Golo Diet Pill Reviews

Do Golo Release Pills Work?

Golo release supplement is a cheap cash grab.

The Golo release supplement is designed to enhance and be used alongside the Golo diet plan, but how does it fare in the competitive market of dietary supplements?

For those of you looking for the quick answer, it likely won't help you lose weight, and comes across as a product simply designed to give them a cheap spot on the list to increase brand recognition and make a bit of money off those that are attempting to follow the Golo diet program. In terms of supplementation, you can find a more effective weight loss solution.

There are some good ingredients here but unfortunately not only are they locked within a proprietary blend, but the blend simply lacks the room to dose thee ingredients properly. For example, let's take Inositol, which has clinically proven to have a positive effect on the BMI of people with a BMI over 30. To achieve these results, the trials began dosing at 600mg, far exceeding the 297mg available in the proprietary blend. Unfortunately that's the norm here, leaving you with a label that's able to make various claims of using powerful, clinically proven ingredients, without spending the money to ensure it all works as it should.

With all of this in mind we would instead recommend you check out Hourglass Fit, of which the label is essentially a lesson in what ingredients are best and what doses are needed. For example Hourglass fit contains Glucomannan, possibly the most effective appetite suppressant there is and dosed correctly. 

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Customers Golo Diet Pills Reviews

Starting with Golo Release on Amazon, the reviews are not looking great, with a 3.2 out of 5 star rating. Many of the complaints are that the pill simply does nothing, and some offering a warning to check when purchasing as they felt they were tricked into accepting the full program when they only wanted the pills. Of course there's the odd "This product is perfect and amazing" review peppered in there to try to counter balance the tirade of unhappy customers, but they're easily identifiable as suspicious.

Golo Release Trust Pilot Reviews

On Trustpilot we have the exact same 3.2 stars score with very similar complaints being made about a lack of noticeable difference and some mentions of poor customer service.

Golo Release BBB Reviews

Golo Release's better business bureau rating seems to come in at 3.33, which is all starting to look incredibly consistent. The positive and negative reviews seem to be mixed between the golo diet and the golo release pill. There were a few serious complaints of side effects here however.

Golo Pills Ingredients

Magnesium 15mg

Magnesium is an essential mineral for our bodies to maintain proper functioning, having a direct impact on how we produce energy, regulate blood sugar levels and cause necessary chemical reactions in the body. There are some studies that advocate for the efficacy of its use as a weight loss supplement by giving the body better control over glucose and insulin levels in the blood. In fact low magnesium levels are associated with insulin resistance, but supplementing is only going to be helpful for people who either aren't getting enough in their current diet plan or have issues with malabsorption so for healthy adults it's not going to do much. A fine inclusion, but it's only going to make a difference to a few of us.

Zinc 10mg

Zinc has similar effects in combatting insulin resistance as Magnesium, and has been found to help with weight management in people struggling with obesity. One study found a 6kg reduction in body weight, as well as a significant improvement to BMI and reduction in appetite in those who supplemented with zinc when on a calorie restricted diet, compared to the placebo group. A welcome inclusion, that seems to help with weight loss in healthy adults as well as in those suffering a deficiency, a very welcome inclusion in any dietary supplement.

Chronium 70mcg

Chronium is an essential nutrient for our bodies, being directly involved in the regulation of carbohydrates and what's known as Lipid metabolism, a fancy word for synthesis of stored fat within cells. It's typical that dietary intake of Chronium isn't quite enough for the majority of us, so a boost is welcome. It should be stated however, that so far there has only been animal studies to provide some validity to the claims that it can help with weight loss, so they should be taken with a grain of salt. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence however, so make of this as you will. We're cautious of course, but ultimately we support its inclusion. There's no side effects known from supplementing Chronium in this way, and as soon as research is funded we're sure we'll see the results.

