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Does ​MetaboFlex Work?

Published 11th December 2023

MetaboFlex is a confused supplement that isn't well targetted for weight loss.

Metabo Flex is a weight loss supplement that the manufacturers say will enhance metabolic flexibility and boost your overall well being and energy levels. They claim that it does this while using a unique formula powered by nature and containing nothing but 6 natural ingredients found in the rainforest.

The official website even suggests increasing metabolic flexibility with their product will help to prevent you from developing obesity, insulin resistance or diabetes, at the same time as helping you lose weight. However, after conducting our own detailed Metabo Flex review, it is clear that these claims are not true.

The Metabo Flex formula contains only natural ingredients and consists of ocimum sanctum, camellia sinensis, chlorogenic acid, l-carnitine, chromium and resevratrol. Many of these ingredients have indeed been proven to help people lose weight, which should in theory lead to positive Metabo Flex reviews.

However, while a proprietary blend has been used to hide the exact dosage of each present in Metabo Flex, we can still clearly see that many are present in doses that are too low to be of any use. Not only that, but they are then joined by other ingredients that have not been proven to aid weight loss at all.

Perhaps the biggest issues with the product though, are the fact that the only website it is available to buy from is very suspicions and leads to countless warning from your computer, while valid Metabo Flex reviews from past customers are extremely hard to find, raising even more questions with its legitimacy.

That is why we highly recommend that you do not buy Metabo Flex and instead stick to using a product that actually enhances metabolic activity and weight loss. Generally we tend to recommend Instant Knockout Cut for most people and it topped our best weight loss aids list so you can read more about it there. Unlike what you have seen in our Metabo Flex reviews, these diet pills will help you lose weight in just a few weeks.

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Customer reviews of Metabo Flex

One of the best ways to answer the question "does Metabo Flex work?" is by looking at customer reviews from people who have already tried Metabo Flex. Unfortunately, finding Metabo Flex reviews from customers is very challenging.

Not only is Metabo Flex only available for purchase from the official website, which does not allow users to leave Metabo Flex reviews, but visiting said website also leads to your computer throwing up countless red flags regarding its safety and authenticity.

Attempting to go elsewhere around the internet to find Metabo Flex reviews from customers was similarly fruitless, with it seemingly being almost impossible to find valid Metabo Flex reviews from people who have actually used the product.

While our own Metabo Flex reviews determined that the product was not very good, our quest to find Metabo Flex reviews from customers has made it clear that there could be far greater issues with the product and its manufacturers than just ineffectiveness.This is why we highly recommend that you do not purchase Metabo Flex under any circumstances.

Metabo Flex Ingredients

Proprietary Blend - 800 MG

Ocimum Sanctum - Ocimum sanctum is the chemical name for a herbal extract better known as holy basil. It is said to be an adaptogen that possesses antioxidant properties, which gives it the ability to boost your libido, improve fertility, enhance testosterone levels, and protect the liver and body from oxidative damage and stress.

However, there are multiple issues with its inclusion in the Metabo Flex formula. For starters, it has never been directly linked to an ability to support weight loss, which makes it a strange inclusion in a weight loss dietary supplement such as this, especially with it being listed as the main ingredient.

Then you have the fact that none of the other health benefits linked to it have ever been proven, while the 500 mg that even its supporters say must be taken every day for it to be of any use is highly unlikely to be present here (1).

You put all of this together, and our Metabo Flex reviews are getting off to a very poor start.

Camellia Sinensis - Much like with the previous ingredient, listing camellia sinensis is simply a way of making the Metabo Flex dietary supplement look more unique than it is, as camellia sinensis is simply the chemical name for the tea plant better known as green tea.

Green tea extract is widely consumed in both beverages and weight loss supplements as it is a great source of natural caffeine and a potent antioxidant catechin called EGCG. Both of these components will promote weight loss and they work especially well when used together.

Between them they can boost your metabolism, energy levels, fat burning, and weight loss, support a functional and healthy brain and heart, reduce blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood lipid levels, relieve anxiety and stress, suppress hunger, and aid the body's ability to fight diseases.

