Olly Combat Cravings Reviews

Do Olly Combat Cravings work?

Olly Combat Cravings Capsules are a cash grab with ineffective dosages of everything but chromium.

Olly combat cravings miss out on most of the best appetite suppression and craving suppression ingredients, whilst there is some evidence that chromium can help in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels all of the other ingredients in Olly Combat Cravings are under dosed and even if they weren't low they're not the best ingredients to combat food cravings. As such it's quite surprising to see that there are a few decent Olly Combat Cravings reviews. It seems likely that these customers would've been just as well served by a chromium supplement. It is true that a lot of better appetite suppressants are a bit more expensive, so it this could well be part of the allure of Olly Combat Cravings and that their customers simply weren't expecting very much.

If we compare it against the likes of hourglass fit or hunter burn, Olly miss out on the likes of 5htp (which used to be a prescription only ingredient) and has been proven to work in multiple trials and under brain scan. As well as ingredients like glucomannan which is one of only a few ingredients which European regulators allow to be advertised as an effective weight loss aid.

As such we don't recommend Olly Combat Cravings Capsules and recommend that you spend the extra $20 a month, and get something which has the common ingredients correctly dosed and the missing ingredients that would more effectively curb food cravings. 

Some Olly products are actually pretty good, but these ones are largely a placebo.

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Customers Reviews Of Olly Combat Cravings

What we see on amazon and the olly combat cravings reviews on reddit are very different things. This is usually an indicator that the positive reviews on Amazon have been manipulated and that the negative reviews of Olly Combat Cravings are more likely to be accurate. 

The general gist of the negative review are that they don't work, with very few people mentioning that Olly Combat Cravings side effects are an issue.As for the positive reviews there are quite a lot of these, which typically talk about them boosting energy levels and that they did in fact help with cravings. 

Some people did also suggest there were issues with hair loss, which seems odd that they'd give it a 4* review on amazon as in the image to the right. Even some of the positive reviews look odd. 

Olly Cravings Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our Olly Combat Craving review.

Are Olly Cravings Gummies Safe?

Olly Craving Gummies should be safe they aren't directly regulated by the FDA, but as a food supplement do have to undergo 3rd party testing as part of CGMG. 

What Olly Cravings A Scam?

We wouldn't say that Olly Cravings is a scam, in that chromium will have some benefit for weight loss, it's just not a top tier appetite suppressant and there are a lot better options available. 

Olly Combat Cravings Capsules Ingredients

Chromium 1000mcg - Studies show that Chromium (dosed at 1000mcg) does produce a mild amount of weight lose in overweight adults, over the course of 2 months it produced a 1lb weight loss with no other changes. This isn't a huge difference, it does seem to be slightly more effective at assisting diets and suppressing cravings by helping to regulate blood sugar, and did show more promising results, but this was still negligible in comparison to caffeine which means it's not going to do as much as most Olly Combat Cravings customers would expect to help with those pesky food cravings.

Green Tea Extract 50mg - Green Tea extract is a mediocre weight loss aid ingredient and whilst it does make it into a lot of the best fat burners, these are normally 4 capsule a day supplements and it's usually around 100-200mg filling out the extra space in a 4000mg a day supplement. It's fine, but it's very much a b tier ingredient. And even worse for our Olly Combat Craving Supplement Review it needs to be dosed at 100mg or above to be effective with 50mg being below the clinically studied dose. It does help with cravings if dosed correctly. It does also help with sleeping which can be difficult for people on calorie restricted diets.

Goji Berry Juice Powder 50mg - Goji Berry helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and they have antioxidant benefits, however, we're talking ounces not 50mg. This is dozens of times larger that the dose in Olly Cravings not a great appetite suppressant effect here.

Ginger Root Extract 50mg - Ginger supports metabolism, however, ginger is only effective in grams not in milligrams. We're talking 50X more than what is in here. There are actually a lot of great benefits to ginger, but it is best for joint health, more so than appetite suppression either way.

Olly combat cravings would've benefited from the addition of 5htp, caffeine and or glucomannan. And a larger dose of green tea extract, there is also little point in containing a 50mg dose of ginger. 

Olly Combat Cravings Review Conclusion

Ultimately Olly Combat cravings capsules are another example of "you get what you pay for" they're cheap, but there isn't really a whole lot of substance here. They also fall foul of trying to make everything work in just one pill. Unfortunately the effective ingredients that we expect to see in a appetite supplements means that this just isn't possible. It seems like a supplement more designed by the marketing team than the scientists and we can't recommend Olly Combat Cravings Capsules.

We can say that the gummies do actually taste quite nice, even if the flavors are a little bit synthetic tasting. 

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Appetite Supressant 4/10
Thermogenic Boost 2/10
Energy Boost 3/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Ingredients Quality 4/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10