be able to provide the results that it usually could.

Proprietary Blend - 230 MG

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Fenugreek seed extract is proven to help enhance libido, erectile function, and blood sugar and cholesterol levels and improve the production of testosterone and the development of lean muscle mass. The problem is, these benefits will only be enjoyed if you consume at least 500 mg of fenugreek seed extract a day (4).

While PureHealth Research have tried to hide the amount of fenugreek seed extract that is present in the Exuberant supplement by putting it in a proprietary blend, they have failed quite spectacularly at doing so.

With at least 500 mg being needed per day for it to have any effect and the entire blend weighing less than half of that at 230 mg, it is painfully obvious that Exuberant cannot contain enough to be of any use at all.

Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract

The tribulus terrestris plant and its extracts have long been used in ayurvedic medicine, due to claims that it can boost male libido and sex drive, while also preventing erectile dysfunction, boosting their production of testosterone, and keeping their heart healthy.

However, none of these male sexual health benefits have ever been backed up by any conclusive scientific evidence (5). This means that its inclusion in the Pure Health Research Elevate male enhancement formula is highly unlikely to be responsible for producing any beneficial effects.

Epimedium Aerial Parts Extract

Epimedium extract is best known as horny goat weed and has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, due to the fact that it contains a flavonoid called icariin, which is said to offer a wide variety of health benefits.

It may improve sexual desire, energy, and testosterone levels, cure erectile dysfunction and low libido, help relieve joint pain and inflammation, treat viral infections and heart disease, aid relaxation, lower cholesterol and oestrogen levels, and enhance blood flow and brain, heart, and immune health and functions (6).

Unfortunately, aside from boosting joint health, the other benefits that are linked to the use of horny goat weed have never been proven, while side effects like abdominal discomfort, abnormal heart rhythms, skin rashes, nausea, and negative interactions with other medications have all been associated with it.

This means that its presence in the Pure Health Research Exuberant male enhancement pills are at least as likely to do you harm as they are to do you any good.

Tongkat Ali Root Extract - 200 MG

Tongkat ali extract is a herbal remedy that has long been used in various traditional medicines, due to claims that it can enhance fertility, reduce oestrogen levels, boost the production of testosterone, and improve your sex drive and libido.

The issue is, while there is a small amount of evidence to support its benefits with regards to sexual arousal and fertility, there is no conclusive proof that tongkat ali root extract has any effect on the production of testosterone whatsoever (7).

This means its inclusion in PureHealth Research Exuberant male enhancement pills is unlikely to do you much good, if it provides any benefits at all.

L-Arginine HCL - 200 MG

L-arginine is an amino acid the body uses to make nitric oxide (8). This would let it improve blood flow and the production of testosterone, combat erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and low blood pressure, speed up recovery, enhance the health of the heart and blood vessels, and boost exercise and sexual performance.

The problem is, l-arginine will only boost the rate at which your body releases nitric oxide if you consume at least 3,000 mg per day. As PureHealth Research Exuberant male enhancement pills feature just the miniscule dose of 200 mg per day, it's presence it virtually guaranteed to be of no use at all.

Ashwagandha Root Extract - 150 MG

Ashwagandha is a good ingredient for testosterone boosters, it can boost fat and weight loss, reduce stress, anxiety, and blood sugar levels, improve your focus, sleep quality, memory, and brain and heart health and functions, enhance the production of testosterone, aid muscular development and your athletic performance, and make you feel stronger and healthier (9). However, much like everything else in this supplement, the dose used in Exuberant means that it will not be able to work like it should. With 300 mg of ashwagandha being required each day for it to produce results, the 150 mg in each serving of Exuberant is just half of what is necessary, so is unlikely to do anything at all.

Pure Health Research Exuberant Male Enhancement Pills Pros & Cons


  • Every purchase comes with a money back guarantee
  • Contains only natural ingredients, many of which are proven to work in a supplement such as this


  • All of the proven ingredients are present in dosages that are far too low to be of any use
  • They try to hide some of the dosages in a proprietary blend
  • A number of the ingredients in Exuberant have not actually been proven to work
  • Customers have complained about it either not working or causing them to experience side effects

Pure Health Research Exuberant Review Conclusion

Pure Health Research say that taking Exuberant will help boost your sexual performance and production of testosterone and treat sexual dysfunctions. However, when you look closer at the natural ingredients in the supplement, it is very clear that Exuberant will not have the effect on the male body that they claim it can.From insufficient doses of its proven ingredients and a number of unproven ones to the use of a proprietary blend and complaints from past users that it does not work or causes side effects, it just fails in every way. That is why we suggest you do not buy Exuberant and try a proven alternative instead, such as Prime Male.

The top supplement of its kind on the market, Prime Male uses quality, proven natural ingredients that are all present in the recommended dosage.

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