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Does ​Gluconite Really Work? 

Published: 9th Feb 2024

Gluconite is a mediocre.

Gluconite is a natural dietary supplement designed and produced by Vive MD. Made to be taken before bed, as your nighttime metabolism naturally slows, Gluconite aims to regulate your blood sugar levels, promote improved sleep quality, help prevent or treat diabetes, and generally boost your well being.

Gluconite works to convince customers that it is a risk free supplement to try, as it offers free shipping and a full 180 day money back guarantee if you purchase exclusively from the official website. However, after doing our own Gluconite review, we simply did not see Gluconite work in the ways that it claims.

The Gluconite ingredients list consists of vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin k, zinc, chromium, organic chamomile flower extract, organic hibiscus powder, passionflower flower extract, tryptophan, Gamma-aminobutyric acid, organic stevia, hops flower powder, melatonin, and white willow bark extract.

While the formula is completely natural and contains some ingredients that benefit your blood sugar levels, most of these are present in dosages that are much too low. They are then surrounded by other ingredients that have little to no evidence they benefit either your blood sugar levels or overall health. There's also almost nothing here to boost metabolism.

It then also appears that they have taken steps to avoid customer reviews becoming public, while those that we did find seemed to suggest that they did not find Gluconite works as advertised.

As a result, we would strongly suggest you save money, do not buy Gluconite, and instead try a supplement that has actually been proven to help you control your blood sugar levels, such as SugaSafe.

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Gluconite Reviews By Customers

Establishing an average Gluconite review score from past customers was quite hard, as there are very few Gluconite reviews around the internet, while the review function is not active on the Gluconite powder Amazon page, which is very suspicious in itself.

Based on the few reviews that we did manage to find, it appears Gluconite aids your quality of sleep to a very minimal degree, but has little to no effect on the uncomfortable symptoms diabetes can cause or your blood sugar levels or overall well being.

This means it appears Gluconite works a little better than we would have though when it comes to helping you sleep, but it is still completely ineffective with regards to blood sugar regulation and cannot compare to more conventional therapies.

Gluconite Ingredients

Vitamin A (Retinyl Acetate) - 300 MCG

Vitamin A is a fat soluble, essential vitamin that is vital for promoting growth and keeping the eyes, skin, and immune system healthy and functioning as you age. It is also required for the production of beta cells in the pancreas, which increase insulin levels and help with blood sugar regulation.

The issue is, the required daily intake of vitamin a to see these benefits is 700 mcg for women and 900 mcg for men. This means the 300 mcg present in Gluconite is too low to be of any real use (1).

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - 50 MG

Vitamin c is well known to boost the body's metabolism, immune system and overall health, and it can be very useful to help prevent erratic blood sugar levels, especially in people with diabetes.

It also helps improve collagen and neurotransmitter production, joint flexibility, mobility and health, and muscle, bone and tooth strength, growth and repair (2). With 40 mg being the minimum dose required to produce these benefits, this is one area where Gluconite uses a good dose of an effective ingredient.

Vitamin D (As Cholecalciferol) - 25 MCG

Vitamin d is an essential vitamin that is needed for numerous functions in the human body to take place.

It can encourage healthy blood sugar levels, improve your metabolic processes and energy levels, aid testosterone production and protein synthesis, and prevent or combat fat storage, weight gain, and many different health problems (3).

However, the recommended daily intake of vitamin d is just 15 mcg per day for most adults. This means the 25 mcg in each serving of Gluconite is a little too strong and could lead to some people experiencing side effects.

Vitamin K (Primrose) - 60 MCG

Vitamin K is extremely useful for improving insulin sensitivity and preventing diabetes type II, while it can also make vitamin d easier for the body to absorb and more effective, aid blood clotting, protect the blood vessels, bones, and cartilage, and prevent many bone and joint problems (4).

The only problem is, you need to consume roughly 1 mcg of vitamin k per kg (2.2 lbs) of bodyweight for it to have any effect. This means the 60 mcg present in each serving of Gluconite will be too low for many people unless they are getting a reasonable dose from an additional source.

Zinc (As Zinc Citrate) - 5 MG

Zinc is a mineral and brittle metal element that is widely found in foods like Brazil nuts that can help you achieve an optimal blood sugar balance as it improves the absorption and metabolic rates of glucose and fat.

It then also prevents a generally slow metabolism, reduces inflammation and the signs of aging, aids growth, DNA synthesis, and testosterone production, and boosts blood clotting, brain, eye and immune system health and functions, and enhances wound healing (5).

With 5 mg being the minimum dose of zinc required to produce these effects, this is another rare instance where Gluconite actually uses a suitable dose of a proven ingredient.

Chromium (As Chromium Amino Acid Chelate) - 10 MCG

The mineral and metal element chromium can improve insulin sensitivity, blood sugar levels, metabolic health, serotonin production, energy levels, sleep quality, mental health and functions, weight loss, and muscle recovery, and prevent or combat diabetes, hunger cravings, and weight gain.

It can even boost the absorption and efficacy of all of the other ingredients in a dietary supplement. Unfortunately, as it will only do any of this if you consume between 200 and 1000 mcg per day, the 10 mcg present in each serving of Gluconite is far too low to do anything at all (6).

