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Does Olly Mighty Mojo Work?

Olly Mighy Mojo Is Underdosed Across The Board As Is Often the Case With Olly Products.

Olly Mighty Mojo is priced cheaply, but that doesn’t mean it’s good value. The problem is quite a simple one, each of Olly Might Mojo’s 3 ingredients are dosed at about a third of what the relevant clinical studies used. 

And if we multiply out the price of Olly Mighty Mojo by 3, what we then have is an incredibly overpriced 3 ingredient supplement. So, we can’t say it works out well that way either. 

The fact is that with Olly Mighty Mojo priced at $35 for a months supply, it doesn’t hold up against other budget testosterone boosters, or against the competitors that sit in the $50 a month range. Similarly priced products tend to at least contain 2 correctly dosed testosterone boosting herbs and a blend of vitamins known to be essential for mens hormones. And those that are a bit more expensive than Olly Mighty Mojo tend to offer 10 to 20 times the active ingredients. Including those in Olly Mighty Mojo in the aforementioned correct doses. 

Then there’s the fact that resveratrol has almost no connection to testosterone whatsoever, it seems to have a lot of benefits for brain health and even joint health, but there aren’t any human trials at all to suggest that it is beneficial for testosterone production. 

And lastly we come to the safety concerns around Tongkat Ali in general, which is why it’s left out of a lot of premium testosterone boosters in favor of Ashwagandha and DAA, which don’t run the risk of DNA damage. Although the dosage in Olly is too low for that to be much of a concern.

As such we simply can’t recommend Olly Mighty Mojo.

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Customers Olly Mighty Mojo Reviews

t​At the time of writing Olly Mighty Mojo is relatively new, meaning that there aren’t a lot of reviews to go off and the 4 that do sit on Amazon at the moment are listed as people who have received a free product. And seeing as it’s only been out a few weeks there aren’t really any negative Olly Mighty Mojo reviews to go off except for our own of course. 

Olly Mighty Mojo Reddit 

As for reddit reviews of Olly Mighty Mojo all we could find were one that has clearly been posted to advertise the product and a few people reiterating what we have said about the ingredients dosages, but these don’t seem to be actual customers of Olly.   

Olly Mighty Mojo Ingredients

Tongkat Ali 100mg – Tongkat Ali has been shown in multiple trials to raise testosterone levels in healthy men, the catch for Olly Mighty Mojo, is that these trials have been in doses of 300mg. [1] Other uses for Tongkat Ali, such as those relating to libido have demonstrated that it is more effective when combined with Maca root extract. [2] Ultimately 100mg of Tongkat Ali isn’t going to do very much for most people and whilst there is one trial that has been done on humans with a dose of 100mg, it was shown to not be particularly effective. 

Maritime Pine Bark 50mg – Maritime Pine Barck contain pycnogenol, which is primarily known for its antioxidant properties and its potential to improve blood flow and circulation. It has been studied for its effects on cardiovascular health, cognitive function, inflammation, and other conditions. [3] If it was dosed correctly, it could have some symptomatic relief that could make a good addition to a testosterone booster, but Olly Mighty Mojo contains less than a third of what is needed for any of these effects according to the studies. [4] 

Resveratrol 30mg – Resveratrol is one of the more exciting supplement ingredients to have been focused on in the last 10 years or so, it does a lot, particularly around aging. It’s beneficial for brain health, mood, joints, it has anti oxidant properties, you name it. The catch, you need 100mg of it, and this is actually what makes it popular in a lot of supplements as 100mg is a relatively low amount of capsule space and Olly Mighty Mojo doesn’t even manage to get this one right. [5]  

There are some studies that have suggested that resveratrol may have a positive impact on testosterone levels, but the evidence is still limited and inconclusive. With most of them being on animals and only one placebo controlled trial done on humans showing some small results. [6]

Olly Mighty Mojo Pros & Cons


  • There isn't really any


  • No effective dosages of any ingredients
  • Not particularlyy cheap
  • Honestly we don't have anything positive to say

Olly Mighty Mojo Review Conclusion

This review of Olly Mighty Mojo can be summed up in one simple line. Don’t buy Olly Mighty Mojo, it doesn’t contain enough of it’s ingredients to do anything at all. It could make an interesting looking paper weight, but that’s about it. The reality is that with supplements like a lot of things in life you get what you pay for. But, in the case of Olly, you pay half the price of a premium testosterone booster, and get about 10 percent of the ingredients. 

There are budget options which do this much better. And in the case of most men, they’d do better with a men’s multivitamin than Olly if they’re looking to stay sub $30. Simply making sure you get enough Zinc and Vitamin D can raise testosterone levels, and with around half of the US population not getting enough of one or the other. That will do much more than whatever minimal difference that is going to happen by taking Olly.   

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Recommended 2/10


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