Old School Labs Vintage Burn Reviews 2023

Old school labs have some decent products, but is vintage burn one of them.

The short version of our old school labs vintage burn review is that it's a relatively middling fat burner, with a heavy reliance on caffeine and green coffee bean extracts. 

There are much better options available. That's not to say that these ingredients don't work, or that Old School Labs under doses them like many weight loss supplements, the issue is simply that these are what we'd refer to as "B Tier" ingredients, they're good inclusions for a fat burner, but shouldn't make up the backbone of the product. Vintage Burn being a 2 capsule supplement does come with limitations and this is the result. Then there's the fact that it includes the long debunked raspberry ketones wasting 10% of what is previous little space.

The old school labs vintage burn powder could possibly be a little bit better especially if used as a pre workout energy booster, but it's not really comparable to some of the better fat burners on the market and again it includes raspberry ketones and subs out green coffee bean extract for taurine and leucine, and the customers do say it tastes good, so it does have that going for it.

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Customers Reviews of Vintage Burn

Vintage burn amazon reviews sit at over 4* as do their google ratings, which would seem to be a pretty impressive result overall. There seem to be some fake ones in there, and there seems to have been a little bit of "encouragement" for favorable reviews, which isn't too uncommon in the supplements industry. There's a lot of caffeine and coffee related ingredients here so as you'd expect there's a fair few mentions around that as both a positive and a negative. With the main vintage burn side effects being excessive sweating. That said old school labs vintage burn reddit reviews are less favorable than the amazon ones with a few complaints of anxiety and a fair few claiming it was ineffective. That said there were some reasonably positive ones so it's a mixed bag on that front, which seems more reasonable.

Old School Labs Vintage Burn FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our old school labs vintage burn review

Does old school labs vintage burn work?

Old school labs fat burner vintage burn sort of works, in that it will work about as well as 2 cups of coffee or sugar free energy drinks, sure the thermogenic effects of caffeine are well known and it will definitely help you burn more calories through moving more. But, that's about as far as the real significance goes. 

Is old school labs good?

Some of old school labs products are pretty good, this is just a dated formula. If we were doing a complete old school labs review, we'd say their pre workouts are alot better than their fat burning supplement. 

What about old school labs vintage burn side effects?

The vintage burn fat burner could have some mild to moderate side effects, but normally only those you'd get from having too much caffeine, this is assuming that you don't have any particular sensitivities. Whilst supplements like this are not FDA regulated or heavily controlled, all of the ingredients have to be cleared as fit for human consumption. 

Vintage Burn Fat Burner Ingredients

Green Tea Extract 330mg - Green Tea Leaf Extract is typically dosed around 500mg in better fat burners. It does have some mild to moderate impact on weight loss when used in conjunction with dieting. However, the supplement won't do anything by itself, it simply is an additional extra.

Green Coffee Bean Extract 270mg - The evidence from the latest meta analysis (a study which reviews all of the studies, removing the animal trials and those that weren't properly controlled, or were clearly biased) seems to show that green coffee bean extract does in fact promote an improvement in weight loss. [1] It's just not as dramatic as a lot of fat burners claim it to be. It won't burn fat by itself, it just leads to increased weight loss when used alongside diet and exercise.

Raspberry Ketones 200mg - These basically rose to fame of the back of a rat study and being televised as a miracle pill, later studies have since debunked them, there's pretty much no scientific backing for raspberry ketones. [2]

Olive Leaf Extract 60mg - There's only really animal studies to back this ingredient, it's also likely to be too low of a dosage even if it dose work for humans as this is barely larger than the effective thermogenic fat burner dosage for rats.

Caffeine 150mg - We've said caffeine belongs in a good fat burner. It helps you lose weight and arguably preserve muscle mass through keeping you moving in a caloric deficit. That's how you preserve muscle whilst dieting, continuing to use it so that your body is more inclined to use the stored fats.

Bacopa Leaf Extract 30mg - Bacopa has a lot of mood elevating effects, which in theory suggest may reduce cravings (other proven supplements like 5htp work through this method), but it has not been directly tested. however the dose is 300mg for it to be effective. [3]

Garcinia Fruit Extract 100mg - This one does work, but seems to make an improvement of about 2lbs over a 12 week course when being used alongside diet and exercise [4], this is a small improvement, and if this were a bolt on ingredient to an otherwise well designed fat burning supplement, then we'd score old school vintage burn a lot more highly. As it stands we're not doing to well, so garcinia fruit extract is not a good inclusion.

Chrysin 100mg - There's one correlation study based on how much chrysin is in your diet [5], it's not great, not really much in the way of solid research. The only other backing is some animal studies in relation to brown adipose vs white adipose tissue (types of fat cells) and most of these are not good studies that are designed to sell products more than help you lose weight.

Forskohlii Root Extract 60mg - Typically seen as a testosterone raising ingredient rather than something that's in good weight loss supplements, most results have suggested that corleus forskohlii root extract does not promote weight loss [6] making this another debunked ingredient, that would have been under dosed by vintage burn even if it did work.

Old School Labs Vintage Burn Review Conclusion

Vintage Burn is OK, it's just using a dated formula and one that should be a bit better for it's price point. It uses some ingredients that are debunked, ineffectual or up to 10X under dosed and unproven in the case of bacopa. 

And vintage burn only manages to get a few ingredients right. It relies heavily on caffeine and coffee extract and realistically you could get a budget fat burner that would work just as well for a fraction of the cost. There are much better fat burners for working out and keeping energy levels high at a marginally higher (a couple of dollars per month) price point. Whilst Vintage Burn is not going to do any harm, it very much is substandard by comparison to the likes of Instant Knockout or Hunter which top our best fat burners list.

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Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 3/10
Thermogenic Boost 3/10
Energy Boost 4/10
Customer Satisfaction 6/10
Ingredients Quality 3/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 3/10


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