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Is Flexuron Daily Joint Care Any Good?

Very little of substance in Flexuron. It's a none effective dose of krill oil with some other under dosed ingredients.

FlexAgain is relatively new to the US although it is by far the best joint supplement that we’ve seen for some time. They’ve used 11 ingredients that have all been clinically studied to either reduce joint pain, improve joint mobility or improve overall joint health.

The supplement seems to be ideally dosed for Osteoarthritis and joint injury recovery, this dose mean it wouldn’t be suitable for people with RA, although it’s unlikely that any combined supplement would be as most of the doses for RA would require 4 capsules or more per ingredient.

We particularly like that they’ve gone with specific extracts for Turmeric and Ginger, none of the competitors that we’ve seen do this. The reason this is important is that standard Ginger requires 3 grams to be effective, whereas the concentrated eurovita 77 analogue (which is a concentration of gingerols) they use has been trailed to be as effective as 3 grams using only 255mg. And there is a similar truth for Curcumin extracts from Turmeric.

Then there’s the fact that they go for glucosamine HCL rather than sulphate, which again is 3 times stronger.

Functionally the reason we like FlexAgain is that they use more expensive but better extracts than the competition, and it doesn’t actually cost any more than products like relief factor, despite having the same ingredients, in higher dosages as well has half a dozen more. It’s by far the best value product on the market right now. The fact is that if FlexAgain doesn’t help supplements probably aren’t going to make much difference.

They even add in the RDI’s of vitamins and minerals you need for joint health, your omega oil requirements and a host of other potent ingredients like resveratrol.

The only real complaint that we have is that one ingredient (MSM) is under dosed, but this seems to be common across the joint supplement market.

Compared against everything else on the market right now, which typically underdose most of their ingredients or contain half of the same ingredients in FlexAgain this isn’t much of a complaint.

Customers Flexuron Reviews

Surprisingly the Flexuron reviews were actually pretty good, although it is often sold as part of a bundle on amazon, a bundle which contains a supplement of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in it's effective dosage, which does lead us to wonder whether or not the benefits came more from the other supplement than from Flexuron joint formula. It's definitely not the best joint formula for overall joint health although the reviews aren't bad. 

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Flexuron Review Conclusion

Flexuron joint formula is underdosed on all fronts, it may well be cheap as a joint support supplement goes, but it is very much a case of you get what you pay for. It commits a lot of the same mistakes that older joint health supplements make with outdated dosing and compared to more comprehensive supplements doesn't even come close. Flexuron joint formula won't do you any harm, but we don't recommend it against the more modern joint formulas on the market right now that will do a much better job of supporting healthy joints. It's definitely not suitable for serious pain and there are better options for anti inflammatory effects and overall joint health.

Best Joint Supplements
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Pain Relief 3/10
Joint Health 3/10
Swelling 3/10
Value 4/10
Recommended 3/10


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