Hunter Burn Review

Hunter Burn Review: Is It Too Good To Be True?

Hunter Burn is a fat-burning food supplement created to support muscle maintenance while helping reduce hunger cravings following intense workouts. It doesn't use caffeine unlike a lot of cheaper fat burners meaning you don't have issues sleeping to start with.

It is manufactured by Roar Ambition, a well-known UK based sports supplement brand. The idea behind the Hunter Burn formulation is to help boost muscle mass while effectively losing body fat to improve muscle definition. You can buy hunter burn here.

Roar Ambition claim that by combining the right high-quality naturally-sourced ingredients that are scientifically known for their fat-burning properties with muscle-sparing ingredients, you have a higher chance to retain more muscle while cutting up.

Many men find that trying to get leaner in the gym and being careful about what they eat can negatively impact muscle mass as well. Hunter Burn was formulated to help alleviate this issue while supporting your fat loss efforts.

Hunter Burn FAQ

Who Is Hunter Burn For?

Hunter Burn is for people who are looking for the highest quality ingredients on the market. It does cost a little bit more, but they're well worth it if budget is no option.

Is Hunter Burn Safe?

Hunter Burn is safe, unless you're allergic to the contents, but it's also likely to e very stomach friendly due to the higher quality ingredients.

Is Hunter Burn FDA Approved?

Hunter Burn is made in FDA approved factories.

How To Take Hunter Burn?

To make sure that you do everything you can to make hunter burn work effectively, is take it as directed on the bottle, that means 6 capsules per day. Which is a lot, but this way they'll honor their money back guarantee if you don't manage to shed excess fat in 90 days. If you want to get the best out of it a proper diet is essential, but hunter will help you stick to it.

What Makes Hunter Burn Stand Out

Hunter Burn stands out as being one of only a few supplements on the market that has Glucomannan in high enough quantities to make it an effective appetite suppressant. It's quite an expensive ingredient, so it's typically only in higher end supplements like Hunter Burn. 

Hunter Burn's natural ingredients make it the best premium fat burning supplement we've reviewed. Burn fat, lose weight, keep muscle mass and stay full. That's the promise, and hunter seems to keep it.

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Hunter Burn Makes Our Top Fat Burners List

Hunter Burn made it onto our best fat burners list, so it's no surprise that our hunter burn review is positive, it's one of our most highly recommended options.

Best Fat Burners

A non-proprietary blend of natural ingredients

The ingredients used in Hunter Burn go against what is considered to be standard practice in the sports supplement marketplace. Most fat burner products aimed at men use a proprietary base blend of ingredients in their manufacture that are pretty generic across all brands.   

However, Roar Ambition wanted to break out of this standard mould and went back to the drawing board for a little more in-depth research and design. Unlike other brands of fat burning food supplements on the market, Hunter Burn only uses naturally-sourced ingredients, and it includes exactly what it contains on the product packaging.  

his fat-burning supplement is also produced without cheap fillers or bulking agents that many supplement manufacturers use to keep production costs down. Hunter Burn is a good choice if you are looking for a fat-burning supplement to aid your results that only contains the best premium ingredients.

What does Hunter Burn contain?

Hunter Burn contains a unique blend of ingredients that encourages fat loss while boosting your metabolism and keeping your hunger pangs at bay. The gripe that most guys have about cutting body fat with a strict diet and a more intense workout programme is that all this extra activity and food restriction increases their hunger. Hunter Burn contains naturally-sourced appetite suppressants to help you combat your hunger and reduce the desire to eat a big meal post-workout, or gorge on sugar-filled snacks between meals.

Is Hunter Burn Safe?

Hunter Burn is safe, it's made in FDA approved factories and based on the ingredients it's unlikely that you'd have any issues unless you had a specific allergy. 

Is Hunter Burn Any Good?

Well if your want to just skip to the conclusion of our Hunter Burn review, you'll note that we give it a solid 9/10 rating. With it being the best appetite supressant that we've tested, but it is quite pricey. It's also far more delecate on the stomach and sleep than a lot of other fat burners on the market.

