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Finding a positive Java Burn review isn't easy...

And like all of the other Java Burn reviews out there, that aren't sponsored, we're not going to be overly positive either. We're not going to be the harshest, but as weight loss supplements go this really isn't a competitive product. Caffeine does help weight loss, but there is a lot more to a good weight loss supplement than just caffeine, otherwise we could just drink more coffee. Java burn does include a couple of ingredients that could potentially help weight loss, in a round about way. 

Vitamin D3 for example can improve athletic performance helping you train harder, thus if you're exercising you could lose a little bit more weight, but things like this are the extras that belong in a weight loss supplement, not the core element. Java burn is coffee, with some of the small extras you'd expect from a good weight loss supplement or fat burner. But Java Burn misses out on the most important ingredients like glucomannan (the most effective over the counter appetite suppressant) [1] or 5htp [2] (a formerly prescription only craving suppressant). And ultimately this and it's high price point is why ultimately we don't recommend that you buy java burn. 

We'd recommend that you just have your morning coffee and add a functional fat burner. 

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Customers Java Burn Reviews

Customers reviews of Java Burn are not positive, with a trust pilot rating of 1, there isn't really much good to say here other than that some customers do say that they managed to get their money back, aside from the postage costs. We wouldn't go so far as to say it's a complete scam, however, if you think swapping your coffee for java burn is going to do anything it won't. However, if you're planning to use the caffeine in java burn as an appetite suppressant and to boost metabolism, then sure, it will work. But, you could just have a normal coffee.

At first glance it may look like the reviews on amazon look slightly better, with java burn coming in at 2.8*, but based on most of the positive java burn reviews being none native English and none verified purchases, but the negative java burn reviews being verified, it's likely a lot of these are spam. 

Java Burn Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about java burn

Is Java Burn Safe?

As long as you're fine with caffeine, you're probably going to be ok to take the java burn weight loss coffee. It's mostly just coffee with some added green tea extract. 

There are also several people who think they've been using java burn, but based on the images have not been, we did discount these reviews, but there are a few java burn scams, if the packaging doesn't look right, don't consume it. Taking Java Burn may not be the most effective way to boost metabolism, but it should be safe as long as you have the real java burn.

Is Java Burn A Supplement?

There is a pill version or Java Burn supplement available, but it's basically just Java Burn in a pill, it's also not going to help you lose weight. 

Does Java Burn Work?

Well sort of, caffeine has been shown to help you lose weight, so in that regard yes it does. [3] However, will it help you lose much more weight than just drinking coffee? Not really.

Java Burn Ingredients

Java Burn is coffee with a couple of ingredients commonly found in weight loss supplements, but most of them are low tier and only really beneficial to supporting exercise.

Vitamin D 20mcg - Java burn includes 100% of the RDI of Vitamin D. Now, there are some benefits to this, half of the US population is deficient, and this deficiency can cause weight gain due to lowering testosterone levels in men. Supplementing Vit D can also improve athletic performance as we've already mentioned, so it's often included in fat burning pills aimed athletic men looking to cut weight for a show, or summer etc, that said it won't do much by itself unless you're deficient or you work out.

Vitamin B6 1mcg - Vitamin B6 does boost energy, it doesn't really do much to boost metabolism, again like Vit D it's included in some fat burners, but it's considered an added bonus. It does boost energy levels, which is something that is a benefit which does help if you're already in a calorie restricted diet, which does make people tired. However, the dose is too low to be particularly effective.

Vitamin B12 5mcg - Vitamin B12 serves a similar function to B6 in Java Burn, again it's not a bad ingredient, none of the ingredients in java burn are bad, they just don't do what the product claims.

Chromium 20mcg - Chromium has some benefit to weight loss [4] in that it's been shown to have some effect as an appetite suppressant, however, the dose here is a little too low, but it's not a bad inclusion in the java burn formula.

Green Tea Extract 300mg - Common in a lot of better fat burning supplements, however, it's generally considered a middle tier ingredient. It's a nice added extra that is included even in some of the best fat burners, but it's just OK.

Green Coffee Bean Extract 200mg - Green Coffee Bean Extract is once again, an effective ingredient, but it works to support weight loss, only if you're in a calorie restricted diet. People when dieting did better, and a lot of people have reported finding restricting calories a lot easier whilst taking green coffee bean extract. [5]

L-Carnatine 100mg - It was used in a lot of weight loss supplements, but it's been debunked since then, it's a bad inclusion for the java burn weight loss supplement. There were a lot of claims made around it's efficacy for weight loss, and it was promising in animal trials, but not in humans.

L-Theanine 100mg - L Theanine has been shown to be beneficial to assist blood sugar regulation [6] this can help deal with cravings by reducing blood sugar spikes. Again it's not a bad ingredient. But, it's under dosed here, to be effective you'd need double or more.

Java Burn Review Conclusion

All in all Java Burn misses out on ingredients that really matter, and delivers on the least important in doses that are too low. It markets itself as being something you can simply swap your morning coffee out for and lose weight. That is simply not true. It could have some functionality as an added appetite suppressor rather than a normal coffee, but taking a dedicated weight loss aid and a cup of coffee would be far more effective, as well as being much better value.

It's not surprising that the reviews are so bad when Java Burn powder promises so much and delivers so little. It's not a terrible idea, but what they should be saying is, will suppress appetite more than a normal cup of coffee, not that it will help you lose weight by itself.

We can't recommend Java Burn. 

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Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 4/10
Thermogenic Boost 4/10
Energy Boost 6/10
Customer Satisfaction 1/10
Ingredients Quality 4/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10


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