Natrol Carb Intercept Review

Does Natrol Carb Intercept Work?

Natrol Carb Intercept Makes Some Bold Claims....

Natrol Carb Intercept claims to allow you to continue eating starch heavy meals without feeling so guilty about the carbs. It sounds brilliant on paper, continuing to eat all your favorite foods without the caloric impact carbohydrates are known for sounds like the ideal way to lose weight, and if combined with a simple exercise plan you'll surely be hitting your weight loss goals in no time. It sounds a little too good to be true...

And that's just it, it's a lot of clever marketing alongside a relatively cheap purchase price that will sell this product, but the formula itself leaves a lot to be desired and it seems Natrol might agree with us on that one. Their labelling is so confused, with misleading and contradicting information that we go into more detail on in our ingredients breakdown further below. Surely a company will take pride in their potent natural weight loss formula, not hide the information behind layers of subterfuge, right?

It's for these reasons that we just can not recommend the use of Natrol Carb Intercept as a dietary supplement.

Generally speaking if it sounds to bgood to be true then it probably isn't. Weight loss aids typically function by either surpressing appetite or helping you to keep your energy levels high whilst dieting. There are some niche products aimed at helping you sleep whilst your hungry etc, but the most effective tend to stick to boosting energy and helping you eat less. Natrol Carb Intercept does none of these things.

Instead like to turn your attention towards Hourglass Fit. A completely transparent formula that hit's all of the best and most potent ingredients known in the world of weight loss. We have Glucomannan putting in the work to help with appetite suppression, and 5-HTP, which helps with specific cravings like carbs (it raises seratonin production making you less likely to crave starchy foods as was demonstrated in multiple studies and even under brain scans). And a host of other actually proven ingredients. 

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Natrol Carb Intercept Ingredients

White Kidney Bean Extract

A fairly exciting ingredient in weight loss, white kidney bean extract is where carb intercept gets its name from, as it contains bio-active ingredients that can inhibit the enzyme responsible for absorbing carbs. Alpha-amylase is the target here, and there's reportedly three A-amylase inhibitors present. The theory goes then that you can still eat as many carbs as normal, and just not absorb all the carbs. Makes sense, too many carbs is a fast road to weight gain so with this carb controller you can still eat carbs without gaining weight, and if you wanted to be losing weight it means you can eat a lot more carbs than a traditional diet.

See the problem here though is in the proof, not the theory. There's just not been that many studies on how effective white kidney bean extract is as a carb controller, and a lot of the studies that have been done has been conducted on animals such as rats and mice, which as much as we're sure they were thrilled they could still be a huge carb junkie without watching their figure, that doesn't really help us reach a scientific consensus on the effects a carb controller might have on the human body.

In the human studies, there's a few things we need to bring to light. First of all are the results, and though more research is certainly needed to be done, it does seem to be marginally effective, [1] with results ranging from a significant increase to weight loss or a very, very low reduction in body weight, all when compared to placebo groups. For an ingredient to really qualify as a "clinically tested ingredient" we'd need to see much more significant results than this, with a lot less variation as some studies really saw almost no discernible difference.

Now we have the dosing, and have to discuss the proprietary blend and confusing labelling used by Natrol. First of all, this is always a red flag when reviewing any weight loss or dietary supplements, as it obfuscates valuable information and just begs the question: why? If everything is dosed correctly then surely it would be proudly displayed so scrutinous reviewers weren't left guessing the worst. It just plain stinks of foul play, and is often deployed so companies can put potent active ingredients all over their labels for marketing purposes whilst housing small, cheap and ineffective doses of them.

The dosing that was found to be effective (in the studies that showed promise) started at 1000mg (and was mostly only effective at 2000mg [2]), whereas the entire contents of the phase 2 carb controller complex is 1,000mg, and contains Foodbound Chromium and Dibasic Calcium Phosphate as well as white kidney bean extract. This leaves the recommended dose just too low, and as much as you might be able to just take more of the pills, it's not something we'd recommend as you're just inviting side effects and at that point, isn't it just better to spend your money elsewhere?  Then there's also the fact that more well regarded weight loss aids which use kidney bean extract tend to use higher density extracts which are the equivilant to 10grams of the compound in natrol. These also tend to contain glucomannan to help supress appetite in general such as hunter burn.

What's confusing though is how the label states it has 190mg of calcium, 40mcg of chromium and only then mentions the blend, which says it contains 1,000mg total and mentions all three ingredients. To make matters even more confusing, on the front of the label it says "1,000 mg per serving" so we're left with two reasonable conclusions to draw; It's either 1,000mg in total, and that's divided into 190mg total calcium, 40mcg total Chromium 809.96mg of White kidney bean extract, or it's 1,190.04mg total and we have the same separated quantities of Calcium and Chromium with them also being contained within the blend.

We're not jumping to conclusions here but it's important to point out that a quality supplement will present its formula in a transparent way to let the ingredients speak for themselves. How can a consumer make an informed decision on this? Just look at the lengths we've had to go to in order to present you the information as it could be interpreted, and what can we gleam from all of this? Well it's either complete incompetence or malicious, neither of which cast Natrol in a particularly good light.

Dibasic calcium phosphate

We'll move on quickly here and simply state that we did not find any studies advocating for the efficacy and use of dibasic calcium phosphate as a weight loss tool. It's inclusion here is for the light health benefits provided by getting enough daily calcium. [3]

foodbound chromium

We'd like to start this section by just bringing up that "foodbound" chromium doesn't really tell us any useful information about the type of chromium being used here, and annoyingly it does make a difference. Most trials conducted have used Chromium Picolante, and others used Chromium-enriched yeast or Chromium Nicotinate. What research suggests is that supplementation with Chromium reduces body weight and body fat percentage to a very small but still statistically significant extent, especially so when supplementing Chromium Picolinate.

So it's looking like it might help a bit, and doses found results at a range of 200 to 1,000 mcg daily. [4] Depending on how you've interpreted the confusing labels this is either somehow still drastically under dosed at just 40mcg or is probably dosed correctly within the proprietary blend.

Natrol Carb Intercept Review: Conclusion

So that's that, a confusing blend of one dubious but potentially helpful ingredient that is dosed ineffectively in the white kidney bean extract, one clinically proven ingredient dosed ineffectively in Chromium and then bringing up the rear we have Calcium, doing nothing to help us in our weight loss goals but hey, at least your teeth look amazing.

It's a terrible shame really, white kidney bean extract is genuinely an exciting ingredient for weight loss and we can't wait to see what future research might reveal about how to use it most effectively. At the moment though there's a lot of unknowns and though there is promising research it's also quite inconsistent so it's just a bit too early to start hailing it as the new answer to weight loss whilst still eating nachos.

Going back to the labelling as well, this is such a major drawback for us. The minute simple information such as what ingredient and how much of it becomes difficult to figure out you just know there's gonna be problems to find, and just as sure as the sun will rise, problems were certainly found with this one.

Though the price point may be quite different, the quality is raised just as much. The thing is the best way to reduce calorie intake to the point you're at a caloric deficit, forcing your body to burn the fat it's stockpiled to use as energy, leading to natural weight loss.

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 3/10
Thermogenic Boost 3/10
Energy Boost 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Ingredients Quality 5/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10


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