Mutant Test Review

Is ​Mutant Test Any Good?

Mutant Test Would Be Better Off Having A Few Less Ingredients, But Some Higher Doses. 

Mutant Test comes so close to being a good testosterone booster, it just seems to fall short so many times that it’s incredibly disappointing. Even at its bargain price point if the doses simply aren’t high enough to do the job, then unfortunately we can’t recommend Mutant Test. And due to the dose of selenium we can’t simply say take an extra Mutant Test pill to make up for the shortcomings. Now, that’s not to say that Mutant Test is a complete disaster, it probably just sits at OK to underwhelming, when it came so close to being great.

Mutant Test manages to contain most of the ingredients that we’d like to see and it gets a couple of things right at least in the vitamins and mineral blend that we expect to see in any decent testosterone booster supplement. But, they even cut corners on low dosed and inexpensive ingredients like bioperine, which just doesn’t seem necessary.

Even though Mutant Test comes in at a low price point, most positive customer reviews of mutant test generally come in the context of “it’s not bad for the price”. In our opinion however, it under doses to the point where things won’t be effective.

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Customers Mutant Test Reviews

As previously mentioned a lot of the positive mutant test reviews come from the basis of it’s ok for the price. It has a relatively low score from verified reviews on amazon holding on 3.5*, and generally is considered poor for customers looking to build lean muscle mass. This isn’t surprising as it’s low on DAA, Ginseng and misses out on some of the stronger test boosting ingredients like Ashwagandha, but does include the likes of Maca which have been demonstrated to boost libido and blood flow, but have no effect on testosterone and athletic performance. All in all middle of the road reviews for a middle of the road supplement. 

Mutant Test Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions in mutant test reviews

Is Mutant Test Safe?

Mutant Test should be safe, in fact mutant test side effects should be relatively limited due to the low dosages. It also doesn’t include some more poorly tolerated (albeit more effective) testosterone boosting ingredients like ashwagandha and tongkat ali. For most people the issue they’re most likely to experience when taking mutant test is mild nausea which can often be avoided by taking the supplement with food.

Is Mutant Test a Steroid?  

A common question that comes up when we review testosterone boosters is whether or not they’re steroidal. The answer quite simply is no. Several do pretend to be such, marketing themselves with names similar to medications, but Mutant Test is not a steroid. The idea of natural supplements like Mutant Test is to optimize your bodies natural ability to produce testosterone. Some test boosters also contain ingredients designed to repress estrogen production, but this is not something that Mutant Test is designed for.

Mutant Test Ingredients

Vitamin D 10mcg – The Mutant Test boosters inclusion of Vitamin D3 is good, they could get away with more as higher doses do seem to scale athletic performance, but this will cover off enough to avoid deficiencies which lower testosterone levels. [1] And with nearly half of the US population having a vitamin d deficiency, it’s pretty much standard in most testosterone boosters, not just for it’s ability to improve muscle growth. 

Vitamin B6 6mg - is required for healthy testosterone production, very few people have the deficiency, but extra does improve energy levels, so again it isn’t a bad inclusion in mutant test.

Magnesium 105mg – Magnesium supplementation has been shown to raise testosterone levels in men with deficiency and in healthy men, another decent inclusion and one that is standard in most test booster supplements. [2]

Zinc 12.5mg – Even a small zinc deficiency can ruin testosterone production in otherwise healthy men, extra doesn’t seem to improve testosterone production, but it’s still a sound inclusion. [3]

Selenium 50mcg – There are mixed studies when it comes to selenium and testosterone, some show that it improves test levels, others show it has no effect, it’s not common place in testosterone boosters, although does seem to have some link to sperm mobility.

Fenugreek 750mg – We like fenugreek extract in testosterone supplements, it’s been shown to raise free testosterone levels in trained and healthy males [4] in double blind clinical trials. The dosage is within the range required to be effective, this is one thing Mutant Test get right.

DAA 750mg – We like D Aspartic Acid too, unfortunately 750mg is too low of a dosage for anything other than testing if you’re tolerant of the substance. Some people aren’t, but most good testosterone boosters contain double or more of this ingredient.

Oat Straw 100mg – Oat straw is dosed reasonably by Mutant Test, but it’s not a particularly effective ingredient, it’s usually at the bottom of the pile along with nettle root in terms of efficacy.

Maca Root 62.5mh – Maca root is really a libido enhancer, there are a lot of studies that back it’s use for this in both men and women, however, it dose not boost testosterone levels in men.

Ginseng 30mg – Panax Ginseng is one of the best testosterone boosting ingredients that there is, it’s also good for libido, erectile function and has a whole host of benefits to mens health from lean muscle mass growth to better sleep. Unfortunately dosages range from 300mg to 1000mg for these functions and 30mg [5] was typically what was given to rats in the animal trials before human performance was studied. 

150mg of Nettle root, damiana lead, giant knotweed, turmeric root – the blend listed here is pretty much all going to be under dosed. Nettle root is fine and possibly dosed correctly, albeit a low tier ingredient. Everything after that, not so much. For example knotweed only contains 50% resveratrol, which would need to be dosed at 75-100mg by itself, meaning it would need to be the entirety of the blend. The rest of the blend would likely follow suit.

Bioperine 2.5mg – Bioperine helps your body absorb nutrients more effectively, however, it is typically dosed at 10mg, especially in supplements with as may ingredients as those in Mutant Test. 

Mutant Test Review Conclusion

Mutant Test isn’t the worst testosterone booster, and if you’re suffering from a deficiency that causes low testosterone it will definitely work. Beyond that the dose of Fenugreek is ok, but everything else is chronically underdosed to the point where we wouldn’t expect most of the ingredients to function at all. 

Unfortunately Mutant Test knows what it’s supposed to include, however in an attempt to maintain a low price point they don’t deliver. It’s quite simply a case of getting what you pay for. Most people would be better off spending the extra $20 a month for one of the best testosterone boosters on the market, which contain effective and tested doses like Mutant Test claims to. 

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