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Does Lean PM Work? 

Lean PM is a sleep aid, not a fat burner

Firstly we should start our Lean PM Review by saying, it's marketing is very misleading. It describes itself as a fat burner, whereas in reality it isn't a fat burner at all it's a sleep aid supplement for people on restricted calorie diets. Now, this doesn't mean it's useless, but it does realistically mean it's only going to be particularly useful for people looking to get to relatively low body fat percentages. It also misses out on a couple of ingredients that would've made it more effective as a night time appetite suppressant such as glucomannan, but does contain a few ingredients that are effective for helping suppress cravings such as 5htp [1]. Lean PM isn't a disaster of a supplement, like some of the other night time fat burner supplements we're reviewed, but it's not amazing either. 

It's OK as a sleep aid supplement, but it is not, going to "promote maximum fat burning" or do anything at all without a healthy diet. It can however help you stick to it, if you're prone to waking up hungry and needing to snack. In that case Lean PM can be helpful. 

If you're looking for something more effective, that is more focused on being an appetite suppressant, rather than being specifically designed to help you sleep whilst on a diet then we'd recommend you check out our best fat loss supplements list.

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Customers Lean PM Reviews

In general the customers reviews are relatively positive, at least those that didn't experience Lean PM side effects or used it for what it's intended for. The average customer rating was 3.9* and there wasn't a huge amount of fake ones on Amazon. 

Most of the positive reviews said that it helped the customers lose weight when they were otherwise night time snackers. As we explained in the introduction it did nothing for people not already actively following a healthy diet. A few customers complained that they did experience side effects from the sleep aid supplement which meant they didn't wake up, but we can't see anything in the Lean PM ingredients list that could have that effect. 

Lean PM Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions that came up when researching our lean pm Review.

Does Lean PM Work?

Well in a manner of speaking, it will, L Theanine does promote restful sleep, and 5 htp will suppress cravings, although typically it's more effective at resisting sugary cravings specifically. That's about the only ingredient that's particularly effective when it comes to a weight loss supplement. Green tea extract does have some weight loss benefits, but they're relatively minor and it's usually one of the less effective ingredients in other higher quality fat burner supplements. 

Is Lean PM Safe?

Yes, Lean PM is safe, there isn't any ingredients in the "fat burner" that are marked as dangerous, whilst these sorts of natural supplements aren't FDA regulated the factories that produce them are expected to be held to guidelines which ensure the supplements contain only what they say.

Lean PM Ingredients

Vitamin B6 - B6 is really more of an ingredient that you'd expect to see in an energy booster, or focus supplement. It's not really something that has much place in a night time fat burner, it's great if you're looking for more energy to help with a hard work out, but we don't really see any need for it's inclusion in Lean PM.

Magnesium is essential to help aid sleep, [2] but it's relatively rare as deficiencies go and in most trials it seems that magnesium deficiency can cause restless sleep, but taking it as a supplement is not going to make any difference if you're already getting enough. Although the possibility of being deficient is increased if you're on a calorie restricted diet of course.

Green Tea Leaf Extract is relatively par for the course in fat burners, but it's generally considered an ok ingredient.

L-Theanine does a good job at promoting sleep [3] it occasionally does make it into fat burners, but is as you'd expect more common place in nootropics. That said for what Lean PM is trying to achieve in this supplement it makes complete sense to include in Lean PM Night Time supplements. And 200mg is an effective dosage, so all in all this is a good inclusion for this sleep aid.

5-HTP plays a part in regulating serotonin, it's been demonstrated to reduce cravings [2]. and has a tertiary benefit on sleep as a whole. It's one of the best ingredients in weight loss supplements in general, 150mg is the ideal dosage so they also got this one right.

Melatonin supplements can help you get to sleep, in theory [4], but it's really only effective for a limited range of issues. It's not known to be effective at being a functional sleep aid supplement for people in a caloric deficit, and depending on the reason for sleep issues it's efficacy is shown to be mixed in trials. There's a reasonable amount anecdotal evidence to suggest that it is effective for a lot of people, so lean pm night time has made a reasonable choice here, but we'd need to see some more evidence to give it a complete thumbs up.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract - this is also known is bioperine, it's in a lot of supplements as it assists in the absorption of the other ingredients. 

Lean PM Review Conclusion

Lean PM could help you lose weight if you're having issues with late night snacking because you can't sleep. But, it's not going to do too much to burn fat by itself as some of the marketing would have you believe. We'd have liked to have seen it contain some glucomannan, which swells in the stomach, (2000mg is about the size of a bagel) which would help you stay full until you've fallen asleep.

All in all Lean PM isn't a bad supplement, it's just not really a weight loss supplement. We'd recommend checking out Hourglass Fit (which does contain glucomannan and 5HTP) if you want something that's going to be effective through the day. Or picking something from our best fat burners supplement if you want something that's going to encourage weight loss more effectively.

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