Huel Hot & Savory Review

Is Huel Hot and Savory Any Good? 

Huel Hot And Savory Is Actually Pretty Good

One of the biggest issues is being able to enjoy a healthy meal that’s also quick and easy to prepare. Almost every ready-to-make meal or instant meal alternative is full of processed, low quality ingredients that don’t give you any nutrients and fail to make you full. It gets even worse if you follow a plant-based diet. However, in this Huel Hot & Savory review, we will look at a product that could revolutionize your life. A vegan meal that can be cooked in 5 minutes and gives you 23g of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, fiber, omega-3…

It might sound too good to be true, but Huel is a specialized company in vegan complete food. This is, meal replacement shakes, bars, superfood drinks and now hot instant meals that are both healthy and affordable. It was founded by Julian Hearn in 2014 and since they’ve sold over 300 million meals!

They are highly regarded by nutritionists, athletes and celebrities like Stephan Bartlett or Idris Elba. But how does this relate to you? How can Huel Instant meals improve your life? Are Huel Hot & Savory Meals tasty?

We'll discuss and answer every question, but let me prefect this Huel Hot & Savory review by saying that this is an excellent product. For less than $5/meal you have all your body needs in a hot meal. It’s convenient, it’s healthy, and it’s affordable.

So, if you are guilty of not cooking, ordering too many takeaways, buying ready meals in the supermarket because you are tired, then Huel Hot & Savory is the answer.


Is Huel Hot And Savory Healthy

In short, yes. Huel Hot & Savory is a healthy meal, in particular when you compare to most ready to eat meals and instant cups.

It’s also backed up by nutritionists all around the world, and reading the ingredient list you can see that there are no nasty syrups, sugars, palm oils, or trans-fats.

In fact, Huel Hot & Savory does a lot for your health. Did you know that 90% of Americans don’t eat enough fiber? That 1 in 2 Americans has vitamin D insufficiency? That most don’t consume enough omega-3?

Huel Hot & Savory contains all of those in high levels to boost your overall health. Furthermore, it has over 160 health benefits including improved brain function, higher energy, immunity boost and more. 

Huel Hot & Savory Flavors Ranked

Now, onto the most important aspect. How do Huel Hot & Savory Meals taste? What’s the best Huel Hot & Savory?

Here at Center TRT we tried all of the huel flavors and this was our personal Huel Hot & Savory flavor ranking:
Chick’n & Mushroom: 9.5/10
Thai Green Curry: 9/10
Mac & Cheeze: 9/10
Madras: 8/10
Pasta Bolognese: 8/10
Korma: 7.5/10
Cajun Pasta: 7.5/10
Mexican Chili: 7/10
Sweet & Sour: 5/10
Tomato & Herb: (Skip) 

Chick’n & Mushroom - Best Huel Hot & Savory Flavor

This was a surprising winner, as I’m not usually one to go for mushrooms. However, the creamy consistency and the vegan chick’n go together great, giving the pasta base a much needed flavor. The only thing it lacked for my liking was a bit of spice to make it a 10/10.

Thai Green Curry

Perhaps this shows my bias towards Asian cuisine, but this is a very enjoyable flavor. Creamy, but not heavy, it is the ideal meal to have on a cold winter day. It is not overly spicy, although if you have 0 tolerance you might want to skip it. It’s a fan favorite and it’s just like a fresh curry with peppers, sweetcorn and a touch of coconut.

Huel Mac & Cheeze

A staple in the American kitchen, and one that Huel Hot & Savory nails. For a vegan Mac & Cheese, it’s creamy and cheesy pasta ideal for lactose intolerants or vegans. Personally, I would’ve liked a stronger cheese flavor to give it a higher rating, and I also missed the crunchiness when you finish it in the oven.

That said, this is comfort food at its finest. You will enjoy it.


Going back with Indian spicy food, Madras is a guilty pleasure. Hot & Savory Madras is not for everyone, as the spice is taken up a notch. Make sure you stir the powder correctly to pick up the spice and enjoy the combination of potatoes and tomato.

Pasta Bolognese

Another comfort food that Huel Hot & Savory nails. It has a lot of pasta, with plenty of tomato sauce and the right amount of condiments that make it perfectly balanced. It won’t wow anyone, but it will be the flavor that you will keep going back for.

Huel Korma

This sweet curry is less exciting than Thai Green, but the creamy coconut is delicious for those who want a less spicy option.

Cajun Pasta

There’s not much to say, besides that it’s an OK pasta option. Unfortunately, it falls short in comparison with the Pasta Bolognese and Chick’n & Mushroom Hot & Savory options. I never see myself picking this over the other two.

Sweet & Sour and Tomato & Herb

Sadly, not all Huel Hot & Savory meals are great. These two I would not recommend. They are bland, the texture is off, and honestly, they are a chore to eat. You will go back to your unhealthy meals if you buy either.

Huel Hot & Savory Pros & Cons


  • Much healthier than supermarket ready meals
  • More affordable than takeaway
  • High in fiber, protein, vitamin D and other nutrients that you are lacking in your diet
  • Great array of flavors; some spicy, some not
  • Easy to prepare
  • Can be stored for 1 year
  • Provides you with a health boost
  • Easy to digest


  • Ready meals and takeaways are tastier
  • Not all flavors are great
  • Texture can be off

Huel Daily Greens Review: Conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, I must say that I am really impressed with Huel Hot & Savory. Don’t expect a 3-star Michelin meal, or the delicious Mac & Cheese that your grandma made you.

However, when comparing Huel Instant Meals to the lunch options in the cafeteria or the crappy ready meals in the supermarket there’s a lot to like. Not only are they 200% healthier, but the taste is actually pretty good. Some people complain about cardboard like texture, but in my experience most of the flavors were fairly enjoyable.

When you consider that you can get them for less than $4/meal, then it becomes an even better value proposition. You can stop feeling sluggish after the meal, improve your sleep, lose weight, and feel more energized by switching to Huel Instant Meals. 

Criteria Rating
Taste 8/10
Essential Nutrients 9/10
Health Benefits 9/10
Ingredient Quality 9/10
Customer Satisfaction 10/10
Value 7/10
Recommended 9/10