Organic Chamomile Flower Powder - 500 MG

Chamomile extract contains a chemical called apigenin. It can prevent blood lipid and sugar imbalances, combat diabetes, anxiety, stress, inflammation, and insomnia, promote feelings of calmness and relaxation, aid digestion, and improve your gut health and sleep quality, latency and duration (7).

The issue is, you must take at least 1,100 mg of chamomile extract a day to produce these results. That means the 500 mg present in a serving of Gluconite is not even half of what is required for it to work.

Organic Hibiscus Powder - 1 MG

Hibiscus powder can come from one of two plants, so we will assume the powder here comes from hibiscus sadbariffa, as it is the only one even claimed to have an effect on your blood sugar balance.

Some studies suggest it can inhibit carbohydrate absorption to some extent, which would prevent excess sugar from entering the blood and aiding weight management, while it is also said to reduce hunger hormones, unhealthy cravings, and your blood pressure as well.

However, as its effect on your blood pressure is the only claimed benefit that has ever been proven, it is highly unlikely that it will help Gluconite lower your blood sugar levels. There have also been some reports of it impairing the sexual health of male test subjects as well (8).

Passionflower Flower Extract - 30 MG

Passionflower has long been used in traditional medicine in the Americas, due to claims it can prevent or treat insomnia, anxiety, hysteria, and seizures, improve sleep latency and GABA production, promote restful sleep, and optimise your blood sugar and cholesterol levels (9).

The problem is, as none of these claims have been conclusively proven and even the studies that do support its use say that the effects are mild, passionflower extract is highly unlikely to be of any use in the Gluconite supplement.

Tryptophan - 150 MG

Tryptophan is a non-essential amino acid that regulates hormones and chemicals released in the brain, like serotonin. It is capable of controlling sugar levels, enhancing insulin secretion, combatting diabetes, promoting relaxation, improving your mood and sleep latency, and helping you enter a deep sleep (10).

Unfortunately, as research suggests the benefits of tryptophan are only seen if you consume at least 1 gram per day, the 150 mg in each serving of the Gluconite supplement are all but assured to be useless.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid - 500 MG

Gamma-aminobutyric acid, better known as GABA, is a neurotransmitter present in all adult mammals. It inhibits certain neurological receptors reduce anxiety, stress, excitability, and blood sugar levels, prevent or treat diabetes, and promote relaxation, calmness, and a healthy sleep cycle (11).

As 500 mg falls within the optimal dosage range, this is another occasion where the Gluconite supplement uses a suitable dose of a proven ingredient.

Organic Stevia (98% Rebaudioside A) - 100 MG

Stevia leaf extract is a natural sweetener that is often used to replace sugar. It is also thought to have anti inflammatory properties that can help prevent blood sugar problems, a slow nighttime metabolism, weight gain, and pancreas, liver and kidney failure, and help with enhancing brain functions (12).

The issue is, not only have most of these benefits not been proven, but regular use has also been linked to poor fertility and a number of health issues. This means its presence as an active ingredient in the Gluconite supplement is just as likely to do you harm as it is to do you any good.

Hops Flower Powder - 30 MG

Hops flower powder is said to have antioxidant and mild sedative properties that boost lipid metabolism, glucose tolerance, and bodyweight management, reduce stress, tension, depression, anxiety, and insomnia, and help you enjoy a deep sleep (13).

However, as the Gluconite powder contains just 10 percent of the 300 mg of hops extract that are required each day to produce these benefits, its presence is highly unlikely to be of use. There are then even claims that it can cause hunger cravings as well, which can lead to poor eating habits.

Melatonin - 3 MG

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced and secreted by the pineal gland in the brain of every human. It regulates your sleep cycle and quality of sleep, and it can also optimise your fasting insulin levels, but only if you consume at least 5 mg per day (14).

This unfortunately means that, as there is only 3 mg present in a serving of Gluconite, sleep or insulin level improvements are highly unlikely to be produced by taking it.

White Willow Bark Extract - 367 MG

White Willow bark extract contains a chemical called salicin, which is similar to the active ingredient in aspirin. It is said to help combat insulin resistance, relieve muscle, back, and knee pain, and combat diabetes, arthritis symptoms, fevers, flus, and many other medical issues.

The problem is, as there is no conclusive evidence to support any of these claims, its presence is highly unlikely to make Gluconite work in the ways that it claims (15).

Gluconite Pros & Cons


  • Purchases from the official website come with free shipping and a money back guarantee
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Some customers say it can help you sleep


  • Most of its natural ingredients are either not proven to work or are present in doses that are too low
  • Extremely expensive
  • Most customers did not find Gluconite work as intended

Gluconite Review Conclusion

The manufacturers say that by taking just one scoop of the Gluconite powder each day, you can regain control of your blood sugar levels and either prevent or treat diabetes. However, as our Gluconite review should clearly show, it is simply not capable of producing these kinds of results.

From unproven ingredients and poor dosages to a very high price tag and issues with customer reviews, it is simply not worth wasting your time or money on. This is why we highly recommend that you do not buy Gluconite powder and instead try a product that has actually been proven to work, like SugaSafe.

Each natural ingredient in contains is sourced through high quality channels, proven to work, and dosed optimally. This makes SugaSafe capable of lowering blood sugar levels, repairing damaged tissues, and preventing the physical and psychological effects of high blood sugar, all while being very fairly priced.

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