Inno Shred Reviews 2023

Is InnoShred Any Good?

Ok as part of an Inno Stack, not the best standalone

Inno shred is one of those weight loss supplements that promises a lot, suggesting its ingredients will not only help you burn fat rapidly, but also provide a sustainable, lean body all year round.

There are a few decent ingredients in Inno Shred, and Inno Shred focuses on caffeine, tea, coffee extracts and CLA. All of these have been shown to have mild to to moderate effects on fat loss (caffeine is the most effective of these) with capsaicin bringing up the rear of the effective ingredients, this is all pretty good, and if it included some glucomannan to support appetite suppression we'd actually be scoring Inno Shred quite highly. Quite often in similar reviews we'd also point out that it's missing 5htp (which functions as a craving suppressant), however, Inno Shred does largely seem to be designed to be combined with Night Shred, which does contain it.

Unfortunately not everything in Inno Shred is as well backed, with the likes of grains of paradise and citrus bringing up the rear ingredients wise. It's definitely not the worst fat burning supplement on the market, but there are better weight loss aids available. Where Inno Shred really falls down for us is the overpromising on the marketing and suspect customer reviews.

The other issue we have with Inno Shred is that it does realistically need to be combined with Night Shred for maximum efficacy which now puts it's price point at over $100 a month and then it's going up against the best weight loss aids on the market. If you're happy to stack it alongside Inno Supps products then it's fine. But, we'd say you'd really want to get this on a bundle.

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Inno Shred Claims

Bold claims for a pill, so how exactly does it aim to achieve this?

Inno Shred Claims that:

Rapidly Burn Fat

Inno shred states a three angle attack targeting stubborn body fat, aiming to siphon this off in exchange for energy, claiming results seen in just a few days
Improved metabolism

Immediately from your first dose you're expected to see results with an increased calorie burn, stating their ingredient Capsimax to help sustain this increased metabolic rate around the clock, even whilst at rest

Potent Thermogenic

The thermogenic effects inno shred offers is one that will improve lipolysis 24/7, causing the body to burn more calories and body fat

Increased B.A.T

In theory this means is Brown adipose tissue. Inno shred aims to increase this in the body which in turn helps burn stubborn body fat, and is how Inno shred aims to keep you lean all year round.

So now we know what's going on with the marketing, let's answer that burning question on everyones lips: Can it do it? Well yes and no. Though the claims made here are certainly born around marketing representatives desk, there are is some truth to them, as well as plenty of exaggerations too. The long and short of it is that Inno shreds obviously puts a lot of its budget into marketing and while we believe the formula is missing a lot of key ingredients that can make weight loss supplements really effective, that said there's a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest the effectiveness of what inno shreds has to offer.

Customer inno shred reviews

On their official website the customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive with a 4.8 out of 5. That said these are typically curated, so we can't trust these.Many people are claiming they felt incredible after just two capsules (one dosage). Though we can't prove anything, we suspected many of these reviews would be fake, leading us to search for other sources of customer feedback, which only proved us wrong.

Amazon boasts an equally impressive 4.1 out of 5 star rating, with many customers stating it worked where others had failed. As outlandish as it all might initially come across, it seems there's some truth to the claims made by inno supps.

That said there are a lot more negative inno shred reviews on trust pilot, which is a lot less forgeable, however, it should be said that whilst a good portion of these mention inno shred not helping with weight loss, more were complaining about delivery issues and poor customer service.

What if Inno Shred doesn't work for me?

Inno shred are so confident in their product that they have offered a 30 day, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee, stating that if inno shred isn't the best decision you've ever made that they will refund the purchase price right away. There are however multiple people on trust pilot stating that this offer does come with a lot of conditions and they have been caught out.

Is Inno shred safe?

As with many weight loss supplements on the market, Inno shred has stimulants as one of the more active ingredients so caffeine sensitivity is definitely something that needs taking into account. In general we wouldn't expect to see much in the way of inno shred side effects although it's not impossible. The most likely issue aside from that is nausea from grains of paradise extract, although this isn't an issue for many people.

Inno shred ingredients

Green Tea Extract

A common and popular choice in the field of weight loss supplements, and that's because it has been found to have a positive impact on how the body stores and processes body fat, as well as helping to improve metabolic rate. These studies, however, typically have much higher doses than the 300mg provided by Inno shreds, meaning that despite having confidence in the inclusion of green tea extract, we're unsure of it's effectiveness at this dosage.

CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)

This is not the new crime division of the American government. In fact, CLA are fatty acids that act on a system in the body called PPAR, and without going into the complicated inner workings of this, all you need to know is that it has been found to induce weight loss. There's equally as many studies for and against this though, so we're hesitant to give it a complete thumbs up until further research has been done.

Green coffee bean extract

An indisputably strong inclusion in any fat burner you may find it in. It has a lot of very positive evidence in its effectiveness to help people lose and maintain lower levels of body fat and weight when taken consistently. At 300mg per dosage, it's actually a little higher than it needs to be effective. This is no cause for concern however, and unless you have pre-existing sensitivity to caffeine and coffee, the slightly higher than average dosage should have no ill-effects when compared to a more traditional dose.

Organic Caffeine

Caffeine has many effects that are invaluable to those looking to shift some pounds. As a stimulant, it has natural appetite suppressant properties and of course can help provide one with the energy to make it through, even when in calorie deficit. You'll be remiss to find a weight loss supplement without it, and that's because it just works. There's even evidence to suggest caffeine has a direct impact in obtaining and maintaining a healthy BMI.

200 mg is just a little more than a regular barista style coffee, so enough for a get up and go in the majority of us but if you're sensitive to caffeine, there is the stimulant free inno shred option.

Capsicum fruit extract

This pepper extract has been found to have positive impact on ones metabolism and energy expenditure, though it's dosage is once again a little lower than we'd have liked to see. 100mg is just under where most clinical trials have provided these positive results, where 150mg is the most regular dosage.

Citrus aurantium fruit extract

An ingredient of growing popularity in the field of fat burners, and it's easy to see why. Fairly inexpensive yet proving itself capable of aiding ones metabolism which in turn, has a positive effect on a persons ability to lose weight faster. The dosage here is spot on as well, being perfectly in line with clinical trials.

Grains of paradise

Though grains of paradise has some conflicting research, it's become a very popular choice for many in the business of fat burning supplements. Whether it's because it has a stand out name that sounds like something you might find on the side of a travel agents, or because of the limited positive research it's hard to tell. All we know for sure is that the majority of the research contradicts its use, so when researching your fat burning supplement of choice, it's worth baring in mind that the science does not back the inclusion of this ingredient.

Rauwolfia root bark extract

Also known as Rauwolscine and Yohimbine, the extract of a shrub from West Africa has been found to have useful properties for fat burners in many scientific studies. However within these studies its effect dosage was no less than 15 times that found within Inno shred, so we're unsure on how effective this 1mg dosage will be.

Inno Shred Review Conclusion

Though there's a lot of positives to be found within Inno Shred, it's certainly not without its flaws. Some of its ingredients have very little scientific backing, and the ones that do are somethings under dosed. That being said, if you're not too sensitive to caffeine, you could always take 3 pills over 2 and get closer to the effective dosages. In general it should largely have a small but positive effect on achieving your weight loss goals when paired with regular exercise and a healthy, calorie restricted diet.

If you get past their over hyped marketing claims, inno shred is not a magical weight loss aid, it's not going to burn fat by itself, but it can help you lose weight if combined with a complete inno stack. The problem is, as a standalone fat burning supplement there are way better options available.

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