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Is Morning Complete Any Good?

Morning Complete is an unusual prebiotic come greens powder aimed at gut health.

Morning complete is an interesting product, if we were reviewing it as a greens powder it would be a pretty poor showing, but, the extra bit of greens isn't going to do any harm. In terms of how it stacks up as a probiotic blend, it's not bad, but not great. So, aside from being mediocre at a few things, what is morning complete actually good at? Well, it's prebiotic blend is good, but that's not going to live up to the claims made by their marketing.

Morning complete claim that it can improve your mood, boost energy levels, improve digestive regularity and even help you lose weight by reducing cravings. In terms of regularity, that's fine, there's no disputing that Morning Complete will help you poop. There's plenty of customers Morning Complete reviews that will attest to that and our experience definitely verifies that fact. As for everything else, there's some evidence to support mood and energy, almost none for weight loss (aside for what will be ejected from your bowels) and there's much better supplements for pretty much all of these things.

The question really comes down to whether or not you'd be better off just getting any probiotic pill and a greens powder which wouldn't make too much difference in terms of price, and unfortunately for Morning Complete, the answer is a resounding yes.

You'd be better off getting a dedicated greens powder and a probiotic supplement.

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Morning Complete Review FAQ

Most commonly asked questions by morning complete customers

What does Morning Complete taste like?

Morning Complete is actually pretty good as far as supplements go, the cinnamon and apple flavor is OK and it's not overly thick. There are better tasting greens powders, but there's definitely a lot worse as well. If you don't like cinnamon however, then you're out of luck as it's quite a strong taste. A lot of negative reviews of Morning Complete did focus on the taste being an issue however, so it's worth noting that it's definitely not for everyone.

Is Morning Complete A Scam?

No we wouldn't say Activated You Morning Complete is a scam, it's perhaps a little optimistic in it's weight loss marketing, but that's not the main focus of the product. And seeing as it focuses on gut health benefits we'd say that it does what it says. There are just better options available.

Morning Complete Ingredients

 4 Grams Prebiotic And High Fiber Blend

Probiotic bacteria feeds on fiber in your stomach, this is known as prebiotics. ActivatedYou Morning Complete contains cinnamon bark and chicory root extract for this purpose. And chicory is pretty good for this in theory, although there are more well studied options available versus chicory which hasn't actually been tested in combination with the probiotic blend in ActivatedYou morning complete.

As fir the cinnamon bark, there has been a positive study although the sample size was relatively small, so we'd say this is rather inconsequential when there are much better options available.

735mg Green Superfoods blend

Kale, Alfalfa leaf, Spinach, Broccoli, Barley Grass and Berberine are all fine inclusions for a greens blend, however, there is one major issue here. Typically these ingredients are found in greens powders in doses 4 to 5 times higher than what's in Morning Complete, which is something of a negative for our Morning Complete review. It really misses the mark here, there are a lot of potential health benefits here. Everything from blood glucose regulation through to large amounts of antioxidants, but again, larger amounts are needed.

390mg Metabolic enhancing blend

Another element of Morning Complete with almost no substance, the green tea leaf extract does have some minimal fat burning impact, but it's negligible at best and there are at least a dozen better ingredients for achieving this. As for the other ingredients here, bitter melon fruit extract as long since been debunked, black pepper has no relevant benefits. And turmeric root extract is only effective if curcumin (which is only 20% of turmeric) is dosed in 500mg and up which is far more than is in the blend. It could potentially have some very minimal benefits for inflammation at this dose, but even for this the turmeric root extract is realistically underdosed for it's main health benefits. Taking morning complete will not do anything to help you maintain a healthy body weight.

100mg Antioxidant blend

The antioxidant blend contains pomegranate fruit extract, Polygonum Cuspidatum root extract, and Lycium berry, this would be fine if it was in a higher dose, but once again it's not, it's all far too low to provide health benefits.

55mg Adaptogens Blend

Rhodiola rosea root extract and astragalus root extract are good, but the dose here is far too low. You'd need at least 100mg of Rhodolia for any benefits and the same is true for the rest of the ingredients in this part of the blend, so we can pretty much ignore this as it won't have any benefit.

Sugar Balancing Blend 100mg

Fennel seed, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf, and pine bark extract make up the blood sugar blend, unfortunately 100mg is way to little to be effective here.

10 Billion CFUs- Probiotic Blend

A relatively middling showing, there's plenty of higher quality 40billion blends available, and better bloating specialised options. Even a lot of greens powders contain similar amounts.

Morning Complete Review Conclusion

Morning Complete is relatively mediocre as a green superfoods blend, as a probiotic and a lot of it's blends are simply in too low dosages to be even remotely close to effective and the less said about the metabolic enhancing blend the better. That said, morning complete contains a good amount of prebiotics and it will definitely achieve its main function of helping you be more regular, and reducing bloating and cramping. It's just not much good for anything else, so don't get suckered in by the overblown claims and if you want an all around health supplement, get a more well rounded green product. 

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