Proprietary Blend 297mg

This is where things really get a bit touch and go, as without proper doses listed it's impossible to say how effective each ingredient might be beyond speculation. Now this is a low amount for so many ingredients, but let's see if there's any hope.

Rhodiola Extract

There's some research that suggests that Rhodolia Extract can help with reducing the amount of fat within your blood, which certainly sounds like it's gonna be healthy but there's only one study we found so more research is certainly required to determine the effects of this ingredient, and the one study we did found supplemented with 200mg, an amount which though does with within this proprietary blend would leave no room for the rest of it so is very unlikely dosed at this amount. A questionable inclusion with no evidence supporting its use to help with losing weight


Inositol is a sugar made within the body and found in various different food groups. It can help to mediate glucose uptake via its ability to improve insulin sensitivity, but a 2021 study found that it has a positive effect on BMI in people who are overweight. The dosage in this study started at 600mg per day however, and went as high as 4450mg, with positive effects being observed after 12 weeks at above 1000mg. It goes without saying that this simply will not be effective no matter how it's dosed here, and it's inclusion is simply another great ingredient used for the label that will have very little, if any, positive effect on your weight loss journey.

Berberine Extract

Berberine is a chemical found in some plants such as tree turmeric and Oregon Grape, and research suggests it can help to regulate how the body uses blood sugar, regulate gut bacteria and reduce cholesterol. These effects are great but in fear of repeating ourselves we expectedly arrive at the dosage, and unsurprisingly we have once again encountered a good ingredient that could not possibly be dosed effectively. In the human studies, dosage ranged from 300 to 500mg per day, leaving no room for a proper dosage here.

Gardenia Extract

A natural pigment obtained from plants, gardenia extract has been clinically tested for its use as an effective ingredient in dietary supplements. A study dosed at 800 milligrams daily found that it did indeed improve weight loss alongside daily exercise, and as you can surmise yourself from the dosage there, it just doesn't fit and is unlikely to be effective in its current dosing.

Banaba Leaf Extract

Banaba extract and decoctions have been used for many years in folk medicine to support weight management and regulate blood sugar levels. Its active ingredient is Corosolic acid which has been seen to exhibit insulin like effects alongside an uptake in cellular uptake of glucose and it actually looks like this may be dosed effectively. It's stated to be 18% corosolic acid present in their extract, and you need 10mg of the stuff, so we'd be wanting to see around 55mg of Banaba which is entirely achievable within this proprietary blend.


With Salaretin, we attempted to research the ingredient and the only trials we could find were conducted by Salaretin themselves and were represented by graphs that obfuscate important information, such as which bar is actually representing the product, as well as gathering the data from animals. It's the extract of Salacia Reticulata, and we could find studies of the Asia variant Salacia Chinensis which did show some promise, but we lack sufficient data to compare the two extracts to see how they differ chemically. Them belonging to the same species doesn't mean they'll be the same, and their effectiveness for weight loss could differ quite considerably.

Apple Extract

Sure to keep your doctor away, but it's the polyphenols that we're interested in here. They're naturally occurring compounds found in many fruits, vegetables, cereals and beverages. Their effects differ however, as an example resveratrol is a common weight loss supplement ingredient and is a polyphenol itself. There are five major groups of polyphenolic compounds found in apples, and at the dosage that is likely present in Golo release pills, it simply isn't worth breaking them down and explaining their effects. These effects won't be noticed.

Golo Release Review Conclusion

So there we have it folks, a couple of ingredients will value but dosed ineffectively. Golo Release lacks any of the stronger ingredients you can find in many pills on the market and is priced in a way that you won't really be spending much more to get something superior. Ingredients such as Glucomannan and 5-HTP would have been a game changer here but unfortunately Golo chose to take a different route.

Our recommendation firmly goes to hourglass fit, within you'll find not only 5-HTP and glucomannan, but the likes of Bioperine and Capsimax, all combining to not only boost your metabolic rate, but suppress your appetite too, leaving you with both a lower caloric intake with a high caloric burn

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