The problem is, studies show that you need to consume at least 500 mg of green tea extract per day for it to support weight loss or your overall health and well being in any way (2).

While we do not know exactly how much is used in Metabo Flex, the fact that green tea is not the first ingredient listed and you only get 800 g of product from the capsules daily, means we can clearly see that there is not enough present for it to be able to produce optimal results, and it may do nothing at all.

Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) - CGAs are a type of phenolic acid found in coffee beans that are particularly prevalent in green coffee.

CGAs can help lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, enhance metabolism and calorie burning, activate brown adipose tissue stores, prevent spikes in your blood sugar levels, fat storage, and weight gain, aid fat burning and help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, while the results do admittedly look promising, CGAs are not conclusively proven to improve metabolic flexibility or provide any of the other health benefits mentioned earlier.

Not only that, but the overall serving size means it is highly unlikely the two Metabo Flex capsules you take in each dose contains the 240 mg of CGAs that the studies which support its use say is required to be taken each day for it to produce any effect (3).

This means the presence of CGAs in Metabo Flex is highly unlikely to do you any good at all.

L-Carnitine - Carnitine is a natural amino acid derivative and one of the core building blocks of protein. A nutrient that plays a vital role in the human body, it is put in some diet pills as it is said to promote fat oxidation, boost energy production, help your body burn fat and more calories, and enhance metabolic flexibility.

There are even claims that it can enhance heart and brain health and functions, regulate insulin and blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipid levels, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and help treat or prevent type II diabetes, liver and metabolic diseases and depression.

The issue is, not only do some studies suggest that it may not be as good at burning fat as previously thought, but side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort, narrowing of the carotid arteries of metabolic syndrome sufferers, and people developing a "fishy" smell have all been linked to its use (4).

This is all before we even get to the fact that studies suggest you need to consume between 500 and 2,000 mg of carnitine daily for it to aid weight loss in any way, which is far more than can be present in two capsules of Metabo Flex.

Put all of this together and the presence of carnitine in the formula is highly unlikely to do you any good.

Chromium - Chromium is a mineral and metal element that can provide a wide range of beneficial effects that will support the human body.

It can improve your insulin response, nutrient metabolism, serotonin and energy production, sleep quality, brain functions and muscle recovery, reduce your appetite and blood sugar levels, promote weight loss, prevent you from gaining weight, and help combat diabetes (5).

It is also an effective carb blocker that will tackle the root cause of weight gain for many people and make all of the other ingredients present far easier for the body to absorb and much more effective.

This is also the only ingredient we came across in our Metabo Flex reviews that is both proven to work and where it is possible that Metabo Flex contains enough for it to actually produce notable results.

However, with none of the exact doses present being listed, it is impossible for us to know for sure one way or the other.

Resveratrol - Resveratrol is a compound commonly found in grape seeds and grapevines, as well as almonds, which is well known for its potent anti inflammatory properties.

It improves your circulation and blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, promotes weight loss, alters insulin and glucose sensitivity, boosts hormone and stress levels, aids nerve, joint and heart health, and enhances cognitive function, the production of beneficial gut bacteria, and your overall gut health.

The problem is, to produce significant weight loss, 800 mg of resveratrol must be consumed per day (6). As this is the entire weight of a serving of Metabo Flex, it is therefore simply impossible for enough to be present to be of any real use.

Metabo Flex Review Conclusion

The Metabo Flex official website may say that Metabo Flex is capable of enhancing metabolic flexibility, burning fat, and promoting weight loss, while using a unique formula containing only natural ingredients, but our Metabo Flex reviews show that the pills are just not capable of producing any noticeable results.

From the use of a proprietary blend, ingredients that are not clinically proven to aid weight loss, and doses lower than the recommended dosage of those which have, to doubts surrounding the legitimacy of the product, Metabo Flex simply fails in almost every way and we strongly suggest you do not buy it.

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