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Does Leanfire Work?

Published 29th August 2023

Force Factor Leanfire is Cheap, but Underdosed.

LeanFire Ultimate is a fat burner supplement produced by Force Factor. They claim that the ingredients in Force Factors LeanFire work synergistically to promote enhanced thermogenesis, help you lose weight quickly without losing too much muscle, deliver long lasting energy, and support an accelerated metabolism.

Made in GMP certified facilities with key ingredients and premium energy compounds they say are clinically demonstrated to offer results, it is advertised as a smart solution to help virtually anyone feel healthy while enjoying increased weight loss. Unfortunately, our LeanFire review reveals that this is just not at all true.

LeanFire's formula consists of l-theanine, Verilean green coffee bean extract, caffeine anhydrous, cayenne pepper fruit powder, garcinia cambogia fruit extract, l-carnitine, and green tea leaf extract.

At first glance this appears to be pretty good, as the majority of these ingredients are proven to aid weight loss. However, the red flags begin to fly as soon as you realise that they are lumped together in a proprietary blend, as this is a tactic commonly used to conceal insufficient dosages in supplements.

When we then review it a little bit closer it quickly becomes clear that this is the case here, as some dosages are so low that even the blend can't hide the issue.

Then there is the fact that there are other ingredients present which have not been conclusively proven to work, while the most abundant ingredient in the formula is not specifically known for its ability to promote weight loss and is usually only included to support those that are.

Even the reviews from previous customers paint the product in a bad light, as many mention it causing side effects, while others simply state that it did not cause them to lose any weight.

LeanFire is admittedly very reasonably priced, but that is simply not enough to save what is clearly an ineffective supplement in virtually every way.

That is why we highly suggest you do not buy LeanFire and instead use a supplement that is actually correctly dosed, for most people we generally recommend Instant Knockout Cut as the best thermogenic option.

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Customers Leanfire Reviews

LeanFire holds an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the customer review section on Amazon, which seems very good.

When looking at the positive review section, most reviews mentioned the fact that they found they were more energetic after taking it and able to complete longer or more difficult workouts, both of which are very beneficial when you are trying to lose weight.

However, what is notable is that even in the positive review section, there was very little mention of how much weight users actually lost.

In contrast, the negative review section was littered with people that said it either did not help them lose weight or did absolutely nothing at all. Although even most negative reviews did say it improved energy, which isn't a shock considering the caffeine dose.

Not only that, but a number of people who left a negative review did so because it caused them to experience side effects, such as jitters, insomnia, nausea, and a swollen prostate.

This seems to confirm what our LeanFire review led us to believe, which is that, while the sheer number of stimulants it contains may boost your energy levels to some degree, it simply is not an effective weight loss supplement.

Leanfire Reviews Reddit

Reddit reviews of Force Factor Leanfire were few and far between and it was mostly people asking questions as to whether or not it worked, with commenters complaining about the ingredients list rather than many first hand experiences. We did find two people who claimed to have tried the supplement talking about their experiences on reddit and they both claimed energy boosts, but no significant weight loss.

Leanfire Ultimate Ingredients

Thermovigilance Weight Loss Matrix - 700 MG

L-Theanine - L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that is well known for its ability to promote calmness and relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, improve brain health and functions, elevate focus, relaxation, and sleep quality, and enhance your overall health and wellbeing. While many of these health benefits may not appear to aid weight loss directly, they support workouts, increase energy, and prevent fat storage, diet fatigue, and illnesses, all of which is beneficial for people on a reduced calorie diet who are trying to lose weight (1). While we can't see exactly how much is present in LeanFire, it does appear that its dosage is within the optimal range as well. The issue is, l-theanine works synergistically with more potent, time tested ingredients in most fat burners, supporting them rather than doing the bulk of the work itself. This makes its inclusion as the most abundant ingredient in the formula very strange and immediately brings the efficacy of the pills into question.

Verilean Green Coffee Bean Extract - Green coffee bean extract comes from raw green coffee beans and contains natural caffeine, which can give you more energy to complete long and intense workouts. However, the main reason for its inclusion is that it also contains a number of antioxidants and a substance called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is said to be capable of lowering your blood sugar levels and blood pressure, improving your resting metabolism, oxidizing adipose tissue, and preventing blood sugar spikes, fat storage, and weight gain, all of which is extremely beneficial when following a weight loss program (2). The problem is, in a placebo controlled study participants taking Verilean needed to take 3,000 mg per day to see these benefits at an optimal level, which is more than four times the weight of an entire serving of LeanFire. Even the 240 mg that is required to do anything at all is unlikely to be present, even if the proprietary blend they have used stops us knowing for sure. This means that the presence of green coffee bean extract here is all but assured to be of no real use.

