HighT Black Reviews

Is High-T Black Any Good?

High T Black Contains More Ingredients Not Related To Test Boosting Than It Does For

High T Black is something of a confused supplement, it’s almost as if it’s trying to be a hybrid between a testosterone booster and a weight loss aid, but got it’s doses and ingredients mixed up along the way finding the long since debunked raspberry ketones (that were touted for weight loss, don’t work, and have nothing to do with test levels). Writing up a review of High T Black was actually rather odd and we spent more time trying to figure out what they were thinking than anything else.

Testosterone boosters do often claim to help boost energy levels, but generally the idea is that this comes from raising T levels, not from a dose of caffeine approximating a double espresso. Now, there’s nothing wrong with caffeine, but it’s not a usual ingredient. A large part of their supplement is their nitric oxide booster blend, which may well be good for energy, but again, this is not a testosterone supplement like HighT Black claims to be.

Then there’s the curious state of the vitamin blend. All in all, it’s an odd supplement, not really very well designed. If you want to skip the whole High T Review we recommend you check out our best testosterone boosters list and get one of those instead.

Customers High T Reviews

There were an awful lot of fake reviews of High T black on amazon, but the ones that we were legitimate looking generally said they preferred High T classic. Unsurprisingly, the product was noted for boosting energy, to which we would expect from a supplement packed full of b vitamins and caffeine. 

Generally it looks like the legitimately positive reviews of High T Black were people who had some of the low energy feelings alleviated, rather than ones that actually saw any notable changes in their testosterone levels.

High T Black Ingredients

Vitamin E 30IU – Vitamin E does help testosterone circulate through the body, but it only causes issues if it’s deficient and taking extra doesn’t really have any benefits. It is incredibly rare in otherwise healthy people and is normally caused by illness [1]. 

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 – These are quite highly dosed in comparison to you daily needs and taking an extra hit of these vitamins is particularly beneficial for energy levels, they have a minor impact on testosterone levels, but there’s nothing more than you’d get from most energy drinks. 

Zinc 1.5mg – This is possibly the oddest choice in HighT Black’s vitamin blend. Zinc deficiency is relatively common and supplementing men (potentially one in four by some studies) with this deficiency has been shown to raise testosterone levels significantly. [2] 

Raspberry Ketones 200mg – Raspberry ketones were in a lot of weight loss aids about 6 years ago, there were some rat studies that showed them to be effective for this. However, this did not translate to humans and most good supplements have removed them from their formulas. This shows HighT Testosterone Boosters to be somewhat outdated. 

Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg – So, the main benefit here is the energy boost, technically caffeine can slightly raise testosterone levels, but you do also have the option to just have a cup of coffee in the morning. It’s also not one of the better test boosting ingredients. 

HighT Black Blend (Fenugreek, Longfolia and Rhosea) 900mg – There are some good ingredients in this blend. Fenugreek and Longfolia are pretty decent, Rhosea however is actually more of a mood booster, it doesn’t do anything for T levels. The catch is Fenugreek dosages are usually higher than the entire blend to be effective, although Longfolia or Longjack could technically be dosed in line with recommendations at 200-400mg [3][4]. However, even longjack does not seem to have much effect in healthy men only in those with low test levels. 

Nitric Oxide Booster Blend 1600mg – This is great for a nitric booster, but again it won’t help your T levels. It may have some application in erectile function, and some other lethargy as a result of low test levels. It could theoretically allow you to work out harder, so this could help build more lean muscle mass, which is one of the most common reasons people look for a testosterone supplement. 

HighT Black Review Conclusion

The ingredients that High-T Black does get right are under dosed and it gets almost everything wrong for a test booster. As an energy pill and a nitric oxide supplement that’s a different story, but that is not what it claims to be. We don’t recommend HighT Black. 

There are plenty of more effective testosterone supplements available at the same price point. If you’re looking for an energy booster it could be fine, but then there are better supplements available for that as well. Even if we looked at it as a combination supplement we still wouldn’t recommend it, it doesn’t come close to any of the best testosterone boosters on the market.   

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Ingredients 3/10
Muscle Growth 3/10
Mood 3/10
Libidio 3/10
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