Old School Vintage Boost Review

A middleweight product, there's better options that old school vintage boost

Vintage Boost is a natural testosterone booster supplement produced by Old School Labs. It claims to enhance the body's self regulating hormonal mechanisms to increase testosterone levels and muscle growth, improve muscle hardness and strength, and boost recovery capacity.

Unfortunately, while it sets out to provide maximum results for people of any age or fitness level, Vintage Boost delivers on virtually none of these goals.

Old School Labs firmly stands behind the Vintage Boost testosterone booster formula, which includes tribulus fruit extract, maca root powder, PrimaVie shilajit extract, d-aspartic acid, vitamin d3, vitamin b6, magnesium, and zinc. There are two major issues with it though.

Firstly, while a number of these are common testosterone booster ingredients, the doses used are way off. With some too high and some too low, there's more likelihood of you experiencing side effects or no effects at all than there is of you seeing the result you are looking for.

Then there is the fact that 3 of them are not proven testosterone boosters. Filler ingredients are never good but, when they account for almost half of the formula and include some of its most abundant ingredients they start to become a real problem.

Old School Labs try to sell Vintage Boost on the fact it contains zero artificial substances, zero synthetic additives, zero preservatives, and zero proprietary blends, while having a reasonable price tag. Unfortunately this simply doesn't overcome the sheer ineffectiveness of the product.

This is especially true when proven testosterone boosters like Testofuel cost just a bit more and correctly dose all the effective ingredients in vintage boost, and replace the ineffective shilajit and tribulus (which has become a debunked ingredient) with the well backed panax ginseng and correctly dosing Maca and DAA. This means we can't recommend Old School Labs Vintage Boost Testosterone Booster against a far more effective product for less than $10 a month more.

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Customers Old School Vintage Boost Review

Customer reviews of Vintage Boost are fairly positive and the Old School Labs product has a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Positive reviews mention improvements in energy and body composition, but even these often say it's very expensive compared to similar products and some are clearly "encouraged reviews". 

The negative reviews are a little more telling though. Almost all of them mention no noticeable differences to their physique or energy, while many also list side effects they experienced while using the product, such as rashes, reduced libido, and headaches.This makes it clear that Vintage Boost is a very expensive way to produce very minimal results.

The middle weight ones do read a little bit more legitimately though, with most claiming it did have an impact, as we'd expect, but didn't do as much as people had hoped.

Old School Vintage Boost Ingredients

Tribulus Fruit Extract - 500 mg

Tribulus fruit extract comes from the fruit of the tribulus terrestris plant and has been used in ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Among its claimed benefits are an ability to boost libido and sex drive in men, prevent issues like erectile dysfunction, and improve heart health.

These benefits have led to tribulus extract becoming an extremely popular ingredient in testosterone boosters. Unfortunately, there is now more evidence against tribulus than there is hard evidence to suggest that tribulus extract has any effect on your natural testosterone levels (1).

With it being the 2nd most abundant ingredient in Old School Vintage Boost at 500 mg, there is no proof it is doing anything but taking up space in the capsules and making the product ineffective.

Maca Root Powder - 450 mg

Maca root powder can be sourced from two plants, wild growing maca and cultivated maca. It has long been used in traditional medicine due to claims it can improve libido, sexual function, and mood, while reducing anxiety, depression, and the symptoms of menopause (2).

Unfortunately, very little study has been done on it and there is no conclusive evidence to support any of these claims. Worse still is the fact that what study has been done suggests 1,500 to 3,000 mg of maca root must be consumed each day to produce the desired results.

This means, with Vintage Boost containing just 450 mg of maca root powder per serving, it is unlikely to be of use even if it is a testosterone booster.

PrimaVie Shilajit Extract - 50 mg

PrimaVie Shilajit Extract is a patented form of a mineral rich resin extracted from Himalayan rocks. It contains a potent dose of fulvic acid and this has led to beliefs that it enhances your overall health, supports maximal strength in muscles, and slows the signs of aging.

