Mantfup Reviews 2022

Mantfup is a confused supplement that misses the mark!

ManTFup takes all of the most mediocre testosterone boosting ingredients and puts them all into one handy pill. Technically a few of these ingredients work, they just manage to miss the best ingredients out in favor of the ones normally reserved for filling out empty space in a capsule. 

It is a proprietary blend, which does mean we can't be sure of the exact ingredient volumes, as a result we will have to make some assumptions, although listing requirements in proprietary blends is that the largest volume ingredients are displayed at the top of the label working down. In general this is why we don't like proprietary blends like those in Mantfup as we can't be sure if ingredients are dosed appropriately and the manufacturers can cheap out on more effective, but also more expensive options. 

Mantfup seems to be aimed largely at libido based ingredients, which does line up with their marketing message, and if we assume the most favorable dosing possible, it's not a bad libido focused test booster, but it's not the best. And if you're looking for a more muscle mass focused supplement, then mantfup is definitely not the right way to go. 

We'd typically recommend looking at Prime Male instead of Mantfup, and if you're looking for a testosterone supplement that is more suited to something other than libido, check out our best testosterone boosters list

Customers Mantfup Reviews

On amazon they've got a nearly 4* rating, however, if you go and have a look at a lot of the accounts giving 5* reviews, this seems to be the only product they've reviewed. This typically is a sign that dynamism labs is playing a bit fast and lose with the amazon terms and conditions if you catch our drift. Generally there do seem to be a couple of legitimate positive reviews, but there is almost no way that they're all legitimate customer reviews.

Mantfup Review FAQ

Commonly asked questions we came across when researching our mantfup review

Does Mantfup work?

Negligibly, but yes, at least as well as tongkat ali and boron would work for you, we're not fans of most of the ingredients with some being wild claims that have no backing and others being middling at best. It's not the worst and it is relatively a cheap product with 3 bottles being available for about $40, but it's honestly just a simple case of you get what you pay for. 

Is Mantfup Safe?

Mantfup testosterone booster should be safe, it's more a question of how effective it actually is that's the issue. As far as we can tell it's made in compliance with CGMP guidelines and thus shouldn't result in any untoward side effects unless the person taking it is sensitive to a particular ingredient, but they have all been cleared for human consumption.

Mantfup Ingredients

Horny Goat Weed - We're not a fan of Horny goat weed, there were some promising animal studies a few years back showing it to be an effective testosterone booster, but when it was tested in humans Horny Goat Weed was not effective, which is not a great start for our Mantfup review.

Tongkat Ali - We like Tongkat Ali Extract as an ingredient for test boosters aimed specifically at older men, the dosage in Mantfup is likely to hit the 400mg effective dose. Studies have shown that it can effectively raise free testosterone levels but there are only 2 double blind trials, both run on older men with low T. It's also been shown to be beneficial for libido levels in men in general. It's also been shown to have some benefits for stress relief [1]. We tend to view Tongkat ali extract as a slightly worse alternative to Ashwaganhda.

Saw Palmetto Extract - Palmetto is pretty mixed in terms of studies which support it's use in the mantfup testosterone booster. There is more evidence to suggest it supports good prostate health than has much impact on free testosterone. There's a few studies that link it to sperm quality, with small amounts showing improvement, but too much having a negative effect. [2]

Orchic Subtance is extracted from a bulls testicles, and has quite literally no evidence to support it's use, it's a gimmick which seems to have been included to sound "good" if you're into that sort of thing.

Wild Yam extract is one of those ingredients that seems to have made its way into a lot of libido focused testosterone boosters and to be honest we're not really sure why. It's not an overly cheap ingredient, but there are almost no studies supporting it's use for libido with none showing significant improvement.

Sarsaparilla is typically more used as a male enhancement and not a particularly great one, there are some studies which suggest it could have tentative benefits to liver health, but that's about it.

Nettle Extract is what we like to call a "the best of the rest" type ingredient. It makes it's away into a lot of testosterone boosting supplements, but typically as a last ingredient, it's never the star of the show. It does have a range of health benefits tangential to male health and t levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, prostate health, energy increases and stress relief but the studies supporting it's use as a testosterone booster in otherwise healthy males are negligible. The main study was done on a combination of nettle extract and another ingredient on men with low testosterone levels. So we would only include this as a last top up ingredient.

Boron is decent, there's a fair amount of research that shows boron boosts test levels, [3] and as it only needs 10mg to be effective it's generally included in high enough volumes to be effective and we expect that is likely the case in the mantfup testosterone booster.

Overall the issue with Mantfup is simply that it doesn't really seem to know whether it wants to be a test booster or a male pill and as a result doesn't do either very well. You'd probably be better just taking a Tongkat Ali supplement and saving yourself some money. Or buying a better test booster.

Mantfup Review Conclusion

Mantfup testosterone boosters are ultimately a slightly confused supplement, it seems to not be able to decide whether or not it's trying to be a testosterone booster or a male enhancement pill, not delivering particularly effective solutions for either. It has a middling ingredients list and we can't say that we'd recommend it as a solution to low testosterone levels or for any of the normal testosterone booster benefits such as helping to build lean muscle mass although it could have a positive impact on mood.

We'd say if you want an all round testosterone booster that has a similar promise to Mantfup testosterone booster but actually has the ingredients to deliver then Prime Male would be a much better option although if you're looking for something specifically muscle, or on a budget etc then check out our best testosterone boosters list.

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