GNC Testosterone Booster Review

Is GNC Mega Men Any Good?

The GNC Mega Men is quite the comprehensive supplement

It’s a shame that GNC Mega Men Healthy Testosterone Vitapak doesn’t actually do a particularly good job as a testosterone booster. It’s got an awful lot in it, and if you’re just looking something to tik off an awful lot of men’s health issues in one go, it’s not bad. But, our GNC Mega Men review takes a turn because it markets itself as a testosterone booster, and there are better ones available. Typically speaking testosterone boosters are designed to improve lean muscle growth, boost libido or improve mood. GNC’s offering is not the best at any of these things. Where it does actually shine is that Mega Man is a comprehensive health supplement with a decent nod to testosterone boosting. Whilst it covers off almost everything you’d want in a good men’s multivitamin except for ironically one of the vitamins most important for a testosterone supplement. The main issue with GNC Mega Men Testosterone Booster is quite simply that it takes an existing GNC multivitamin and adds an extra capsule with some test boosting herbs, meaning that it fails to dose all of the ingredients correctly when it comes to vitamins and amino acids, even if it does include some good ingredients overall.

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Customers GNC Mega Men Testosterone Reviews

Most GNC healthy testosterone reviews are quite positive and there’s a lot of good to be said for the supplement. So, it’s understandable that people did feely markedly better for taking it. In the same way that most people would feel better if they just took the stand alone GNC multivitamin. It seems some people have had issues buying from Amazon which lowered the GNC customer reviews although they’re generally still quite good. There are also what appeared to be some paid for reviews, but overall we’d say the 4* customer reviews are a fair representation, with the fakes balancing out the ones that were negative due to amazon delivery issues and damaged products. 

GNC Mega Men Healthy Testosterone FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our GNC mega man review

Is GNC Mega Men Safe?  

GNC Mega Men supplements should all be safe for human consumption assuming that you don’t have any allergens. DIM one of the ingredients, can have some side effects but the dosage is quite low. Whilst GNC supplements are produced in line with GCMP guidelines natural supplements are not directly FDA regulated.

GNC Mega Men Healthy Testosterone Ingredients

There’s a few 100 ingredients in here, so we’re going to have to hit the highlights.

Magnesium is only dosed at 100mg which is 25% unfortunately magnesium is one of the best vitamins for boosting testosterone. [1] Supplementing it further has been shown to boost testosterone levels in both healthy and unhealthy men, which is why higher doses typically make their way into the better testosterone supplements. What we have here is GNC using an existing multivitamin adding a second pill with different ingredients and calling it a testosterone booster, rather than creating a dedicated blend. 

Vitamin K at 67% of your RDI has been shown to be important for testosterone production and it would be more important to have a full 100% dosage in the multivitamin, [2] like most proper testosterone boosters. 

Vitamin D 40mcg is 200% of your RDI, it could actually do with being a lot higher as it’s been shown to improve athletic performance in men, and testosterone levels. However, vitamin D3 deficiencies do cause low testosterone levels. [3] With almost half of men in the US being deficient in vitamin D even this amount is likely to have a dramatically positive effect for a lot of people, with several studies showing increased testosterone levels of over 40% with vitamin D supplementation. 

Zinc 25mg at over 200% of the RDI this is the first time we’re going to say there’s more than is needed and there is no benefit to taking any extra zinc according to clinical trials. [4] 

The antioxidant blend is good and we only have good things to say about it. All in all if this is something you’re particularly interested in there are better options, but it’s not overly relevant to a testosterone booster. 

Boron 2mg is actually too low with most studies suggesting that the ideal range for it to boost free testosterone levels in men being around 10mg, [5] with some studies suggesting it can be effective at as low as 3mg, Mega Men Healthy Testosterone still underdoses the ingredient. The issue once again coming from simply bolting a herbal capsule onto a good multivitamin rather than properly creating a unique test booster. 

L-Arginine is involved in the production of testosterone, supplementing it is a fine addition to the supplement overall, but typically it is dosed higher in better supplements. [6] 

L-Glutamine is more useful for building lean muscle mass than building testosterone directly, however seeing as a lot of men look for a test supplement for this reason it’s a decent inclusion and makes it into a few muscle focused alternatives to GNC Mega Men Healthy Testosterone, it actually is involved in the production of human growth hormone so again is a fine inclusion. [7] 

Fenugreek 600mg isn’t a bad inclusion, in fact we do see it in a lot of the best testosterone boosters, it’s just not the most potent of the natural herbal extracts. It is however one of the most well backed, with double blind studies going all the way back to the 80s showing that it does indeed raise men’s hormone production. [8] 

Tribulus Terrestris 98mg is another decent ingredient and it’s close enough to the recommended dosage of 100mg [9] that we think this is a good inclusion, it’s been shown to raise free testosterone levels (not total) suggesting that it reduces the efficacy of sex binding globulins meaning that more free testosterone is available for the body to use. 

Tongkat Ali 10mg is underdosed to the point where it may as well have not been included in the formula, most dosages are 10X [10] this much at least and even then, that would be at the low end of the effective range. 

DIM 1mg is a bit controversial, at least it would be if it was dosed properly. Diindolymethane does seem to boost test levels in the short term, but long term effects have been linked to a host of negative effects, including reduced testosterone, sperm count and other men’s health issues. [11] 

Indole 3 Carbinol 1mg has a lot of cellular studies to back it’s use, it seems to block estrogen activity, but the dosage here is too low to be effective. [12] 

GNC Healthy Testosterone Reviews Conclusion

GNC misses out on several more potent testosterone boosting ingredients and estrogen blockers, such as DAA, Ashwagandha, Panax Ginseng and Luteolin. It also under doses a lot of better ingredients. Functionally it is a mens multivitamin with added fenugreek as what it does include that we’d expect from a test booster is under dosed. Customers reviews of Mega Men Healthy Testosterone aren’t bad, this is likely due to the fact that people who weren’t previously taking a vitamin pill now are, combating deficiencies and making them feel better and probably raising testosterone levels in many cases. However, you’d get most of the same testosterone benefits from taking a multivitamin and a fenugreek capsule for a lot less. We recommend that if you’re looking for T booster, you buy a proper T booster.

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