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Does Meticore Really Work?

Meticore Is A Confusing Supplement, But It's Not A Fat Burner

Meticore is an unusual weight loss supplement, it doesn't have any of the ingredients that we'd normally expect to see from any of the fat burning supplements on our best fat burners list, but is that necessarily a bad thing. Well, yes. Meticore hasn't magically broken the mould with a secret discovery that nobody else can replicate.  Well they have broken their own mould in that they have 3 different versions of their product listed in different stores, none of which are remotely similar to one another, and all of them are pretty poor showings as weight loss supplements go. 

 The ingredients listed in Meticore are 1000mg of corebiome, 200mg of sunfiber and 16mg of bracillus coaguluns aren't something that you'd typically see. At least that's one of the product listings for meticore. There's a different product at walmart, and a different one again on their official site..... All of the blends are actually pretty useless, but that still makes this review a bit awkward so bear with us. All of these blends are made by meticore, and simply called meticore, with the only way you'd know which one you were getting being to check the label of what you were holding.

To be perfectly honest we think a caffeine pill which simply makes you move more would be more effective than Meticore and more effective as a thermogenic, which meticore claims to be. We'd recommend that you check out Hourglass Fit or something else from our best fat burners list instead. 

Customers Meticore Reviews

Meticore reviews aren't good, and that's hardly a surprise considering there's pretty much nothing in here that is going to help you lose weight. In fact some of the customers meticore reviews suggested that they gained weight. Honestly, we can't say were shocked, and we don't really recommend Meticore. Trust pilot was similar, the reviews that are 1 star seemed to be written by people with older accounts who had written  other reviews, whereas the 5* reviews all seemed to be brand new accounts.... 

We're really not sure what Meticore is supposed to do.

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Meticore Reviews FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions that came up when researching our Meticore Review.

Meticore Side Effects

The most common customer complaint when we were reading some meticore negative reviews was that it didn't work, the second most common issue was diarrhea, whilst this will theoretically help you lose weight, we expect this isn't what most meticore customers had in mind.

Meticore Ingredients

The mixed messaging of Meticore's ingredients is one of the common customer complaints. Meticore has 3 different versions of itself on the market right now, all under the same brand and all underwhelming. There is a probiotic fat burner, which does nothing, a herbal blend which looks like it was trying to be a joint pain supplement and got confused half way through the creation process, and the keto one, which whilst probably the best of the three at doing what it's trying to do, won't do you any good if you're not practicing keto, which doesn't add up with half of their advertising.

Meticore The Confused One -  Their Website

There's a lot of ingredients here, so we're going to quickfire this one.
Irvingia gabonensis - One small study shows efficacy, but negligible backing.
Turmeric - anti inflammatory, good for joints, ok for weight loss in obese patients only, but [1] dosage was more like 2g which is way more than in meticore.
Ginger - same issues as above. [2]
Bitter orange - completely debunked as a weight loss supplement. [3]
Moringa Oleifera - has a lot of potential benefits, from heart through to diabetes, none of them are weight loss however. [4]
Brown seaweed extract - a few animal studies showed it had promise, this was not replicated in human trials.
Fucoxanthin - This worked in one trial, but was dosed at 2400mg [5] and with other ingredients too. This is more than 10 times what's in meticore.
Quercetin - Only backed by rat studies.
Citrus Bioflavonoids - This is really effective in mice, however was not replicated in humans.
Vitamin B12 - only works if your deficient, small percentage of people are.
Chromium - same as above
So, here we've missed the mark on a few things, but Turmeric and Ginger are both really good for your joints. They're note going to help you lose weight though, unless you take them in far higher dosages than in Meticore. 

You have to watch a 40 minute video to get the ingredients list, so we've just placed another picture of the bottle.

Meticore Keto Version -  The Wallmart One

Sure BHB supplements can help you stave of the keto flu if you're new to keto, but that's about all they do. They can maybe (and it's up for debate as the studies are loose) help you get into ketosis a little bit quicker. They won't help you lose weight faster or raise your metabolism more etc. The reality is that calories in vs calories expended is the only way you can burn fat and lose weight. Ketosis if you are in it properly can have a host of other health benefits, but 90% of people following keto don't actually achieve it.

it's also not what Meticore claims to do, so we'll have to score it low here as well.

Meticore Probiotic version AKA the Amazon One

Most of these ingredients are related to digestion or inflammation in one way or another, and this has Meticore sitting in the pseudoscientific microbiome weight loss supplements. Most of these have no backing whatsoever unlike ingredients such as glucomannan or 5htp which have been backed by multiple studies, used clinically, and are actually allowed to advertise themselves as weight loss aids in Europe. This latter point is actually a pretty good rule of thumb for weight loss supplements, are they allowed to be sold overseas. Here in the US we don't have nearly as strict guidelines. A better microbiome can in theory make you less likely to want to eat unhealthily, however, the impact that this sort of thing has is so minor that it will not come close to the efficacy of a proper appetite suppressant (see glucomannan, which has nearly 0 calories and swells 50X in stomach making you feel full) or 5htp which improves your dopamine regulation and has been shown to work under MRI scan and in trials. Either way ths version of Meticore is useless. So you may as well ignore it.

Something That Really Bothered Us About Meticore

This is specific to meticore, because their marketing talks about raising a low core body temperature being a reason for a bad metabolism, this is pretty much nonsense, but if it were true we'd have expected to see some thermogenic ingredients that force your body to raise core body temperature and thus burn calories. Meticore contains none of these ingredients. Typically that's the realm of stimulants or capsaicin. We guess that the meticore weight loss supplement doesn't actually think much about low core body temperatures and they just wanted something that sounded good for the weight loss pill marketing.

Meticore Review Conclusion

Meticore weight loss supplements are not a good option, there's limited to know information about the product, we had to pretend to be manufacturers to find any information on the patented blends that they use and we can't see many (if any) legitimate customer reviews that actually say meticore helped them lose weight, we saw more that complained of weight gain.

Unfortunately the supplements industry is laden with products like meticore weight loss pills, not that we really understand why seeing as making an effective product isn't that hard now that so many studies have been done and so much information is available to the public. Avoid Meticore and get something from our best fat burners list, you'll thank us later.

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Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 2/10
Thermogenic Boost 2/10
Energy Boost 2/10
Customer Satisfaction 3/10
Ingredients Quality 4/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 2/10


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