Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene Review

Is Lipodrene a good fat burner? 

We'd give lipodrene a miss.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene claims to be a thermogenic fat burner that includes the controversial ingredient ephedra (more on this later). The manufacturer, Hi-Tech Pharma, has been producing supplements since 1979 which is noteworthy, in that they're one of the oldest brands in the game. And they are quite experienced with a wide wide range of weight loss and performance products, including several other fat burners (which we much prefer).

Despite Hi-Tech Pharma’s long history in the health supplements industry, we’re not particularly impressed by their Lipodrene fat burner. We don’t recommend buying or using this product for several reasons, but the main issue is the use of a proprietary blend, which means there is no way of really knowing what’s in this fat-burning supplement.

In addition, there are health concerns surrounding the use of ephedra. While the type used in this supplement has been approved by the FDA as safe to consume, the use of pure ephedra has been banned due to serious health concerns (1, 2).

Other ingredients in Lipodrene are also flagged as potential risks, including phenylethylamine and synephrine HCI. Both have the potential to cause a variety of side effects. In addition, this fat burner also includes ingredients that have not been properly studied and for which no information is available meaning we’re not really sure why there’d be much use for the product.

Considering the potential health risks, and taking into account that we don’t know how much of each ingredient is included in this supplement, Lipodrene is a bad choice of fat burner.

Thankfully, there are fat burners available that are safe and effective, but we don't recommend Lipodrene.

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Lipodrene Customer Reviews 

There are few independent customer reviews available online, which in itself is not a great sign. The product is not available on Amazon, so there are no verified reviews of Lipodrene to see there. Of course, the company website boasts several hundred positive reviews and zero Lipodrene negative reviews, but given we have no other source to verify the quality, accuracy, and genuineness of these reviews, we think it’s fair to treat them with a healthy dose of scepticism for now.   

The same goes for the manufacturer as a whole: there are few reviews of High-Tech Pharma available. This is somewhat surprising given the company’s long history in the supplements industry, though it can perhaps be accounted for when you consider they do a lot of production work for other supplement brands and only have eight brands of their own. Sometimes no news is good news after all.

Lipodrene Ingredients

Since Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene fat burner supplement uses a proprietary blend we have no way of knowing how much of anything is included in the mix.

We only know what the company has chosen to tell us, which is that Lipodrene contains 100mg of caffeine and 25mg of Ephedra extract.

Ephedra 25mg - Certain types of Ephedra have been banned in the United States since 2004, but Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Thermo-Z™ proprietary ephedra extract blend is legal. Presumably, this is because it doesn’t contain the dangerous ephedrine alkaloids that have been banned nationwide. Studies done in the 80s and 90s on ephedrine, the active compound in ephedra, do point towards it being effective for weight loss and fat burning. However, it is unclear whether these benefits are available in ephedra that has been altered to remove the ephedrine alkaloids.

Caffeine 100mg - A common ingredient in fat-burning supplements, caffeine is a stimulant and an effective ingredient for stimulating thermogenesis. Alongside increasing metabolism, caffeine provides energy that can help you keep training or living an active lifestyle even while running a calorie deficit.

Here are the rest of the ingredients in Lipodrene. Since Lipodrene uses a proprietary blend, we have no idea whether these ingredients are included at effective or for that matter safe doses.

Senegalia Berlandieri Extract - There is very little information about this plant available. The top source on Google is a press release from Hi-Tech Pharma claiming Senegalia Berlandieri extract is 20% more effective than Ephedra. But with no independent studies available there is no way to verify this or even ascertain what Senegalia Berlandieri extract actually does.

Phenylethylamine - This is a stimulant that, as we mentioned, poses several health risks.

Methylsynephrine - Again, this is a stimulant. However, there is no serious scientific work supporting its effectiveness in the area of weight loss.

Synephrine HCI - As mentioned, this too is a stimulant that poses health risks.

Theobromine - Sort of like a slow-release form of caffeine, theobromine is thought to enhance the effect of other ingredients and possibly induce thermogenesis. We could find one recent scientific study that supports these claims (3).

Methylhexanamine HCI - Also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, DMAA, and dimethylamylamine, this compound is not considered safe. It has been banned by numerous sports bodies around the world and the FDA has repeatedly warned against its use in supplements, even going so far as to issue letters to individual manufacturers using the substance in their products. Regardless of whether or not this is effective for weight loss, the potential safety concerns far outweigh any benefits. Yet another reason to avoid this fat burner.

Cassia Nomame Extract - Another ingredient that little is known about.

Dihydroxybergamottin - This compound is found naturally in grapefruit, we have no idea if it helps with weight loss, there is no evidence available.

5-Methoxytryptamine HCI - Used in the treatment of tuberculosis, this is an anti-inflammatory. We’re not entirely sure why it has been included, but perhaps it helps offset the effects of the dangerous amount of stimulants this fat burner includes.

Yohimbine HCI - This is a diuretic that will indeed help you lose weight, however, the loss will only be temporary and due to dehydration…far from the best way to lose weight.

Green Tea Extract - This is actually a decent ingredient and the only ingredient in Lipodrene besides caffeine that is included on our best fat burners for men list of top ingredients. The main benefit of Green Tea extract is that it binds fat in the stomach causing it to pass out of the body rather than be stored.  

Lipodrene Review Conclusion

We do not recommend this fat burner. It contains ingredients not considered safe, alongside many that simply haven’t been proven to be effective for fat burning. There are only two really worthwhile ingredients—green tea extract and caffeine—and both of these can be found in dozens of much, much better fat burners. There is really no good reason to buy this product.   

There are better, safer, healthier, and more effective fat burners available. See our fat burner best list for an overview of the best products and a detailed analysis of ingredients supported by scientific studies.

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Energy Boost 3/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Ingredients Quality 2/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 2/10


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