Caffeine Anhydrous (Precisely Dosed At 150 MG) - Caffeine anhydrous is a dehydrated and more potent form of the most popular and widely consumed stimulant in the world. Present in everything from drinks like tea, coffee, soda, and energy drinks, to dietary supplements of all kinds, it is well known for its ability to significantly boost your energy levels. This is useful in a weight loss supplement as it will help you to power through longer and more intense workouts, ensuring that you burn as many calories as possible. It is also a great compound to use when you feel flabby, as it is also a potent thermogenic fat burner. This means it will stimulate a process called thermogenesis, which causes your internal body temperature to rise and the fat to virtually melt off of your body (3). Unfortunately, we can see caffeine anhydrous precisely dosed at 150 mg per serving. With 200 mg being the minimum required dose to see any real effects, the quantity present here simply is not going to benefit your weight loss journey in the ways that you would hope or expect. 

Cayenne Pepper Fruit Powder - Cayenne pepper fruit powder contains a compound called capsaicin that stimulates thermogenesis, so it can raise your internal body temperature, initiate the breakdown of body fat, and boost your metabolism and rate of calorie and fat burning (4). Beyond this, it also offers additional benefits that will be useful on a weight loss plan, such as reducing pain, inflammation, and your appetite, which will make it much easier to stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan and lose weight quickly. It can also make the other ingredients present much easier to absorb as well. The problem, yet again though, is the dosage. While it is possible that LeanFire contains the 100 mg of cayenne pepper fruit powder required each day to be of any use, the proprietary blend makes it impossible for us to know for sure one way or the other. 

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract - Garcinia cambogia is a fruit found throughout Asia that has long been used in traditional medicines and which is starting to become a more common ingredient in weight loss supplements due to the presence of a substance called hydroxycitric acid. This acid is believed to promote a greater ability to lose weight, improved exercise performance, more lean muscle growth, better stamina, digestion, and serotonin production, and reduced fat storage, appetite, blood sugar levels, and risk of diabetes (5). Unfortunately, there are multiple issues with its inclusion in LeanFire. Not only have many of its benefits not been conclusively proven, but the evidence that does exist suggests that you must use 500 mg three times per day to see any effects. This means it is all but assured that it being in LeanFire will be of no use at all. 

L-Carnitine - L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative that has the ability to help you burn fat, improve the metabolism of fatty acids, and safely boost energy to fuel long and intense workouts. This would enhance your lean muscle to fat mass ratio, helping you to lose weight quickly but only from the right places. It can then even enhance your brain and heart health and functions, regulate your blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid, and insulin levels, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and damage, and help treat issues like type II diabetes, liver disease, metabolic disease, and depression. The problem is, much more research is needed to confirm just how well it will actually burn fat, relative to the weight you lose, while you need to consume at least 500 mg per day for it to aid weight loss at all, which is far more than can possibly be present here (6). There are even claims that l-carnitine can cause side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort, the narrowing of carotid arteries, and the development of a "fishy" smell. Put all of this together, and there is more of a chance that its presence in LeanFire will do you harm than there is that it will do you good.

Green Tea Leaf Extract - Green tea extract is a potent compound that is extremely useful in weight loss supplements, as it contains natural caffeine and a catechin called EGCG, which is an antioxidant. The natural caffeine boosts your energy levels and metabolic rate to help you burn more calories, while being a virtually jitter free ingredient, unlike its pure form. The EGCG then aids fat metabolism, regulates blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, boosts brain and heart health and functions, relieves stress, and helps your body combat certain illnesses (7). The problem is, more than one recent clinical study has shown that it is critically important for you to take at least 500 mg of green tea extract per day in order to produce these effects. With LeanFire not being capable of containing anywhere near this dosage, it makes green tea extract just another ingredient that will not be capable of delivering the results that it could in this specific supplement.

Force Factor LeanFire Review Conclusion

Force Factor claim that LeanFire is capable of promoting weight loss and providing no crash energy, while sparing muscle mass, leading to a BMI reduction and sexy physique. Unfortunately, our LeanFire review shows that the pills, like many other cheap fat burner products, fail in a number of different ways.

Rather than having one major problem, there are many issues, like it containing unproven ingredients and incorrect dosages of proven ones, as well as past users complaining about a lack of efficacy or side effects. That is why we suggest you do not buy LeanFire and instead give Instant Knockout Cut a try. 

It's a 6000mg a day supplement, contains a similar dose of caffeine and likely more capsaicin and L theanine seeing as they actually list the dose. Along with a vitamin blend and ingredients like glucomannan in their correct doses which are proven to help control appetite. In short it's almost 10x the ingredients you get for about 50% more in terms of cost.

Instant Knockout Cut increases stamina and fat loss relative to your muscle mass, while helping to control appetite and boost your metabolism and energy levels. 

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