However, while these claims mean it has been used in ayurvedic medicine for decades, there is very little clinical evidence that it can actually boost testosterone levels.

Worse still, even the studies that support its use for boosting natural testosterone production say 250 mg of fulvic acid must be taken per day to be effective (3). This means the 50 mg of shilajit extract present in Old School Vintage Boost is all but guaranteed to be of no use at all.

D-Aspartic Acid - 3,000 mg

D- aspartic acid is a derivative of the amino acid aspartic acid, which controls natural testosterone synthesis and male fertility. It is commonly used as a natural testosterone booster supplement and as a treatment for male infertility.

The 3,000 mg of d-aspartic acid per dose in the Old School Vintage Boost testosterone booster supplement is at the upper limit of the safe but effective daily range of 2,000 to 3,000 mg (4). This means, while it will be of use for a lot of people, many others will find it too strong. The issue here is that you'd probably have to take a half dose to start with and then scale up to avoid stomach upset.

The real problem though, is that d-aspartic acid only works for seven to ten days at a time. With Vintage Boost directing users to take it for 4 weeks at a time, the d-aspartic acid will be doing nothing for most of the time you are using the supplement.

Vitamin D - 50 mcg

Vitamin d itself isn't a testosterone booster, but a vitamin d deficiency can impair your natural production of testosterone (5). Therefore, taking vitamin d3 is a great way to keep both your natural testosterone production and testosterone levels as high as possible.

The issue is that for vitamin d3 to have any effect on your testosterone levels, between 4,000 and 5,000 mcg must be taken each day. As Vintage Boost features just 50 mcg in each serving, it will not have any effect.

Vitamin B6 - 5 mg

Vitamin B6 consists of 6 compounds and controls over 140 coenzyme reactions in the body. It controls the metabolism of amino acids, fats, and sugars, keeps the immune system healthy and functioning, and ensures neurotransmitters are produced in the central brain region.

Recent studies have also shown that it prevents the synthesis of oestrogen, preventing natural hormones from being suppressed and helping testosterone levels naturally rise (6). These benefits can all be seen when up to 1.3 mg of vitamin b6 are consumed each day.

Unfortunately, the Old School Vintage Boost testosterone booster contains 5 mg of vitamin b6 in every dose. With this being almost 4 times the maximum safe dose, it is far too strong and puts the health of users at great risk.

Magnesium Citrate - 100 mg

Magnesium has the ability to enhance the body's self regulating hormonal processes, allowing it to function as a natural testosterone booster. For this effect to be seen though, between 250 and 350 mg of magnesium must be consumed each day (7).

Unfortunately, Vintage Boost contains just 100 mg of magnesium in every serving. This means it is unlikely to produce a noticeable boost in testosterone levels, if it has any effect at all.

Zinc Citrate - 10 mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that is proven to offer benefits like promoting DNA synthesis and natural testosterone production, boosting metabolism, recovery, brain function, and vision, reducing inflammation and aging, enhancing immune functions, and fighting viruses (8).

It works as a testosterone booster as it encourages the pituitary gland to produce luteinizing hormone, which is essential for testosterone production.

Unfortunately, for this to occur, at least 15mg of zinc must be consumed each day. With Vintage Boost containing just 10 mg of zinc per serving, it simply isn't strong enough to have the desired effect.

Old School Vintage Boost Reviews Conclusion

The Old School Labs Vintage Boost male dietary supplement looks ok on the surface but falls apart as soon as you study it for any legnth of time. From its abundance of filler ingredients to ineffective doses of the useful ones, it simply can't compete with other testosterone boosters that are around. 

There's a host of better boosters on the market, that make up for the short comings of debunked ingredients and under dosing in Old School Vintage Boost. Chose something else instead. It's not the worst at it's price point, but there are much better options.

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