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Mdrive One Good Product And One Bad Product

The Mdrive range is mostly known for two products Mdrive Prime, which is actually a pretty good budget testosterone booster. And then there's Mdrive boost and burn, which is a proprietary blend meaning we have no idea if the ingredients have the correct dosages. Well we have some idea, and it's not great for Mdrive. 

Starting with the Mdrive Prime review, this is actually pretty good for a 2 capsule a day, supplement that comes in at less than $30. Honestly, the only real misstep that's made for it's price point is that it misses out on zinc (which we'd like to see in a vitamin heavy supplement). The reason we'd have liked to have seen zinc, is simple. Even a small deficiency can tank testosterone levels in healthy men, [1] so it's generally one of the more important vitamins to expect in a blend. As for the rest of the vitamin blend, all sensible picks, so nothing to complain about here. As for the herbal formula, we like the Ashwagandha and Tongkat ali. Both are well backed ingredients that we expect to see in the best testosterone boosters. As for the rest of the ingredients, they're not so great, but the supplement itself represents reasonable value for money. If you're looking for a better supplement however, there are plenty of higher quality options, but they will typically run you closer to $55 for a months supply. If you're budget is $30 and no more, then we would say Mdrive is a good pick. 

Now, as for Mdrive boost and burn.... in theory this could be a good supplement, the problem is that it's a proprietary blend, and with what we do know about the blend, we know that not every ingredient listed can possibly be included in effective doses. As such we can't really effectively review the supplement beyond what customers think. 

In short, for a budget option, we like the Mdrive Prime formula, we're confident that it will work for stress relief, sexual health and improving physical performance. As for Mdrive Boost and Burn, due to the proprietary formula we don't have the information to recommend it, and there are plenty of better supplements in it's price range which do list their ingredients on our best testosterone boosters list


  • Correctly Dosed
  • None Proprietary Blend
  • Known and Trusted Brand
  • Safe Ingredients
  • Made In FDA Approved Factories


  • There's a lot better products available for not much more money
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Customers Mdrive Reviews

For the most part Mdrive testosterone support reviews are pretty good, we can't say we're surprised as it's arguably the best product in it's price range. Rated 4* on Amazon, this all seems pretty reasonable. A few people complain about mdrive side effects, but these are ones that are unfortunately not too uncommon with Ashwagandha heavy products. For the most part the reviews seem to be legitimate and the fake Mdrive prime reviews don't seem to make a great deal of difference to the averages. Mdrive don't really overpromise too much, which is also part of the reason their overall numbers are pretty good. Only promising that it will help maintain healthy cortisol levels (which Ashwagandha is shown to do), that it will boost your overall energy level (which Vit D, will do) and improve overall health and sex drive, which the vitamins and tongkat ali have been shown to do respectively. Mdrive boost and burn reviews are also reasonably positive, however, even if we gave it's ingredients the most charitable reading, their are still far better options at the Mdrive boost and burn price point.

Mdrive Review FAQ

Common questions we came across whilst researching our Mdrive Reviews

Is Mdrive Safe?

Mdrive Prime should be safe. The main Mdrive side effects are likely to come from people who don't tolerate ashwagandha well. This is typically a relatively small amount of the population, but it can cause nausea, this can be mitigated somewhat by taking mdrive with food. 

Where Can I Buy Mdrive Prime?

It is currently sold out on Amazon, and has been for a while, as such you'll need to pick it up from mdrive's online store. 

Does Mdrive Increase Blood Pressure?

Some of the contents in Mdrive should actually lower it, ashwagandha specifically [2], but there are some ingredients that could cause heart palpitations etc, if you are mixing Mdrive with other supplements. Vitamin D being one example [3]. It takes a lot to cause these issues and shouldn't be something that you need to worry about under normal circumstances.

Mdrive Ingredients

Mdrive prime has a good ingredients list for a $30 supplement, so let's break it down.

Vitamin D - 10mcg - We like Vitamin D, fixing a deficiency, which almost half of all adults in the USA have, will result in raised testosterone. Up to about 40% increases in overall testosterone have been shown [4]. Vitamin D has also been shown to improve athletic performance across the board in higher doses. However, this amount of Vit D3 is more likely to simply help avoid a deficiency than bolster performance which is helpful for maintaining and building lean muscle. 

Vitamin B3, B6 & B12 - (190mg combined) - Much like vitamin D3 treating deficiencies can boost testosterone, as these vitamins are instrumental in its production. All good inclusions, no issues here.

Chromium - 200mg - Chromium is again beneficial if it's dealing with a deficiency, so all in all a perfectly acceptable inclusion from M drive. 

Ashwagandha - 600mg - 600mg is in line with the ideal dosage range for Ashwagandha, which has been shown to boost testosterone levels in healthy men as well as having been shown to reduce cortisol levels as a result makes it into a lot of stress relief supplements as well. All in all this is a good ingredient Mdrive Prime gets this completely right and it's something that we expect to see in a lot of the best testosterone support supplements.

Tongkat Ali - 200mg - Tongkat Ali is a decent ingredient, it's not always a favorite of the best testosterone boosters as it often makes way for other more effective ingredients like ginseng. That said Tongkat Ali is an effective testosterone support supplement. And similiarly to ashwagandha has stress relief benefits to boot. [5]

Green Tea Extract, Coffee Bean and some filler - 50mg - So, there's nothing wrong with green tea extract or coffee bean in a supplement overall. It's just not really got much point in a testosterone support supplement, especially in such small doses. And as for the berry filler, this is all pretty pointless. We'd have rather seen some boron as this only requires 10mg to be effective. It would have added in an effective ingredient and still kept the price and amount of capsules that you have to take down.

DHEA - 5mg - The ingredient is totally fine, the only issue is that studies that show it as being effective dosed 10X as much as is included in the m drive prime formula. [6]

Bioperine - 5mg - This is common in a lot of supplements, it helps your body process nutrients more effectively. Nothing much to say about this one. 

Mdrive Reviews Conclusion

All in all Mdrive Prime is good for it's price range, there's a couple of things we'd change, but for under $30, there isn't really anything better out there. Is taking this supplement going to completely change your life? No. But, it should result in moderate test increases, cover off common deficiencies and overall raise energy levels etc. However, if you're able to spend a little bit more on a testosterone support supplement, then we'd recommend that you get something that's a little higher dosed and contains ginseng and DAA. 

These ingredients tend to be a little bit more expensive, so that's not something that we'd judge MDrive poorly for. All in all it's a good budget testosterone booster, but we'd still recommend picking something else from our best testosterone booster list if you can afford the extra $20 a month. 

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Muscle Growth 5/10
Mood 7/10
Libidio 5/10
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