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Star Ingredient In Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn: Konjac Root Extract

Konjac root extract is a fantastic ingredient, and probably our favourite thing about it, is that it's easy to explain how it works. It has the ability to absorb 50X it's weight in water, so for every gram of konjac root it can become infinitely larger in your stomach. By our estimates, 3000mg as in Hunter Burn is going to about the size of a bagel (by the time it reaches your stomach). Meaning that it's quite easy to understand why Hunter Burn would make you feel more full.

The ingredients include:

Cayenne Pepper: This pepper extract is well-known for its thermogenic properties. Thermogenesis is when your body temperature is raised slightly, encouraging your body to draw on its fat reserves for energy.

    Konjac Root Extract: This is naturally-sourced water-soluble fibre from the root of the konjac plant. The extract will absorb fluid in your stomach and expand to form a gel-like substance. This acts to slow your gut motility and helps keep you feeling satiated for longer. It also helps to keep your blood glucose levels stable.

    L-Theanine: This is a high-quality amino acid that helps to reduce the build-up of body fat. It is also believed to help support and maintain muscle mass that may otherwise be lost through consuming a restrictive diet. Other fat-burning food supplements don't commonly contain this due to the higher cost of this beneficial ingredient. 

    Matcha Green Tea: Scientists have long believed that matcha green tea leaves have a thermogenic effect on the body. It is also rich in catechins, which are beneficial antioxidants that encourage fat loss.

    Vitamin D3: Essential for boosting your immune system, this fat-soluble vitamin also supports critical metabolic functions and muscle recovery and maintenance, Vitamin D is absolutely essential in any good fat burner.

    White Kidney Bean Extract: This natural extract plays a crucial role in how your body absorbs carbohydrates. We all know that consuming excess carbs spikes blood glucose and creates an insulin response that leads to more body fat creation, so this bean extract can help your body process complex carbs into simple sugars that can be quickly burned for energy in the gym. It can also help to increase satiety and reduce hunger levels.

Metabolism-boosting benefits

Hunter Burn aims to target both your fat-burning metabolism and appetite. Working out more intensely combined with restricting the type and amount of food you eat can put a lot of pressure on your appetite. 
Generally speaking, the standard advice to lose body fat is to move more and eat less. The main problem with this advice is that the more exercise you do and the less you eat, the more hungry you become.   

When you are constantly fighting against your appetite, it can be hard not to cave into temptation and spoil all the progress you have made. However, taking an effective fat-burning supplement that can help to suppress your appetite alongside following an ideal training programme and eating sensibly can give you the results you want.   

Hunter Burn includes certain naturally-sourced ingredients to help reduce your appetite and keep you feeling satiated for longer. This will encourage your metabolism to draw on your body fat reserves and break them down into usable energy.    

It is common for people to struggle with sugar cravings when following a cutting programme or for anyone simply wanting to lose some weight. The addition of konjac root extract and white kidney bean fibre extract can really help to overcome those late-night cravings that can often be our downfall.

Hunter Burn Review Conclusion

The main aim of fat-burning supplements is to support you while you train hard and eat healthily to reduce your body fat. However, most products will focus on the fat-burning element rather than help with other common issues, such as loss of muscle mass and increased appetite.   

Hunter Burn has been formulated to help burn more body fat and aid muscle-sparing and help overcome these common issues. Supplementing with Hunter Burn is assisting the users in reducing their appetite and desires to eat sugar-filled snacks between meals.    

Cutting out between-meal snacks can make a substantial difference when trying to cut down on body fat. Unless you have the willpower of iron and never give in to temptation, this fat-burning supplement may be just the ticket you need to achieve the results you want.  You can purchase Hunter Burn Here.

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 10/10
Thermogenic Boost 10/10
Energy Boost 7/10
Customer Satisfaction 10/10
Ingredients Quality 10/10
Value 8/10
Recommended 9/10